1. Are You Tough as Iron? The Facts Behind the Ironman Triathlon

    28th September 2017.Which type of athlete, at the top of their sport, is the most fit? Is it the swimmer who slices through the water quickly and effortlessly? What about the marathon runner who puts in extreme distances at respectable times? Perhaps it is the cyclist, pumping the pedals through stage after stage of a gruelling race. A disagreement over the answer to this question would lead to the formation of the very first Ironman Triathlon: an excruciating test of willpower and physical prowess across all three sports in just one day. Today, it is one of the most popular and most difficult sports competitions in the world. What else contributed to its origins, and what does this triathlon entail? It is an event with a unique history and an even more unique challenge to provide to athletes. For those who decide to make completing an Ironman race a personal goal, what do you need to do to ensure you train properly for finishing the race? A lot of careful preparation must go into

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  2. Preparing for Autumn Cycling

    21st September 2017.The end of the summer is a welcome event for many cyclists. Finally, you can put the hottest and most unpleasant riding season of the year behind you. The arrival of autumn signals cooler weather, but can often mean storm clouds and rainy days. While it won't always be as nice as your springtime rides, the fall still presents plenty of opportunities for excellent cycling. It isn't without its challenges, though, and you will still need to make adequate preparations to continue succeeding on your biking journey. The wet weather and leafy debris can create extra wear on your bike, while the wind can leave you feeling chilly and ready for an early end to the ride. What gear should you pull out of the closet for the autumn? How often should you perform maintenance, and what problems might you encounter on the road? With the answers to these questions and more, you can prepare well before the first leaves begin to turn and drop from the trees. Now is the time to enjoy

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  3. What you should know about Road Bike Brakes

    7th September 2017. When was the last time you paid attention to your bicycle's brakes when you weren't doing maintenance on them? If you're like many riders, you probably don't pay them a second thought; however, there is a very vocal debate ongoing in the cycling community about which type of brakes are best for road bikes. Perhaps you've heard about some of the controversies, or even met someone who has ditched the regular rim road-bike-brakes-discbraking methods commonly found on today's road bikes. So, what's the big deal? The latest craze is all about disc brakes, a method which involves entirely different hardware. Bicycle brakes have remained relatively similar for decades, so the appearance of a competing choice naturally

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  4. A Simple Guide to Cycling Computers: What Do You Need to Know?

    17th August 2017. Cyclists have plenty of time to think during a ride; there are many situations where you'll find yourself alone on a path with nothing but the road in front of you. During those times, you can wonder things like: how far have I gone? How much longer do I need to ride today? Maybe you wish you could check out your route after you finish up for the day. It's true that you could install an app on your smartphone and rely on GPS tracking to help you follow along with your ride. You could even clip your phone to your handlebars for better visibility. Is that really the best option? Not necessarily. Even before smartphones, cyclists have relied on other technology to help them track progress: cycling computers. As a small dedicated computer whose only purpose is to interface with your bicycle and provide you with valuable data, it can offer a better option for some. It also means you don't need to keep your smartphone exposed to the elements during a ride ? and you won't

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  5. What Can You Expect from Different Bicycle Price Points?

    3rd August 2017. As leisure and exercise activities go, bicycling is surely among the most ideal ways to combine the two. Cycling can be as easy-going or as intense as you want. You can do it on the road, or you can take it off on a rugged trail. It all depends on your personal taste and how you want to approach things. However, you'll need the most important tool of all before you can begin: a bike! Unfortunately, we do not all have an old bike lying around the house to pick up and use. It might be time to buy one.

    What's your budget? That's the number one question. Once you determine that, what will it get you? Determining how much you get for your money is the trickier part, as sometimes it's not easy to tell the difference between a low-end bike and a high-end one just by looking at them. The price tag might be all you see. Should you go for something expensive (if you can) or should you opt for something that will come in under budget? What can you expect to find from

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  6. Riding a Century: Preparations and Planning for Cycling 100 Miles

    13th July 2017.If there is one thing that is true about cyclists, it is that they are always on the hunt for the next challenge. Whether it's racing with friends or in a club, competing in a triathlon event, or just pushing to cut time, there's always room for improvement. Even those who only ride for fitness often find that developing new challenges is the best way to stay engaged. With that said, have you ever considered going for a century ride? A century is a single cycling trip that lasts for 100 miles. Some of these rides feature lots of organising and an event-like atmosphere. Others are simply a personal challenge. While that distance might sound like an impossible feat right now, it is something within almost any cyclist's grasp. The key, of course, is good training and thorough preparation. You could not set out on a trip tomorrow and expect to make it to the end. While those in peak physical condition might have the ability, it would not be as enjoyable as possible. By

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  7. Are Cycling Races Just for Pros — or Could Anyone Compete?

    3rd July 2017.When you climb on your bike for a ride, do you yearn for a greater challenge? Maybe you are always setting tough goals for yourself, or racing against your previous route times. Perhaps you've even engaged some of your friends in some good-natured competition while cycling around town. Sometimes, just cycling for fun and fitness on your own doesn't entirely "scratch the itch" that you feel towards the sport. If you've ever watched a real cycling race on TV, whether it was a one-day event or a stage race like the Tour de France, maybe you wondered: Could I do that? How can you get involved in competitive cycling if you've never done it before? Is it something that only professionals should attempt, or would an amateur like yourself be welcome? While you might not have the stamina ? or the connections ? to secure a place in the Tour de France, that doesn't mean you're stuck cycling alone. In fact, with the right steps and proper preparation, you could start cycling competitively

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  8. Top Tips for Keeping Your Bike Clean and in Good Shape

    12th June 2017.Treat your bicycle with love, and it will carry you as far as you ever want to travel. This advice is something every cyclist knows, whether you ride for fun or fitness. Every cyclist also knows the frustration that accompanies a sudden mechanical failure: a broken chain, a flat tyre, or worse. You may even carry a repair kit with you on every ride already, just to be on the safe side. The fact is, regular maintenance can reduce the number of breakdowns you experience. A part of that maintenance is cleaning. The environment you ride through can have a damaging effect on your bike. By mitigating the most common effects of wear and tear, only the problems most difficult to avoid will crop up in the future. If you only know how to change a chain, the idea of doing, even more, maintenance could seem daunting. Don't worry, with the right tools and the right approach; you can tackle all the regular care your bike needs. Below, we'll go over what you need to start and how

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  9. Choosing the Must Have Cycling Clothing for Your Next Ride

    29th May 2017. One of the joys of riding a bicycle is its simplicity: if you have a bike, all you need to do is climb on and ride off into the distance. There's not much else required to start besides a helmet for safety, of course. However, for those who do lots of riding, especially for exercise, dressing appropriately becomes much more important. Not only will it help you feel more comfortable during the ride, but it will help you stay focused on your fitness goals. When you have many miles to cover in an endurance ride, chafing and discomfort should be the furthest things from your mind. There's no end to the different types of cycling clothing on the market, though. With dozens of brands competing for your attention and your money, it's important to understand what you're looking for before beginning. You want to stay within a reasonable budget while maximising your comfort level and protecting yourself from unnecessary exposure. So, what kinds of clothes will fit the bill?

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  10. The Pros and Cons of Turbo Trainers and Using Zwift

    11th May 2017.At its core, finding ways to exercise should be simple enough: go for a run, dive into the pool, or climb on your bike. For one reason or another, though, it can be tough to use these basic methods and maintain interest long enough to develop better fitness. For others, it might be a case of simply not having a safe space in which to exercise. For those who like to ride bikes, this can be a particular problem. You might live in a big city or in a place where riding a bike outdoors isn't easy. If you don't like spin machines, either, then what options do you have left? "Turbo trainers" are growing in popularity, and you might be curious about whether they're worth a try. If you aren't familiar, a turbo trainer is a piece of home equipment to which you secure your bike frame. They feature a built-in unit for generating resistance on your bicycle's wheels, simulating the feel of the road outdoors. Riders no longer must stare at their TV while they ride, either ? in fact,

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