1. Winter Mountain Biking Skills: What Should you be Working on this Season?

    8th February 2018. Mountain biking is more than just riding a bicycle over rough terrain ? it's a pursuit that engages your entire body. The sheer physicality of riding a mountain bike ties directly into the mental aspect as your eyes scan the path ahead for obstacles and your mind tries to work out the best place to ride. Sometimes you need to make decisions in a split-second, and other times you have the breathing room to re-adjust yourself in the saddle and figure out where to go next. That's just when the weather is good. What about when winter arrives and settles in with a snowy, icy blanket? Winter riding provides an opportunity to hone unique skills that you won't get a chance to practice at other times in the year. Rather than shying away from the added challenges of winter mountain biking, you should run towards embracing the potential for some big spills. From improving your track selection to bettering your balance and even seeing some fitness gains, there's a lot on the

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  2. The Essential Kit for Winter Mountain Biking

    Winter is the least favourite time of year for many cyclists except for those who prefer taking their pursuits to the extreme. Road cyclists bundle up in as many layers as possible, strapping in for long-haul rides in the cold to keep their endurance up for the spring. No one wants to come out of the winter feeling like an out of shape mess ? but when the weather gets so cold, and snow might even end up on the ground, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get out the door. That's especially so for mountain bikers, who must deal with even more challenging terrain while staying exposed to the elements.

    So, if you prefer to go off-road even when it might be icy out, what should you keep in mind? What does the essential kit and gear list look like for the average mountain biker? The good news is that the rules here aren't much different than they would be for road cyclists. In other words, if you already have your winter wardrobe squared away from previous years, it's probably

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  3. How to Choose the Right Saddle for Your Bicycle

    8th January 2018.When you first started to learn how to ride a bike, what was the most frustrating thing to deal with besides trying to balance? If you're like most people, the answer is something very basic: trying to sit comfortably! The bike saddle is not often a seat built strictly for comfort; its design incorporates a specific utility. That's not much of a problem when you only ride occasionally or strictly do so for fun. When you choose to start riding your bike for fitness or competition, though, the number of hours spent in the saddle climbs dramatically. That can often result in soreness, pain, and an unpleasant cycling experience. So how do you choose the right type of saddle, and how do you avoid problems once you've picked one? It's all about knowing what to look for and understanding how to match a saddle to the riding style you prefer. Mountain bikers will need a different saddle from road bikers, and those who compete heavily will need something else altogether. There

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  4. What Tyres Should Your Bicycle Use? The Pros and Cons of Tubeless Tyres

    21st December 2017. Every cyclist knows that there's no end to the amount of time you can spend customising your ride. From new brakes and high-performance gearsets to stronger chains and more, there's a vast amount of flexibility for tweaking your bike to ride exactly the way you want. Sometimes, it's all about aesthetics or personal preference. Other times, what's at stake is a real difference in performance or even safety. One area where you may have some questions: the tyres. We don't often think much about the tyres on our bikes, except when we're getting a flat in the middle of a ride or we lose traction on a wet surface. However, there is plenty of variety available in this area, too. In fact, there is one big question facing more cyclists every year as technology improves: to go tubeless, or not to go tubeless? The traditional bicycle tyre has an inner tube that helps it to keep its shape and work well on your frame. A tubeless tyre, on the other hand, sits flush against

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  5. Christmas Gifts for Cyclists: Picking the Perfect Item for a Bike Lover

    11th December 2017.Cycling isn't just a quick and handy way to travel and exercise ? for many; it's a way of life! From those who cycle to work in the morning to the gearheads who tinker all weekend for extra speed, the people who love bicycles are undoubtedly passionate. When the holidays creep up on the calendar and Christmas approaches, though, it can be difficult to know just what to purchase for them. You might want to support their hobby, but it seems as though they already own everything important. New bicycles are expensive, too, so surprising them with a brand-new cycle is usually out of the question. However, there are all kinds of fun and creative gift ideas you can explore for your cyclist friend. Many of them fall well within the budget ranges of most people, too, so you can stack up the presents without tearing down your budget for the season. Every cyclist is a little different, though ? do you know a mountain biker? A racer? A weekend warrior who just likes to ride

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  6. The Easy Guide to Dressing for Cycling in the Winter

    20th November 2017.If the summer is the time of year most cyclists love best for its abundance of warm, clear, and good weather, then the winter is the time most cyclists start to think about hanging up their helmet. From the chilly wind to the unpredictable and sometimes unpleasant weather, cycling in the winter provides all kinds of challenges separate from the rest of the year. By the time spring arrives, we're all often happy to be able to stop thinking about all the extra wear and tear to our bikes. However, the biggest challenge that accompanies winter riding has more to do with what you're wearing instead of what you're riding. One day, the temperature might be fair and pleasant. Three or four days later, the mercury plunges, the wind picks up, and snow might even enter the forecast. How can you dress appropriately when the weather is so unreliable? Remember that the best way to be prepared for the winter temperatures is to maintain a diverse wardrobe with several different

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  7. How to Choose a Bicycle Helmet: A Quick and Easy Guide

    9th November 2017. It's hard to deny that the more time you spend bicycling, the more money you're likely to spend while accumulating equipment. From purchasing training apps for your smartphone to BPA-free water bottles, energy gels, lights, and of course new parts for your bike, it can seem like there's no end to the number of things you "need" to ride with success. However, though it may feel that way, it isn't actually true. All you really need is your bicycle and the will to ride ? and one other thing: a helmet. Riding with a helmet is essential for safety, especially if you frequently traverse routes that parallel busy roads. There's no telling if or when an accident could happen. Do you sometimes shy away from wearing a helmet due to the potential for discomfort? Many people do, especially those who still have vivid memories of an overtightened chinstrap cutting into their skin from childhood. Ill-fitting helmets aren't uncommon, and many people may wear helmets that aren?t

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  8. Tips and Tricks for Surviving Your Iron Man Race Day

    31st October 2017.There's no question about it: The Iron Man triathlon is one of the toughest sporting events in the whole world. It takes the mindset of the marathon runner to an extreme, and it is all about pushing your body to its absolute limits across all three events. To prepare, it takes months of structured training and a laser-like focus on the end goal: just making it across the finish line at the end of the day. Now, the time is almost here ? you can practically hear the starting gun when you look at the calendar and see that your race day is on the horizon. Perhaps you've even already started your training taper, winding down to be in peak condition. All that training helps to prepare your body for many of the challenges it will face during the race, but how should you approach the actual event? You don't want just to show up and start going at 100% effort with no game plan. That's a recipe for disaster, and it could spoil your months of hard work if you have to tap out

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  9. Looking Ahead to Winter Cycling: What You Need to Know

    16th October 2017. When someone asks a question such as "what's your favourite time of year for cycling?" you probably won't hear "winter" as an answer very often. Unless you live some place where winters are especially mild with little to no chance of snow, you'll face tonnes of unique challenges that make cycling a bit more difficult. Not only that, but you'll also be fighting against your own desire to stay indoors where it's warm and cosy! It's important that you stick to the routine you've built up over the course of the whole year, though, because you don't want to lose all the progress you've made. With that in mind, making the right preparations for winter ahead of time will simplify the season and make it easier for you to achieve your goals. By the time the spring thaw arrives, you'll still be near peak condition and ready to set a whole new slew of goals for the next year. So, what should you do to prepare? From assembling the right gear and prepping your bike to thinking

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  10. A Simple Guide to Commuting by Bicycle

    2nd October 2017. Cycling isn't just a sport ? at its heart, it is just another mode of transportation. When bicycles first arrived, that's certainly a core part of their function. Competitive racing and long-distance endurance cycling, plus the avid fitness community that surrounds biking, all came much later. For many years, it was just a means for getting from Point A to Point B. Whether you want to save money on petrol, or you're hoping to "go green" in your life, why not consider spending less time in your car and more time in the saddle? You could choose to commute to work or to run basic errands. Believe it or not, some people even do their grocery shopping on a bicycle. Commuting by bike means you'll spend a lot more time on two wheels, though, and it can be a lot different than cycling for fitness. You may even need a different bike altogether to safely and comfortably complete your commutes. What do you need to keep in mind to make this effort a success? Here are some helpful

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