1. Understanding Paralympic Cycling: How Does This Intense Competition Work?

    At the competitive level, cycling is perhaps one of the toughest sports out there due to the level of physical conditioning necessary to succeed. That is why races such as the Tour de France receive so much attention and acclaim. For amateur cyclists, the Olympics provide a path to competition that allows them the opportunity to test their skills against tough opponents in the context of international cooperation. However, the able-bodied racers who show up every four years to hit the road and the track aren't the only ones hungry to compete for medals. Shortly after the conclusion of the "main" Olympics, the Paralympics begin in the very same arenas. Cycling is one of the more popular sports at the Paralympic Games, and draws athletes with a wide range of physical abilities, from those with limited sight to athletes who use uniquehand-powered bicycles.

    As with many of the sports that take place in the Paralympics, the cycling events are a testament to what the human body is

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  2. New Road Bike Releases in 2018

    Road bikes are always a popular purchase, but when it comes to investing in the best quality goods for your budget, it becomes a difficult task. Within this article we will explore a variety of bicycles that slot into price ranges such as under £1,000, £1,000 to £3,500 and over £3,500. Whether you are after an affordable or high-end style road bike, we have covered a range of equipment that have been launched recently by their manufacturers.

    Under £1,000

    Specialized Allez Elite - £999

    The Specialized Allez Elite comes in two colours which can be purchased from the manufacturer themselves or any respective re-distributor. Light Blue/Rocket Red is the prefect choice for those who want to stand out as the vibrant colouring

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  3. Your Guide to Buying a Brand-New Mountain Bike

    In the saddle of a well-built mountain bike, the world can feel like it is yours to conquer. As you dominate trails, dodge roots, andravines, and push your body to its limits riding off the beaten path, the right bike ensures you not only always feel like you're in control, but that you also sense that your equipment is working with you, and not against you. From the right kind of tyresto the proper amount of "give" and flex in the frame, there are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a mountain bike. For those shopping on a budget, or especially if you're coming to look at what's on the market after some time away, that can be an intimidating task.

    Armed with the right knowledge and some sense of which brands out there are worth your trust, though, you can approach the task with a much better chance of coming away with the best bike for you. From matching models to your budget range to understanding some of the jargonyou'll hear tossed around both online and in bike stores, a

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  4. Your Quick Guide to Buying a Road Bike in 2018

    A road bike is simplyone of the best ways to get around andexercise at the same time. Not everyone has access to good mountain biking trails or the desire to tackle that toughterrain every day. A touring bike won't be the best option if you want to improve your fitness or even commute to work, either, as their design focuses on rides over a short distance and for leisure. Where do you go once you've chosen to buy a road bike, though? There are a lot of elements to consider, and depending on your budget, a new bike can come with a hefty price tag. Avoiding buyer's remorse and the frustration of making a return or exchangemeans equipping yourself with the right information to start.

    Heading into a bike shop without any research or preparation can be an overwhelming experience, though, and it can leave you at the mercy of a pushy salesperson. For that reason, it's best to spend some time thinking about what you need from a bike and how much you can afford to spendon this purs

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  5. What is the Point of Doing Hill Repeats? Why This Punishing Workout Matters

    Cycling for fitness is necessarily different than cyclingas training for a race or another pursuit. A racer's approach is often very hardcore, with multiple days of hard riding every week and a lifestyle focused aroundthe bike. For those of us who hop on to lose calories and develop our bodies more generally, we don't need to take the same strict, high-levelapproach as these athletes. However, that doesn't mean we can't learn plenty about how to improve our workouts by observing and considering what racers do to improve. One of the things you'll often hear moreseriouscyclists talk (and complain) about is the hill repeat: going back up and down a hill repeatedly.

    If you dread tackling hills during your ride and try to avoid them, the first thing you might ask is "Why?" It sounds awful, and in truth,it can definitelybe a challengingand demanding exercise. However, athletes wouldn't work it into their routine if there were no benefits to be gained from

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  6. Protecting Your Purchase: How to Choose the Right Lock for Your Bicycle

    Take a moment to imagine this scenario which is unfortunately all too common around the world. You ride your bike to run an errand, say to grab some groceries to make dinner that evening, and when you arrive, you park your bike outside. You may even take the extra step of using a lock to secure your bike to a post or other object. When you return from your errand, you step outside and realise with horror that your bike isn't where you left it — it's been stolen. While no one wants to contend with the consequences of a bicycle theft, it happens with alarming frequency.

    No bike lock is perfect, but using a weak lock (or worse, none at all) is just asking for unscrupulous individuals to ride off with your prized possession. With the right choice, you can afford your bicycle more security while creating more peace of mind for yourself at the same time. However, there are tonnes of different locks out there on the market, and no shortage of conflicting information on which one is the "

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  7. The Biggest Pitfalls for Beginner Cyclists to Avoid

    For many people, learning to ride a bike is an integral part of their childhood. Others first hop in the saddle as teenagers, and still more individuals don't come to find the joy in cycling until they're adults. Have you recently begun to consider taking up cycling as one of your primary forms of exercise? It's a good choice: it boosts your heart health, increases your lung capacity, and can be an excellent way to burn calories while working towards a weight loss goal. No one starts out at the level of a Tour de France winner, though, and it can take some serious time and effort to feel completely comfortable when cycling long distances.

    As a beginner, there are a few important things to keep in mind, beginning with a simple fact: you don't know everything necessary for success right off the bat. Instead, it's important to take your time, learn the "ins and outs" of cycling, and find the type of routine that suits you best. Likewise, you'll also want to be careful to avoid making

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  8. Shaking Out the Cobwebs: Getting Ready for Cycling in 2018 After the Winter

    We all know that consistency is essential in maintaining fitness, especially when it comes to highly developed fitness attributes such as those you focus on as a cyclist. At the same time, everyone needs a break now and then — and the arrival of winter weather often seems like a good opportunity for that. When the temperatures are too chilly for you to even think about getting out of bed, how can you motivate yourself to get in the saddle? Not everyone can do it — so maybe you had a lazy winter where you didn't pack in as many maintenance rides as perhaps you should have.

    Now the spring is on the horizon, and it's time to start thinking seriously about getting back into the swing of things. There's just one problem: you can feel like you're starting all over again from scratch! "Detraining" is a real thing, and when you've had a long break, you'll have to put in the work necessary to rebuild your skills from the ground up. It only takes about four days to start losing the edge on

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  9. The Must-See Women's Cycling Tours of 2018

    The history of professional cycling has, for many years, been the history of men who became professional cyclists. Today, though, women have come to occupy just as prestigious a position in the sport, and many spectators gather to watch those at the top of their field as they compete. Though men's races such as the Tour de France continue to draw the biggest audiences, women's cycling continues to grow, recently enjoyed some of its biggest years yet. As the ladies work just as hard to tackle mountain stages, master their sprints, and achieve the glory of victory, their fans arrive from around the world to watch. With the whole of the 2018 professional cycling season still ahead, now is the perfect time to look at some of the biggest and most anticipated events of the year. Not all these are household names for people who aren't hardcore cycling fans, but for those who love the sport, they're all worth knowing ? and watching! From the USA to locations all around Europe, there's no shortage

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  10. The Must-See Men's Cycling Tours of 2018

    Watching athletes perform at the peak of their ability on competition with another is an activity that simply never gets old. It is why the Olympics enjoy an enduring popularity, and it is why many of the world's most popular sporting events have been running for decades or even more than a century. In bicycling, the same is true ? and the most prestigious events worldwide are all the many cycling tours and races that go on throughout the year. Gruelling tests of endurance, these races can be as short as one day long or as long as a multi-stage, multi-week race that pushes the physical limits of its participants. 2018 has another full calendar of events that will take place throughout the year, and some of these are absolute must-see events for any cycling enthusiast. We all know about some of these, such as the Tour de France, but what about the others that you should know? For those who enjoy following the world of men?s cycling, there is a respectable slate of tours to consider this

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