Whether you cycle casually or competitively the market for new and innovative biking tech is forever changing to make your ride as safe and well-planned as ever. Throughout 2019 we have already seen a number of brands launch new cycling tech which would benefit you in a variety of aspects during your ride. Therefore, we have put this cohesive article together to discuss the standout technology gadgets which you can purchase today. So, if you want to see how the market for biking accessories and tech has evolved this year, then keep on reading.

Bike Mounted Safety Gear

While you are out cycling in the dark it is vital that you are visible to other road users which is why visibility gadgets such as a bike light are a must. But in recent years these have been adapted from the past reflective panels and torches into a high-tech gadget. The Cycliq Fly12 CE is a fantastic example of this as it not only serves a great safety purpose as it has a strong light on the front. But it also protects the rider further as the tech also doubles as a dash cam which records stable and quality footage as you ride.

The Strava Application

Strava is an application which can be used on both IOS and Android gadgets and is free to download which makes it easily accessible to a range of riders. This tech helps to track your speed, distance and much more while you are cycling and collates it all into the app so you can visually see your training progress on your gadgets. You can also use this tech to monitor your heart rates and power to keep an eye on how your fitness levels are improving and struggling throughout your ride.

Along with the tracking aspects of this tech, there is also a fantastic online community within the application which you can access too. Compare and compete with likeminded cyclists and motivate one another with ease. You can also access a map feature which shows you the most commonly used cycling routes of its users all-over the world so you could discover new trails near you and share your favourite routes too.

Wearable Tech

There is a variety of wearable tech available for cyclists, however within this article we are going to look at the Bragi Dash Pro. This piece of kit requires Strava as mentioned above to function to its fullest potential. The Bragi Dash Pro are two wireless headphones which help you listen to your music wirelessly on your gadgets as well as providing your with hands-free access to your tracker. So, whether you want to cycle casually while listening to your favourite music or go on a guided route encouraged and guided by a trainer in your ear, then this is a fantastic piece of kit.

When you sync these ear buds with the Strava application on your smartphone or watch you can hear instant feedback on how you are doing regarding your speed and heart rate. This is a great indicator for whether you are pushing yourself too hard and need a rest or motivating you to keep going.

Mounted GPS

There are a range of GPS bike trackers you can purchase for your cycle and coming in top is the Garmin Edge 1030. Although it is a pricier alternative to other models currently available, it contains a very accurate GPS and is able to work seamlessly alongside the Strava application to provide you with the best curated ride.

Professional cyclists use this level of technology along with heart rate monitors, cadences sensors and power meters to improve the tracking of their ride. Along with these health-related tracking functionalities a fun and unique feature of this tech is that you can also use it to control the lights on your bike.

What Cycling Tech Do You Use?

Above we have explored a variety of cycling tech gadgets which have either been released this year or have surged in popularity. While reading this article did, we cover your favourite gadget, or did we not mention it? Let us know over on our social media pages where we would love to find out which cycling tech you are enjoying the most this year. You can also shop our extensive range of cycling clothing and accessories over on our online store – Sports Fitness.

This article was written exclusively for Sports Fitness by Loren Astbury