When it comes to the much-loved activity – running, we have explored the ways in which this sport benefits your health and how it affects your body in our previous blog posts. However, we have yet to explore the different types of equipment needed for enhanced performance and improved comfort while on your run. Therefore within this article we will take a look into how brands have released ranges of customized running shoes which can greatly impact your jogging experience for the better.

Types of Customization


The most important piece of kit that runners need is a fantastic fitting pair of trainers which help them get the maximum potential out of a jog. And this is why shoe brands have created specially designed ranges of trainers to cater for a variety of runner’s needs. Below we will take a look into the ways in which brands have adapted their running shoes for different purposes.

  • Cushioned soles
  • Enhanced ventilation
  • Lightweight shoe
  • Supports for flat and curved arches
  • Shaping for narrow and wide feet
  • Aesthetics

In general runners require a soft sole for their shoes when running to help absorb and reduce the impact of the ground on their feet. And with this some brands have gone the extra mile by introducing a softer and more mouldable sole which can hug and support your feet while giving them the reduction in pressure that they need.

Going hand in hand with this, soles have been adapted to cater for variations of arch shaping so that all runners can feel comfortable when they put on their running shoes and head outside. The two main types of arches are flat and curved. And to suit a flat arch the sole needs to be cushioned yet supportive without adding any additional pressure onto the arch. You will most commonly see these on trainers that have a level base. However, for a curved arch, they require support mainly underneath the arch and here is where you will see shoes with a thicker ball and heel compared to the arch.


When producing the basis of the running shoe it is a must to take into consideration a valuable amount of ventilation without compromising the trainer’s ability to remain water resistant. And this is done by adding ventilation holes around the tongue of the shoe to release the trapped air and allow a cool breeze to flow through. And by having this towards the top of the shoe it also eliminates the likelihood of water getting inside to the foot, as no one wants to feel the dreaded squelch as they run in wet conditions outside.

And to help runners keep light on their feet, heavy shoes will only feel like an inconvenience when jogging. This is why most manufacturers strive to make their footwear with lightweight fabric which provides all the necessary coverage and ventilation purposes but does not impact the runners experience negatively.

Also, when producing running shoes, brands have made sure to cater for the main ranges of foot shapes which are narrow, average and wide. And by doing this, they are able to make sure that a runner can get a snug and comfortable fit when wearing their trainers as a fantastic fit will reduce any irritation or injury caused by an improper sizing choice.

Finally, the last way that running shoes have a custom appearance is down to aesthetics which means that you are able to choose from a range of colours and designs for your shoe. This could be on the rack in the store or when ordering online some brands offer you the option to customize the look of your trainer and they will make it for you to your specific needs. And by doing this the overall rate of satisfaction is high as your shoes have been manufactured exactly to the specification you require.

Examples of Trainers

Above we have explored the various ways in which trainers can be customized to meet your needs as a runner. And now we will take a look at some examples of running shoes and how they have been adapted to benefit a runner specifically compared to the casual wear of trainers.

Asics Custom Soles

The sportswear brand Asics has released an innovative pair of running trainers which can be customized to your needs easily. The main selling point of these shoes is that you can choose from a range of colours for the soles of these trainers. And once you have picked the perfect look for you, the soles are then microwaved thanks to the Asics innovative technology to fuse the colours into the material. There is also an option to select the upper and mid sole of the shoe which is then finally fused together to form a shoe you love.

Adidas MI Ultra boost Clima Shoes £194.95

For these trainers you are able to customize the colour of just about all of the material to produce the best styled shoe for you. As well as this, these shoes benefit a runner as they have been made to enhance the breathability of the trainers. This therefore means that you are able to remain cool and fresh while out on a run.

Nike Lunarglide9 £114.95

These running shoes have been customized to enhance the performance on a runner during distance jogs. As well as this, their cushioned level sole makes these shoes the perfect choice for people with flat arches. On the Nike website these trainers can be purchased in a number of monochrome colour combinations which are not only just aesthetically pleasing, but they are also smart and stylish.

Do You Own a Pair?

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This article was written exclusively for Sports Fitness by Loren Astbury