5th December 2017.Developing and maintaining physical fitness is no easy feat it takes willpower, determination, and a positive attitude to be able to see your plans through to fruition. For some people, that manifests in a passion for a particular sport, such as cycling or swimming. For others, it's running. For some special individuals, though, the gym is their second home. With access to all kinds of exercise equipment, it's both their primary means of exercise and a way of supplementing activities in actual sports. Do you know a self-professed gym rat? With Christmas coming right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about the gifts you want to give. What would be most suitable for someone in your life who loves the gym? At first, shopping for such an individual might seem harder than it is in reality. When they practice in a sport all the time, it's relatively easy to pick out gifts that align with that interest. When the interest is just "the gym," though, it can feel like you only have limited options for choosing gifts. In reality, that's not true at all. With a little thinking outside the box and some careful considerations about what will be the most useful, you can have your shopping done in no time. Here are some of the top gift ideas for the gym lover you know.

A new gym bag is an excellent starting point

You never just "go to the gym." You always need to bring many things along with you, from a few towels to a fresh change of clothes and perhaps even some snacks. A convenient way to carry all those items is an absolute must for everyone who regularly visits the gym. Is your loved one's current gym bag looking like it's seen better days? Take the initiative and purchase a replacement as a Christmas gift. Choose something that's big enough to fit all their most commonly carried items, but not so large as to be unwieldy. One with lots of pockets and extra spaces for accessories and gear could be just what your friend needs. Plus, if you decide to purchase more than one item for them, it makes for a fun way to present your gifts.

Fitness trackers such as Fitbits make popular gifts

Stats are an essential part of the gym enthusiast's life. From the number of sets and reps they do each day to their precise carbohydrate intake, numbers mean a lot to many of these individuals. Why not cater to that desire to have access to more health data by providing them with a personal fitness tracker? The popular Fitbit is one option and great for those who love to count their steps ? but there are many others on the market as well. This variety offers a chance to shop around for the model that will provide functionality aligned with the user's fitness goals. The ability to easily track heart rates and more with these devices makes them invaluable gifts.

Give the gift of good music with earbuds or streaming

Everyone needs something that helps them get pumped up before a heavy-duty workout. You can?t underestimate the worth of having your favourite motivational music playing in your ears as you power through reps. With that in mind, a new set of earbuds designed for comfort during exercise will make a welcome gift. No one likes a set of earbuds that fall out constantly, but they don't want to compromise on sound quality, either. Shop around and find a product that other athletes seem to love. Once you've grabbed new earbuds, why not give the gift of music as well? Gift cards for streaming music services are easy to find and will pair well with the headphones.

Help keep their nutrition on point with their favourite supplements

Hardcore fitness lovers and gym fanatics place a strong emphasis on diet and nutrition. Without just the right fuel for their body, they won't have the optimal conditions for muscle growth or weight loss. Do you know someone who has a high level of passion for sports nutrition? Casually ask in conversation what kinds of supplements they use. Chances are good you'll find out more than you ever wanted to know but you'll also find out what brands and products they prefer. These make fantastic gifts since your loved one likely regularly goes through their own supply. Let them put off their next trip to the nutrition shop when they unwrap your gift.

Send the gym home with hand weights and other home equipment

Making it to the gym every day isn't always possible. That doesn't mean your loved one must miss out on the chance to squeeze in christmas-gift-ddeas-for-the-gym-fanatic-hand-weightssome reps and burn more calories, though. If they have space at home, why not purchase some home exercise equipment for them to use? Items like fitness balls, barbells, and hand weights do not take up too much space, yet offer plenty of diverse ways to exercise at home. You can even find instructional DVDs that provide guided at-home workouts that can be as intense as anything your friend will find at the gym. Offer the opportunity to start up a "home gym" with gifts like these.

Look for extra accessories that work as stocking stuffers

There are all kinds of smaller items that you can purchase to combine into one "care package" style of gift. For example, gym bags end up a bit smelly by nature; their owners chuck sweaty gym clothes in there all the time, after all. A bag deodouriser is an excellent gift with plenty of utility to back it up, too. Other gifts in this category might include dry shampoos or cleansing body wipes for freshening up after the day's session finishes. Towels are a staple for every gym enthusiast, too, but don't choose just any old towel, go for microfibre for comfort and sweat-wicking properties. When you're not sure about one specific item, try choosing several smaller gifts instead.

Pique their interest in smoothies with DIY equipment

Fitness nutrition doesn't have to be all about energy gels, low carbs, protein powders, and supplements. It can be fresh, vibrant, and flavourful as well. There's no better way to kick off a pre-workout routine than by making a smoothie. There are many christmas-gift-options-for-runners-smoothie-makerpurpose-built smoothie blenders out there, but a regular blender can work just as well. Pair one of these appliances with a fitness-focused smoothie recipe book and unlock the door to saving money and enjoying healthy drinks. These smoothies can even work as delivery vessels for those protein powders and other supplements. With so many healthy options, this is a gift that will keep on giving long after Christmas is over.

Give the gift of relaxation with a massage

Sometimes, you don't need to give a physical gift to show your love and appreciation during the holidays. If your loved one hits the gym all the time, there's one thing that's almost for certain ? they've got plenty of aches and pains! Pushing your body hard during every workout will yield gains, but it also produces sore and fatigued muscles. Consider purchasing a massage or a spa day as a gift for your friend. Let them take a day off from their heavy routine to have a professional soothe their muscles and provide a calm environment for relaxation. Many people won't go out of their way to purchase a massage, and they may not even know what they're missing. Show them what a great experience it can be after a tough week of blasting calories.

Mix and match to create the perfect Christmas gift

No matter which items you choose to pick up for the gym rat you know, try to keep in mind the specific things they like to do the most. What exercise equipment do they use? What kind of routine do they follow, or do they have a strict diet? Knowing the answers to these questions allows you to pick out items that will provide the most utility to their recipient. Whether you decide to give the gift of a massage or pack a brand-new gym bag full of fun items and other goodies, your friend or family member will appreciate the thought you put into the gift.