When you are working full time and have a packed schedule, it can be difficult to find a way to fit exercise into your day to day routine. However, by making a few simple changes to the way you approach your everyday tasks, you could be benefiting from exercise without realising it. Below we have explored ten ways in which you can effortlessly boost your fitness content in your everyday schedule

  1. Park the opposite end of a car park
  2. Set your alarm 30 mins early to stretch
  3. Take the stairs not the escalator or lift
  4. Get off a bus stop further away
  5. Cycle to work rather than drive
  6. Fast app workout challenges
  7. Go for more walks with your partner, family or pet
  8. At home dance parties
  9. Stand up more
  10. Using a resistance band in the evening when watching TVbusy schedule exercise stairs

Whether you are going to work, shopping or meeting with friends, most people want to park as close to the destination as possible for convenience. However, by parking at the opposite end of the car park you would need to walk further to get to your destination. You could even switch the speed of this walk up to boost your heart rate.

A great way to start your day would be to stretch and take some time for yourself to relax and recharge ready for the beginning of your busy day. Most people with packed schedules can be stressed and overworked, so taking the time out to stretch in a morning will refresh you ready for the day ahead. By setting your alarm a little earlier you could throw in a few stretches to release positive endorphins as well as loosening and relaxing your muscles and mind.

At the office or in the shopping centre, you will find that using an escalator or lift to be the more convenient method. However, if you choose to walk up and down the stairs instead you will be working your leg and calf muscles more. You will also benefit from the addition of weight resistance when carrying bags up and down them too.

If you need to get a bus to your school or workplace you will almost always look at getting off at the stop nearest your destination or home. However, if you plan to get off a stop further away and gradually increase the distance between your stop and your destination, you will be able to fit in a quick spurt of walking into your day.

Cars are very convenient when it comes to commuting, but by switching the car for a bike or your comfiest walking shoes, you will be benefiting greatly from the fresh air in no time. By enjoying the outdoors during your commute you will feel much more energised and refreshed by the time you reach your destination. But when you are planning to introduce this exercise method into your lifestyle, you would need to accommodate for the extra time needed to get to the workplace.

Finding the motivation to work out during a busy week can be difficult, but by using phone apps such as a 30 day challenge or 5 minute workout format, you will be able to find time to fit in a quick and effective workout every day. These apps often notify you during the day to work out so that you will always be reminded and motivated.

At an evening after dinner you would be getting ready to wind down, but you can also increase the effectiveness of your sleep by going outdoors for a short walk. You can go out by yourself and practice mindfulness, take your dog out to walk or enjoy some quality time with your friends, family or partner.

busy schedule exercise stretching

The weekend is time for you to relax and let your hair down, so to boost your exercise in a fun way you could put your favourite music on and have a dance. You can do this by yourself for an embarrassment free moment to let go, or include your friends and family for a fun and enjoyable experience. By allowing the music to influence your movements, you won’t feel like you are working out at all.

At work or school you will find that you will be sitting down a lot, but unfortunately the sitting position can restrict your circulation and reduce your metabolism as well as tightening and shutting off your muscles. To improve your posture you can invest in a specially designed chair. Or you can also try moving around more during the day or even standing up. You can actually purchase desks which can be adjusted so that you can be in a standing position rather than sitting down. As well as this you can also stand on public transport too as this would help improve your balance and core strength.

In your down time you will find yourself sitting on the sofa in the front of the TV doing nothing. But by introducing stretches or a resistant band into your regime, you can subtly stretch and tone your muscles while watching your favourite shows.

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This article was written exclusively for Sports Fitness by Loren Astbury