1. How Kickboxing Can Work For You

    Kickboxing is an excellent way to relieve stress and build muscles as you use your own bodyweight to control the strength and accuracy of each move. Originating in Japan, kickboxing is an umbrella term for many different types of combat techniques, but within this blog post we are going to focus on kickboxing as a whole. Throughout this blog post we are going to see how implementing kickboxing moves into your fitness regime can positively impact your health. So, if you want to find out more about this one on one sport, then keep on reading.

    How is Kickboxing Effective?

    Kickboxing is a form of HIIT exercise which means that it is a high intensity workout with small interval bursts. With kickboxing you strike the opponent using the lower part of the body which means that you require a heightened level of balance which will develop over time when practicing kickboxing. Along with improving your balance, here are another few ways in which practicing kickboxing elements could improve your overall health:

    • Great stress relief
    • Improved coordination
    • Weight loss
    • Builds and tones muscles
    • Enhanced strength and stamina
    • Boosts confidence
    • Improves posture

    Due to the number of cognitive benefits of kickboxing, their techniques and elements are often recommended for the older people to improve their strength and stamina. Despite this, kickboxing isn’t just for a certain demographic. Everyone can practice the basic moves and elements in specialised fitness classes by following trained professionals.

    As you are working with your own body weight which kicking and punching you will find that the more strength you put behind your move the more effective the workout will be. This type of training is great for those that prefer to workout alone as you could do it by yourself or with a sparring partner who is wearing the special padded equipment to prevent injury.

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  2. Boxing for Fitness

    boxing for fitnessBoxing has transformed in recent years from combat fight between two athletes in a ring to a fantastic way to keep fit for everyone. The techniques used in Boxing have been adapted into a cohesive workout for those who want a more engaging way to keep on top of their fitness. Within this blog we will have a look into the sport and how it can be used in your workout routine for effective training. Within this article we are covering hte following:

    • What is Boxing?
    • Health Benefits of Boxing
    • How to Get Involved
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  3. Five Types of Boxing for Fitness

    boxing for fitnessBoxing for fitness has increased in popularity over the years due to its strict technique and emotional release which allows people to work out and build muscle too. Under the umbrella of boxing there are a number of exercises and disciplines which you can explore. So, if you are looking into adding boxing into your fitness regime, then you can read this article to find out which technique appeals to you most. Here are just five different types of boxing which we are going to explore further below:

    1. Kickboxing
    2. Shadow Boxing
    3. Mixed Martial Arts
    4. Muay Thai
    5. Savate
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  4. Boxing Workout Drills

    When it comes to regularly working out and staying in shape, some people find that boxing movements and repetitions are what gives them the best result. Designed to make you feel empowered and strengthen your muscles and stamina in the process, boxing is an excellent workout technique to add into your regular regime.

    Practising these moves does not necessarily mean that you are aiming to become a professional boxer, you can just do these recreationally as part of your training schedule. Accompanied with a healthy balanced diet, these types of exercises can easily be worked into your schedule and will provide you with noticeable results, no matter what your end goal is.

    So, within this article we wanted to share with you some easy drills which you can do anywhere at all. As you do not need to go to the gym to perform these routines, you will find that you are able to fit them into your day to day plans effortlessly which is why boxing drills are so popular.



    Before we get into the technical moves of boxing, we can start by looking at the equipment you may need or use. If you are attending the gym for your workout, you can either train with a sparring partner or as part of a class.

    Within this program you will have access to boxing gloves and pads. And what you would do is in your pairs one will have the gloves and one will have the pads and you will alternate to whoever is punching first and who is providing resistance. This way you can practice fully what it is like boxing with the full equipment and as you can swap between, you can either test your power by punching or strength by deflecting your partners work.

    You can also purchase wraps to be worn underneath the boxing gloves for protection. And you can also get other apparatus for boxing which would protect your head and teeth for when you progress further into following your passion of becoming a professional boxer.

    However, if you

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  5. Boxing for Kids: Is This a Sport You Should Encourage Your Children to Try?

    Few sports, save for the more recently developed MMA and UFC leagues, offer the same level of thrill and tension for spectators as boxing. From the moment the first bell rings to signal the start of the match to the last round, boxing is all about technical skill, power, and stamina. Everything from the way a boxer moves his or her feet tothe way they defend and throw punches requires carefulpractice and endless hours of conditioning at the gym. It's a tough sport, no doubt, but one that appeals to individuals who love a personal challenge and want to put their skills to the test in a big way.

    Everyone must start somewhere, though, and this raises a question that more and more parents ask every year: is boxing appropriate for my child? It's entirelydifferent from basketball, football, and even the heavycontact of a sport such as rugby, and youth boxing leagues aren't as widespread as they once were. There's a reason for that: the evidence on whether children should play this sport is decidedly mixed. Whether you have a child who has asked about the opportunity to spar in the ring or if you're just considering what sportsmight be appropriate for them, you'll need to have all the facts. We'll begin with the most importantquestion of all.

    Is boxing really a sport to consider for your kids?

    At first glance, more cautious parents would answer the above question with a resounding "no." Those who may have boxed themselves or who aren't aware of the potential risks may give it more consideration. The reality is that no black and white answer comesdown on one side of the debate or the other. As with everything, the truth lies in shades of grey — so it's important to be clear about what's most important to know.

    Many paediatriciansand health organisations, including groups such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, advise against youth boxing i

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  6. The Top Fitness Trends to Watch For in 2018

    With the new year already in full swing, tonnes of people will be looking at their waistlines, thinking about their muscle mass, and saying: "Maybe I should do something about this." While not all resolution-makers will make it through to the end of the year, many others will stick with their plans. Others may not get serious about their health until later in the year, but one thing is for sure: 2018 will bring about new fads, new popular trends, and more new ways for us to exercise than ever.

    In years past, we've seen the rise of scientific fitness, the explosion of dance-based classes, and the resurgence of more traditional exercises such as running and cycling. While not every trend is worth keeping around, they offer us a valuable way to try new things ? and that's very important when it comes to staying engaged with your exercise. Otherwise, it's too easy to succumb to boredom and fall out of your routine. Some trends have staying power, too, such as dance fitness; once people try them out, it doesn't take long before everyone wants to experience the benefits. So, with all that in mind, let's break down what we can all expect to see holding the interest in the fitness world this year.

    • Meditation and App-based Exercise
    • Group Training
    • Virtual Reality
    • Recovery
    • Boxing
    • Bodyweight Training
    • Wearable Tech


    Meditation and app-based exercise is on the rise

    Mental wellness continues to become a bigger part of fitness pursuits as more people realise the value behind "mindful movement." While 2017 saw meditation in general breaking into the mainstream, expect to see more fitness regimens incorporating some meditation into their game plans.

    More and more apps are popping up for smartphones that encourage people to follow through with their guided meditation efforts. Some pros

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  7. A Quick Guide to the Many Weight Classes in Boxing

    29th December 2017.The noble sport of boxing has a long and storied history, with its origins stretching back in time many years. Over time after its inception as a sanctioned sport, many parts of the pursuit have changed. Fighting bare-knuckled faded away with the introduction of gloves, rounds became more standardised, and scoring became a more integral part of the competition. While some of these rules have changed, the basic concept ? two men climbing into the ring to square off in a fair fight ? has remained the same. Alongside this, the concept of the weight class has also remained surprisingly consistent over the years. The "fair" part of a "fair fight" in boxing doesn't just boil down to an attentive referee watching for illegal blows. It's also about ensuring that the two boxers in the ring are on the same general physical level as one another. It?s for this reason why the weight class is so important. It allows for an easy way to match boxers together in competition without one gaining a significant advantage over the other due to their size and weight. A heavier fighter has more power to put behind his punches. Matching up a huge boxer with a smaller one would clearly not be fair.

    Weight Classes in Boxing

    The limits and names that define these weight classes have undergone their fair share of changes. Today, the four major sanctioning bodies in boxing have come together and created an agreement standardising all the weight classes in which their fighters can compete. Though there were eight standard classes in older boxing, today there are 17, mainly because each main category often contains sub-classes that differ just by a few pounds; the goal is to create more opportunities for competition. Let's break down what the main weight classes are and check out some of the fighters that

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  8. A Quick Guide to Today's World Heavyweight Boxing

    4th September 2017. At the sound of the bell, two fighters emerge from their respective corners and begin to circle one another, eyes focused and feet moving with finesse. Watching a boxing match between two professionals at the top of their game is like nothing else; the amount of technical skill on display for those who know what to look for is staggering. Yet as a sport, boxing, particularly heavyweight boxing, has had many ups and downs over the years. With several major sanctioning bodies running fights all the time, and each crowning multiple "champions" of their own even within the same weight class, it can be confusing to follow even for the experienced. Boxing has also been dominated by an "old guard" of veteran fighters for some time now. Today that is changing, as new talents such as Anthony Joshua continue to rise, endure, and even win some pretty harrowing fights. For the uninitiated, though, what do you need to know about world heavyweight boxing to understand and enjoy the sport? What are the new developments with fighters like Joshua that are so interesting they're bringing more attention back to the title of "world champion"? Let's start by breaking down how things work and the workings of boxing's sanctioning bodies.


    How does world heavyweight boxing work?


    The first factor that is essential to understanding how boxing works today is the concept of the boxing organisations. In modern boxing today, four major organisations exist to certify fighters and stage fights at the championship level. These four organisations are the WBO, the WBA, the WBC, and the IBF. Fans of boxing lend different levels of credence and respect to different organisations, but for all intents and purposes, they are independent and equal to one another. However, that does not mean there is parity between the fighters each league

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  9. Eight Reasons Women Should Try Boxing

    12th January 2017. The ring of the bell, the roar of the crowd, and suddenly, nothing matters more than the two souls in the ring duking it out for the title of victor! We're talking, of course, about boxing. A popular sport for centuries now, boxing is an incredibly exciting activity whether you are a participant or a spectator. Its popularity is such that it's even infiltrated our popular culture with films like Raging Bull and the Rocky franchise. Have you ever considered what it would be like to lace up a pair of gloves and step into the ring, though? Believe it or not, ladies, but boxing can be an excellent workout and a fun fitness activity for you to try! While most women might not necessarily view a combat sport as the path to fitness, boxing has a whole host of benefits in store for your body. That's not to mention the immense stress relief that accompanies landing a strike on your opponent in the ring. However, boxing isn't all about the actual bouts. There is tonnes of training and practice that go into honing your body before it's ready for a match. Whether you ever participate in a fight, the training alone can be a significant boost to your fitness. So, what are some of the reasons women should try boxing? Let's look at a few of the best reasons.

    1. It's going to be incredible for your overall fitness

    No matter which way you slice it, boxing and the training it requires offer a truly intense fitness regimen. We'll discuss some more of the specifics in a moment, but overall, you'll find that it can help you improve your entire body. From cardiopulmonary fitness to your strength and even your overall agility and flexibility, you'll discover that boxing as an activity is nearly an all in one package. It's a more exciting way to get fit, too.

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  10. On the World Stage: Boxing at the Olympics

    The ring of the bell, the roar of the crowd, and the raw thrill that comes from watching two individuals face off in combat ? the thrill of boxing is undeniable! All over the world, this classic combat sport remains very popular, whether it's local boxing clubs or big pay-per-view heavyweight title bouts. Not only is boxing a sport that thrills many, but it is also a sport of prestige. For practically all of the modern incarnations of the Summer Olympics, boxing has held a place of high regard.

    Medals awarded in this event denote one of the pinnacles of achievement in the sport. For more than a century of Olympic boxing, it accumulated quite a storied history and more than a few major contenders, including the late great Muhammad Ali, then called Cassius Clay. When it comes to putting one's skills and honor on the line for their country, doing it in an Olympic boxing ring is simply an unparalleled experience. It's no wonder that we remain captivated by the stories of these gloved Titans and their battles throughout the years. In this article, we will examine the history of boxing as an Olympic sport and the ways in which it evolved, as well as a few of the most notable and memorable performances.


    Pugilism over the years: the history of boxing as Olympic sport


    With roots in ancient history going all the way back to Egypt and Rome, it's no surprise that boxing became a part of the Olympic roster not long after its inception. Ancient records show that boxing was a part of even the original Greek competitions. Though the modern Olympic games began in 1896, boxing was not included until roughly ten years later when the Olympics came to St Louis, Missouri, in the United States. Perhaps amusingly, the USA was the only nation to box that year ? meaning they took home every single

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