4th August 2016. We all know that to lose weight, we need to burn more energy than we consume. We also all know that that means focusing on fitness. We have to exercise to offset the calories we consume. Unfortunately, most traditional exercises aren't always the most fun for those who aren't already athletically focused. If you don't feel like lifting weights, and you don't enjoy running, how are you going to get the process of physical fitness started? Luckily, there are plenty of other fun activities you can use as a gateway to working towards greater physical fitness. Believe it or not, but flying a kite actually offers various benefits as an exercise activity. You can burn more calories spending an afternoon flying kites than you might expect! From trekking to a good spot to fly your kite to the way that it works out your core muscles, it's an excellent reason to get out of doors more often and explore the world. You might even be able to interest your friends in joining you. Plus, kites offer a neat venue for personal expression, too ? you can really put your personal touch on a kite. Let everyone know that your kite says "I work out my way!"


What you'll need to get the most out of flying kites


Before you can get started with exploring all of the potential fitness benefits flying kites can bring, you're going to need the right gear for the job. If you are just getting started, look for a place where you can purchase a beginner's kite kit. Many online websites offer such kits for sale. Toy stores and department stores will often have kites as well. These kits include a simple, reasonably sized kite which is easy to Burn Calories by Flying a Kite Outdoorscontrol, as well as the spool with the controlling string. Included as well will be instructions on the basic operation of the kite. Make sure you familiarize yourself with these instructions and don't be afraid of failure! It can take some practice before you really get the hang of how the kite glides through the air. Once you've spent some time on beginner kites, you can move up to larger and more advanced models. Whether you choose to go for the fast-moving stunt kites or the large parafoil kite is all up to you! If you are interested in kiteboarding and surfing with kites (read on below), your gear requirements will be somewhat different and more complex. Because it's something of an "extreme sport," you can expect to make an investment to get started. Kite surfing supplies include, of course, your kite and board, as well as the control system and safety accessories. If you live in a place where the water is often cold, you may want to get a wetsuit as well to ensure comfort in the water. Lessons should be a factor in your planning as well. However, once you've mastered the basics, you can expect to handle most of the situations you'll run into on the water. Kiteboarding is an intense workout in and of itself, but we'll come to that a little later. First, let's consider how flying a kite can be a positive part of your fitness routine, as well as how to mix it up with other activities.


How can you make kite flying a part of your routine?


If it seems unlikely that flying a kite would give you a workout, think again. Kite flying targets many muscles, including your core, abs, and arm muscles, as well as the muscles in your back. Holding the kite steady in the wind, especially stronger gusts, requires more strength than you might imagine! The wind provides resistance against which your muscles work. In a way, it's almost like lifting weights in that sense. You'll be moving around a fair bit while you fly the kite, too; there's no reason to stand still. You can also opt to give your kites a running start, which will provide you with a cardio workout as well. Try seeing how long you can keep your kite aloft! In the beginning, you might tire out quickly. With practice and more work on your overall fitness, though, you'll be doing figure-eights in the sky with ease all afternoon long. Use kite flying as a way to inspire yourself to exercise even more. For example, you might want to hike to a beautiful secluded location and fly your kite in peace and quiet. That's going to require some endurance! The more time you spend outdoors working with your kite, the more likely you'll feel better about trying other forms of exercise such as jogging. For example, doing barbell curls can strengthen your arms and make the control of tougher kites simpler. Try to set aside a few days a week to go out and fly your kite. Being active regularly contributes significantly to burning more calories. Combined with the right kind of balanced diet for your metabolic needs, this level of physical activity could help shedding a few pounds. Invite friends or family along and show off your newfound skill. Looping the kite through the sky is a fun way to impress your friends while working out your body at the same time. Now that's how you make exercise fun.


Take it to the next level with kiteboarding


If you feel like flying a kite on land isn't enough of a challenge for you ? or if you feel like you've plateaued in terms of gains ? take your kiting adventures offshore. Kiteboarding involves strapping your feet to a wakeboard-like piece of equipment while holding onto a much larger parafoil kite. These kites are specially designed to allow you to skip, skim, and cut over the surface of the water. Kites for this activity tend to fly significantly higher than your average beginner's kite and are subject to much stronger winds. As a result, all of that core workout you normally get is amplified. Meanwhile, using your knees and legs to control the movement of the board works out your quads. It can be a strenuous and exhilarating activity. Exercise and kiteboarding go hand in hand even more than regular kite flying. Working out your body will enable you to do more and bigger stunts on your board. It will also give you much finer control over your kite, allowing you to stay steady in one direction or change course rapidly. With the amount of energy you'll spend controlling yourself in the wind, you'll be burning calories quickly. Don't forget that swimming is fantastic exercise as well, and if you're going to spend time near the water with your board, you might as well take a dip too. This is one of the major advantages to having fun with kites: not only will you burn plenty of calories, but you will also have various other opportunities to engage in fitness activities. Play around with the possibilities and find the combination that works and makes you feel the best. Before you know it, you'll feel much differently about exercising than you once did. Acclimating to the outdoors and physical activity might take time, but the end results are worth it. You'll agree when you're cutting up the waves and grabbing air time with your board and your colorful kite pulling you.


Find an open space nearby and try it out today!


Who would have thought that there were so many exciting ways to get fit with something as simple as flying a kite? Whether you just enjoy the low-impact workout and chance to be outside it provides, or you want to go hardcore with kiteboarding, this fun activity has options for everyone. Regular kites have a very low initial cost, and one kite can provide endless hours of exercise and entertainment. Wanting to be a better kite flyer is clearly an excellent motivator for getting you to work out more traditionally, too. Improving your arm and core strength will certainly help you to maneuver your kite even in the toughest winds, putting you on your way to being an expert in handling a kite. Explore your options and think how much more fun you could be having exercising than ever before. Take to the skies and change the way you see fitness!