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If the strength of the health and fitness sector is anything to go by, many of us want to improve our health and overall level of fitness. With all of the positive health benefits that modern medicine associates with regular exercise ? not the least of which is a longer life ? it's natural to want to become more active. Unfortunately, as we all know, that's much easier said than done.

Motivating yourself to make a change in our often sedentary lifestyles can be a real challenge. How many New Year's resolutions have slipped into the past unfulfilled? Instead of struggling to stick to regular exercise on its own, what if you motivated yourself with the "fun and games" that are sports? As a main component of your exercise, sports, and especially team sports, can have huge benefits.

Of all your options, basketball is the ideal choice. From its humble beginnings to its now globe-spanning popularity, it remains at its core an extremely athletic, active, and demanding sport. Not only is it the best team sport to play when you want to improve your lifestyle, but it has plenty of fitness benefits all on its own. It may even inspire you to other forms of exercise. Read on as we go over the roots of basketball, its many health benefits, and why team sports are so excellent for helping boost your level of physical fitness.

Where did basketball originate?

Understanding where basketball came from can help to spark your interest in picking up the sport. After all, its beginnings lie in the pursuit of a man who wanted to make it easier for individuals to exercise with Basketball The Ideal Team Sport James Naismithvigour even when the conditions were too harsh for anyone to venture outside.

The genesis of the sport of basketball comes from the mind of Dr. James Naismith, a doctor and teacher at a YMCA campus. In a short period, he conceptualised and formulated the rules for the game that we now know as basketball. Although the initial equipment was much more basic than today's standardised backboards and hoops, the heart and soul of the game was still the same.

From there, it rapidly spread, becoming a worldwide success. The core of basketball is teamwork ? without a team working in concert, moving the ball and scoring is very difficult. In other words, successfully playing the game involves physical fitness, mental alertness, and plenty of social interaction.

From such basic beginnings, isn't it astounding that a game of such depth and finesse developed? Now that you know where it came from and the elements involved let's spend a moment considering how basketball works out your whole body.

What good does basketball do for your body?

Basketball The Ideal Team Sport Workout

As ways to exercise go, basketball is up there at the top in terms of the percentage of your body it exercises. Think about it for a moment: your legs need to propel you quickly around the court; your arms need the strength to loft those long three-pointers, and you absolutely must have a strong core to twist and bend your body to keep the ball from being stolen by your opponents. All of that quick, strong movement and aerobic exercise leads to some pretty serious benefits.

Right on the surface is a benefit sure to make you interested: basketball burns serious calories. An hour of vigorous play can usually translate to burning between 600 and 900 calories, depending on your weight and current level of fitness. That's intense! As part of a regimen for losing weight and the right diet, basketball can help shed that weight. The more you play and compete with others, the more your body will respond. Bones can increase in strength, and your overall endurance will grow too.

While your first few pickup games might leave you breathless, after a while you'll begin to adjust and pick up the pace. Basketball works out many muscles, too, from calves to your deltoids and pecs. How many other sports can lay claim to so many active muscle groups during the game? Using basketball as a way to approach general fitness as part of your lifestyle can, therefore, be very effective.

There are other minor benefits, too. Studies show that playing sports boosts personal confidence and relieves stress while enhancing your motor abilities and concentration. When you need to pass the ball quickly, thinking fast starts to become second nature!

How the team aspect of basketball contributes to wellness

Basketball The Ideal Team Sport Comaraderie

Now you know about just how good playing the sport is for your body, but what about the team aspect ? what does that have to do with anything? A healthy lifestyle isn't just about eating the right foods and making sure you get your exercise in every week. It's also about making sure you feel good about yourself and that you feel engaged with your peers. Basketball offers a way to not only be social but also a path for expressing yourself. It's a healthy outlet for all kinds of energy, stress, and tension in your life.

Furthermore, it's a very easy and convenient sport to use for exercise! Since all you need is a court and a ball, it's not hard to get a game going. Many public parks even have regular games. You might even choose to join a local league. Basketball is a language that transcends cultures and boundaries, so don't be afraid to make some new friends out of strangers playing at your local court.

Challenging your skills in these informal competitions is a good way to get your workout in while also having a ton of fun at the same time. Whatever path you opt for, it's good to become involved in the teamwork and cooperative aspects of the sport. Involving yourself in the competitive aspects of fitness grows your personal confidence and can even drive you to higher levels of fitness. When you have friends on the court encouraging you to push harder and drive towards the basket, you might be surprised to find out just what things you can really accomplish.

Incorporating basketball into your fitness routine

Basketball The Ideal Team Sport Gym Strength Training

OK ? basketball is good for you mentally and physically. Aside from just playing the game, what can you do to make it a part of a real lifestyle change? Not only should you consider giving your diet a tune up, but you should think about using basketball as a gateway to other exercises. Consider it: what's the best way to improve your performance on the court besides playing more?

Honing the muscles and skills you use through solo practice. Consider taking up exercises specifically for basketball or broadening your horizons to focus on activities more generally useful. For example, let's say you aren't satisfied with your endurance on the court. You need to improve your cardio health. Running is one of the best ways to do that; adding in a short but regular run to your daily schedule can help add on some extra endurance next time you're on the court. There are also many kinds of strength training exercises which are beneficial for basketball players.

For additional help in this area, you can always turn to lifting weights. Hitting the gym to pump some iron can improve your abilities on the court. From boosting your agility and ability to change directions quickly to lengthening your shots, it can have many benefits. As you can see, it only takes a little bit of imagination and ingenuity to create a fitness routine with basketball at its centre. As part of an overall lifestyle change, it is very easy and simple for everyone to try it out.

Lace up, grab a ball and hit the court today

Individuals stand to gain quite a lot from picking up a basketball and learning how to play, and not just in terms of having a new way to pass the time. From its myriad health benefits and the overall positives that stem from playing the game and exercising hard to its ability to get you exercising more regularly, basketball brings a lot to the table. Why not grab a few friends and head down to the court today? Once you take the first step and commit to the game, there's no looking back. Enjoy being social, get into the competitive spirit, and push your body harder and farther than you ever thought you could. Redefine your lifestyle on the court.