1. Exercise Safely During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Here in the UK and around the globe we are all facing huge changes to our daily lives due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Since March many countries have been in lockdown with residents allowed outside for only certain activities. In the UK outdoor exercise has been on the allowed list throughout. Initially everyone was permitted to go out for exercise once per day for an hour, while following strict social distancing guidelines. Since May 2020 the guidance has been altered to allow unlimited exercise, but social distancing rules remain.

    Exercise is more important now than ever. With many peoples usually active lifestyle at a standstill and gym facilities, both indoor and outdoor, closed it is easy to become more sedentary. Add to this boredom eating, and the negative mental health effects of such a drastic lifestyle change, exercise could be a helpful focus for many people.  So, we thought we would take a look at the different types of exercise available, the social distancing

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  2. Looking Ahead to the NBA 2019/20 Season

    NBA 2019/20There are only a few weeks left until the 2019/20 NBA season begins. So, to get you ready for the impending tournament we have put this article together to explore what is to be expected during this year’s competition and how each team will fare in the games. Therefore, if you are an avid fan of this widespread American tournament, then keep on reading to find out more. Within this article we cover areas of the NBA such as those listed below to ensure that you are fully in the know before the new season starts.

    • How the NBA works
    • Western Conference
    • Eastern Conference
    • Strongest competitors from each conference
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  3. How Smart Balls Can Improve Your Training

    smart footballOver recent years technology has dominated the fitness community by allowing athletes to gather more in depth information on their training. The most common way is to use a wristband tracker; however brands have been evolving the tracking technology to allow you to practice your sport freely without having to worry about syncing a band to your phone. 

    Within this article we are going to look into some of the must-have sports technology which could help you take your training regime to the next level. In this article we are going to look into the technology created by Dribble Up. There are three types of smart balls created by Dribble Up and we are going to explore each of these further within this post:

    • Smart Soccer Ball
    • Smart Basket Ball
    • Smart Medicine Ball
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  4. Basketball Christmas Gift Ideas

    With less than a month now until the big day, finishing off your Christmas shopping is a must to ensure that you get the perfect gift. If your loved one is an avid basketball player or enjoys watching the game, we have put together this handy guide on present ideas to help you be creative with your gift choice. Here are the 12 different items which you can order today:

    1. Basketball and Hoop
    2. Performance and Compression Clothing
    3. Specially Designed Trainers
    4. Basketball Books
    5. Agility Ladder
    6. NBA Video Games
    7. Backpack
    8. Dribble Up Smart Basketball
    9. Team Jersey or Merchandise
    10. Ticket to a Basketball Game
    11. Basketball Return System
    12. Mini Trampoline for Dunk Training

    Basketball and Hoop

    For the players who are just starting out in the sport or don’t have direct access to anywhere to play, a basketball and a hoop will make an excellent gift. There a

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  5. Training and Diet of a Professional Basketball Player

    Good physical conditioning is a must in any sport, but when it comes to basketball, it is absolutelythe key to success. All the practice at shooting threes and free throws in the world won't make a difference if you don't have the stamina, flexibility, and power to use on the court. To make the shots, you must get in position first, and that often means beating other well-trained players to the basket. In short, you'll need to have the right training regimen lined up if you want to be successful.

    Even if you aren't aiming to play competitively and you justwant to improve your physical fitness, the routines used by basketball professionals can help you to developyour abilities. The training you do in and out of the gym will be a majorpart of that. However, what you eat plays an important role too. Basketball players need a balanced diet that can support their bodies even during very strenuous, high energy activities. That doesn't mean loading up on junk calories, though. Between die

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  6. Developing Useful Basketball Skill Drills for Kids

    The basics of basketball are easy to learn, but mastering the strategies and skills necessary to play effectively takes plenty of practice. This is part of what makes it such an engaging and exciting sport for young people. Not only does it encourage plenty of physical activity, but it also promotes social development through the team aspect of the sport. There are only so many opportunities to play in organised games, though, and pick-up rounds don't always provide a good chance for structured practice.

    So, whether you're in charge of a group of youths playing basketball or you have a child interested in the sport, it's essential to find other ways to fit in useful practice. Having a large stable of drills to run is the key to success in basketball. Not only can drills teach kids the right movements they need to play well on the court, but they can also function as a conduit to physical fitness gains. Sticking to the same two or three drills every week is a recipe for boredom,

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  7. Women's Basketball: What It Is and Why It's Important

    30th September 2017.When you think about basketball, what type of athlete most readily comes to mind? For most people, the answer will be a very tall man. It's hard not to think that way, either ? after all, many of the most prominent basketball stars around the world are men, especially considering that the American NBA produces much of the world-class talent. The sport was even conceived as part of a male fitness programme to encourage indoor exercise during the cold summer months. Yet none of this means that it is solely a sport for men, and there are huge numbers of women around the world who find the game just as thrilling. So, what is the women's basketball scene like today? If you're a lady who has an interest in taking the ball down the court, how do you get started? From the training, you'll want to engage with the role models in the sport. There?s no shortage of interesting information available about women's basketball. Ready to learn how you can immerse yourself in the

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  8. An Overview of the 2016-2017 NBA Season

    2nd May 2017.The squeak of sneakers and the rapid thudding of the ball are the hallmark sounds of any professional basketball game ? as is the roar of a crowd full of NBA fans. There's no better showcase of basketball talent than in the American NBA, and the 2016-2017 season is no exception. The 2015-2016 season closed out with thrilling Finals that went the distance, going all the way to Game 7. Last season saw the Cleveland Cavaliers come out on top after a gruelling battle with the Golden State Warriors. This year, both teams remain in the playoff hunt after a long season. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to catch every game when you don't live in the USA. Whether you're a new fan or someone with a long-lived love for basketball, you might want to know what happened during this year's season. With the playoffs right around the corner, which teams look like they might make a run for the championship? Were there any stand-out performances or incredible games in this year's regular

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  9. Basketball Training for Improved Fitness and Ability

    9th February 2017. Of all the sports, basketball can be one of the most physically demanding. Anyone who's played in even a casual "pick up" game knows that after an hour of chasing the ball around the court, you're drenched in sweat and out of breath. With your heart pounding, though, you know you've had a good game. Playing the game regularly requires some serious physical fitness, though. It's necessary not just to keep up with the pace of the game and its demand for sudden movements, but to develop your overall skill, too. While practising on the court and improving your ball handling skills are both necessary steps, they're just one part of an overall approach to training. When you want to develop your body for basketball, what kind of exercises should dominate your routine? It can be tricky to figure out. You need solid arms for making long-distance three-pointers, but your legs need the endurance it takes to shuffle in every direction around the court. At the same time,
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  10. New Year, New You: How to Create a Workout Schedule You'll Follow

    2nd January 2017.  The beginning of a brand new year is here, and you know what that means ? everyone is starting to think about their resolutions into action. How often are they just some things you say half-heartedly while enjoying the New Year's Eve festivities, though? We've all either heard the stories or directly experienced what it's like to make fitness-based resolutions only to lose interest in them after just a few months, weeks or even days. How can you break out of this pattern rather than succumbing to it for yet another year? It takes thoughtful planning and real dedication, but it's doable. Making a choice to improve your fitness is seldom an overnight "Eureka!" moment. So if you know you want to make some exercise resolutions this year, now is the best time to start figuring out your game plan. Simply "winging it" and trying to play your physical progress by ear will result in the same failed resolutions with which you're already well familiar. That's why we're

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