1. Changes to the Worldwide Badminton Rules

    badminton rule changeBadminton is a much-loved sport by many who practice it recreationally as well as competitively. However, if you are taking part in badminton matches professionally, you may already be aware of the recent update to the rules. But if you are not up to date with the international rules with regards to badminton, then within this article we are going to discuss the changes which have been made that have professional players in uproar. Earlier this year it was announced that there would be major changes to the professional rules of badminton worldwide and since the release of these adjustment, the sporting world has not been happy as these changes will alter the professional game drastically. 

    Within this article we are going to have a look at the rules in question which have been updated and how these would each impact the athletes involved. So, if you want to find out more about what has got the badminton world talking, then keep on reading as we will fill you in on all things to do with these changes and how the way we watch and play badminton globally will differ.

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  2. Singles Versus Doubles Badminton

    Badminton can be played one on one or in pairs which makes it such a versatile way of exercising and it is such an enjoyable activity to take part in for all ages. From being introduced to the sport at school to practicing your skills in the gym or recreationally at home, you are sure to get a great level of satisfaction out of the game, and we are here to give you the low down on the two main ways you can play badminton.

    Throughout this article we will investigate the differences and similarities between the two ways of playing and help you to identify which you would prefer to practice. Progression is very highly sought after in badminton as playing professionally could eventually earn you a spot in the Olympics. 

    Benefits of Badminton Overall

    Whether you are playing solo or as part of a team, badminton has a fantastic impact on your overall health as it is an intense activity that can be carried out over a long period of time or in short bursts if playing a quick match in your garden.

    Underneath the fact of how the game is played, the action of taking part in the activity does also improve your health. As you will be very active on the court, it is believed that badminton burns approximately 450 calories per hour so may even benefit you in the long term if you are looking to lose weight as well as enjoy the sport. As this is a cardiovascular game, it also works your body intensely over a long period of time in order to help you maintain a healthy heart.

    Practicing the sport will also benefit your level of concentration and anticipation as you aim to predict your opponents next moves. You will find that this improved level of mental activity will benefit you in the game and in general day to day activities.


    Although the game is played in two ways, there are still so many similarities between them when it comes down to basics. Below are

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  3. Choosing a Shuttlecock: Selecting the Most Important Item in Badminton

    29th March 2018.While badminton may not be the game that most people think about when they consider sports that have fast-paced action, that's precisely what a professional badminton match includes. Not only do the two players move with serious quickness around the court, but a smashed shuttlecock can reach speeds of almost 500 kilometres per hour! The mixture of gentle, lofting lobs and driving smashes means the pace of a badminton game can turn on a moment's notice. Because it is the central part of the game, good shuttlecocks are a vital element of a successful game. For the amateur or recreational player, though, knowing how to choose the right shuttlecock doesn't always come easily. Not only are there a wide variety of types out there on the market, but they come with all kinds of numerical ratings and different attributes. Some of them can even turn out to be quite expensive. As a result, it?s essential to understand what to look for when shopping for shuttlecocks. The birdie that you buy for a practice session will be very different from the one you take into a match. What are the differences, and what should you know as you shop for these products? We can start by dissecting the anatomy of a shuttlecock, which will help to clear up some of the bigger decisions you'll make later.

    What goes into a shuttlecock? Knowing the differences

    A good shuttle achieves the right level of speed, arcs in a predictable, standard way, and stands up to several games worth of use choosing-a-shuttlecock-compositionbefore deformation becomes a problem. To achieve this balance traditionally required several highly specific materials, and it was this strange recipe that produced one of the most unique pieces of sporting equipment in history. A typical high-level

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  4. Picking Out the Perfect Christmas Gift for a Badminton Player

    4th December 2017. Do you feel that nip in the air? Winter is on its way, and that means that the Christmas holiday is right around the corner. It's time to start unpacking your cold weather clothes, dusting off the decorations, and figuring out how to untangle your Christmas lights once and for all. More than that, though, you'll probably also begin to make plans for seeing family or friends ? and then it'll be time to start thinking about gifts! The joy of giving the perfect Christmas gift to a loved one is something that's rarely matched throughout the rest of the year. It's your opportunity to provide a thoughtful and perhaps even useful gift, and the sky is the limit for your creativity. Do you have a friend or family member who considers themselves to be a big badminton lover? Maybe they got their start with the racquet at an early age, or perhaps it has become a hobby over the past few years. In either case, it might be an important part of their life, and you want to show that you care about their hobbies, too! What makes a good gift for the badminton player, though? Once you start shopping, it might be harder than you imagined. There aren't many cute throw pillows embroidered with shuttlecocks, after all.

    Give the gift of a racquet restringing

    A badminton player's racquet is far and away the most essential part of their success in a game. A good racquet becomes like a natural extension of the player's arm, and they move in a highly coordinated way. Over time, though, and with a larger number of games and practice sessions, the racquet's strings lose their tension. Without the right balance of the racquet, it becomes harder for the player to control their strikes and manage the shuttlecock. Why not offer to pay for the process of restringing the racquet as a gift? It requires a professional

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  5. How to Choose Your Badminton Racket

    31st July 2017. Of all the racket sports out there, badminton might be one of the easiest to learn, yet it is immensely difficult to attain mastery over the mechanics. The irregular paths the shuttlecock can take as you lob it through the air, plus the intense speed it can gather when your opponent smashes a return shot, make it a fun and exciting challenge. It's also an excellent workout since you'll be hopping and darting all around the court for an hour or two. Attaining the skills you need on the court and the athleticism you hone along the way will require more than just time: you need the right equipment, too. The badminton shuttlecock is a standard piece of equipment, but rackets vary from person to person. Which one will be right for you? Whether you want to replace an old and broken racket or you're planning to pick up the sport for the first time, this is an important decision. Looking at a racket alone can't tell you if it will be a good fit, though. For that, you'll need to pick it up and see for yourself. When you do, what criteria should you use to evaluate the racquet? Let's break down the important components of choosing this crucial piece of badminton equipment.

    The shape of your racket is an important asset

    One of the first things you should look at when examining badminton rackets is the shape of the racket head. Luckily, there are only two shapes common to the rackets of today, so you don't have to work hard how-to-choose-your-badminton-racket-head-shapeto decide. We refer to these shapes as the "isometric" racket and the "oval" racket.

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  6. The Facts About Playing Badminton for Fitness

    16th March 2017.There's no denying that playing sports are some of the most effective ways of improving your personal fitness and physique. One look at just about any professional athlete is all it takes to see the excellent shape in which they keep their bodies. Though not everyone can play on that kind of level, it doesn't mean that all other individuals can't access the health benefits of athleticism. However, choosing the sport that you play for fitness isn't always easy. Do you choose to go for something standard and classic, like soccer, or does something else catch your interest? Perhaps the fast-paced game of badminton, with its shuttlecocks and small racquets, is the game you'd like to play. Is badminton a good fitness activity? It requires lots of speed and agility which is often the result of intensive training. Thus, there are plenty of good reasons to try it out for fitness purposes. Both the game itself and the preparations you'll need to make can help improve your body. However, like all physical activities, it does have some drawbacks as well. Let's look at the "pros and cons" of picking up badminton for fitness, plus a few pointers on how you could find your start in the sport.

    The major health benefits of playing badminton

    If you've ever played in a game of badminton or even a match of tennis, then you know you're often out of breath by the time someone scores the final point. The level of physical exertion should give you a hint towards one of the first major benefits to playing this sport: it's simply excellent for your cardiovascular health. As you dart to and from the net chasing the shuttlecock, you'll need lots of quick bursts of energy. That puts intense demands on your lungs and heart. Over time, it can help you improve your stamina and ability to play for long periods of time. If you find yourself easily winded as a beginner, though, we'll discuss how you can hit

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  7. Badminton The Perfect Choice for a Winter Workout

    12th December 2016. The winter poses one of the biggest hurdles for any individual focused on their fitness. During the rest of the year, sticking to your exercise regimen isn't too difficult. If you have the motivation to get outside and work out, you'll usually stay on top of improving your fitness. Rain can sometimes threaten to keep you indoors, but often, it's just an extra challenge to overcome. Once the winter arrives, though, that's not always possible. The temperatures can quickly plunge well below the freezing point. If you live in an area that's no stranger to heavy snow in the winter, going out for your usual exercise might even be impossible. Whether you want to beat the cold or an outdoor workout is out of the question, you'll need to find a new activity. You should aim for something that keeps you active, engaged, and has an element of challenge. Why not try badminton? Believe it or not, badminton can be an excellent workout all winter long! Not only do you only need a small amount of equipment, but there are also many indoor badminton courts. Staying out of the snow is easy when you're spending all your time chasing after the shuttlecock. Aside from leveraging indoor courts to get out of the cold, why else should you turn badminton in the winter? Let's break down why it's so good for you. We'll also consider how you can take full advantage of its benefits.


    Why should you choose badminton to begin with?

    If you're wondering why badminton would be a good choice for a winter exercise, just take a moment to consider the sport of tennis. Have you ever played a set? Moving around all over the court takes a lot more energy than it seems as an observer! It's not easy to play tennis in the winter, though, given how often the weather may interfere. That's what makes badminton such an excellent idea right from the beginning. We've

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  8. How to Train Like a Professional Badminton Player

    There's a lot to be said about the exciting nature of the sport of tennis. With its enormous popularity around the world, many tune in to watch matches on TV. However, there is another sport that ? while smaller than tennis ? is much more exciting: badminton. In the game of badminton, the feathered shuttlecock provides a much more unstable and unpredictable projectile in flight than a tennis ball. The amount of strokes and moves required to control a shuttlecock and score points fully is staggering. Mastering the game takes not only excellent hand-eye coordination but good physical fitness, too.

    Pro badminton players need exceptional arm strength for smashing shots as well as quick and nimble legs to dart around the court. Speed and power are of the essence in this game. Whether your interest lies in developing your game further or you only want to train like the pros, there are plenty of ways you can exercise the muscles badminton uses. From strength training to developing your agility, you can do it all. Below, we'll go over some the ways you can develop workout routines that allow you to exercise and train like a pro badminton player does. Next time you hit the court, you can dominate your opponents with quick reflexes!


    Developing the muscles you need for power


    A major part of what makes badminton such an appealing sport is the simple fact that it works out so many major muscle groups. From the muscles in your shoulders, all the way down to your calves, a strenuous game on the court is going to leave much of your body feeling tired. Developing strength in these muscles is necessary if you want to be successful. Professional players target their workouts to develop specific muscle groups, such as the ones responsible for giving you the "oomph" necessary to deliver a smashing

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  9. Badminton Tips for Beginners

    .Badminton is a great sport to become proficient in, not just because it is fun and a terrific form of exercise, but also because it can be played at a backyard party just as easy as it can at the local recreation center. Though Badminton is a racquet sport with rules similar to those in tennis, it is absolutely its own sport. The court is roughly half the size of a tennis court, and when you play badminton and realize how fast the shuttlecock/birdie can move at its top speed, you will understand why. Because of these factors, badminton can be tough to master, even if you are already a skilled tennis player. Consider heeding the tips below to start vanquishing your opponents more quickly!

    1. Learn the terminology
    2. Ask a for advice from other players
    3. Find an indoor court to practice
    4. Know the home position
    5. Force your opponent to move around

    Learn the terminologybadminton tips for beginners shuttlecock

    Save face with fellow badminton players by knowing what you're talking about, at least mostly. The biggest piece of terminology is the feathery projectile used in place of a ball. This?thing is called a "birdie" (in North America) or a "shuttlecock" (most other parts of the world) and is the obvious center of any badminton match. Knowing other terms?like "carry," "wood shot," "home position," and "clear"?won't just help you to discuss badminton with your teammates and opponents, but will also help you to understand the game. The English Club has a pretty helpful glossary of badminton terms to help you get

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