Running has always been and always will be a fantastic way to keep fit. However, those first few runs are what requires the most motivation to start you on a regular routine. Within this article we are going to look at why autumn is the perfect time to take up running or jogging compared to summer. So, if you want to find out how you can find the motivation to take up jogging this fall, then keep on reading.

Better Weather for Running

One of the main reasons why so many people choose to start running regularly in the autumn is the change in weather. As during the summer, it is essential that you take the weather into consideration as to avoid getting dehydrated or sunburnt. Whereas the autumn does not pose these risks, which makes it the preferred time to go out jogging regularly. This is because the fall weather is often cooler than the summer and also has a decent amount of daylight hours compared to the spring and winter.

Along with the temperature outside and the daylight hours, autumn is also the preferred season for jogging as the change in surroundings is more visually pleasing on your run. The cool breeze, fresh morning air and crunchy autumn leaves make for the perfect aesthetic for a peaceful run.

Lifestyle Change After the Holidays

During the summertime you will find yourselves indulging more than normally due to all-inclusive holidays, regular barbeques, and an increase in the consumption of alcohol. Once the summer weather starts to phase out and autumn rolls in, the indulgent tendencies tend to waver as people start to go back to work, university, college and school. Therefore, it is this time of the year that people will begin to realise the effects of their summer binge and want to look into doing something about it.

So why not turn to running? Running is an equipment free sport which can be carried out by yourself or as part of a group. Over the summer you might have lost touch with some close friends, so why not look into going out for a jog and a catchup regularly in the autumn to get in shape and find out all of the latest gossip from your mates. By going as a group, this would also improve your motivation as you will not just be dependent on yourself, but you will be depended on by your friends to turn up too.

How to Get Started and Find Motivation

Above we have explored one way in which you can get motivated to take up running in the autumn and that is to go out with friends. But there are also a number of other ways in which you can get motivated which we are going to look into in this section of the article.

One of the ways in which you can fuel your motivation is by setting yourself goals and following a programme. The incentive and rewards you will reap when reaching your goal will give you satisfaction as you realise how hard you worked for it. Some examples of this would be to sign up to a half or full marathon near you and to begin training for it by yourself, with your friends and family or with the guidance of a gym trainer. Another example would be to motivate yourself with apps such as couch to 5k which will help get you ready for a 5k run by working you up to the max in small stints as to take you from inactive to marathon runner in no time.

You can also look into joining your local running club to get motivation of likeminded individuals which would also help you form new friendships and socialise.

Start Your Running Journey Today

Throughout this blog post we have explored a variety of points on why autumn is the ideal time to start your running regime. From the change in surroundings, to the cooler temperatures and how to get motivated, we hope this article has helped you with your decision to start this exercise routine. And to help kit yourself out for the upcoming run, you can browse through our range of high-quality sportswear and accessories over at Sports Fitness.

This article was written exclusively for Sports Fitness by Loren Astbury