26th October 2017. While summer is considered the best time of year for many sports, the autumn holds its own appeal for outdoor activities as well. While others continue practising their football skills or join up with a crowd of marathon runners enjoying the last good weather of the year, you can choose to spend your time engaged in a more relaxing and mentally stimulating pursuit ? flying a kite! We often consider the spring as the prime season for flying kites, but the fall has its own host of benefits that make it worth your time to head outdoors. In the right wind conditions, flying a kite can even be a workout. You'll need to work hard against a strong breeze, and if a gust comes, prepare to engage all the muscles in your core keeping the kite steady. It's surprisingly exciting, and an excellent way to spend some of your time outdoors this season. Let's take a closer look at what makes the fall so ideal for putting together a brand-new kite, grabbing your string, and heading to your nearest open field. There are six reasons behind why this is the best time of the year for kiting.

  1. The weather stays good for most of the season

Except for the very tail end of the season, autumn is usually a time characterised by its pleasant temperatures, moderating away from the high heat of summer. There might be a bit of a chill in the mornings or the early evenings, but for the most part, you will find the weather perfectly agreeable for being outdoors. Since flying a kite is all about enjoying your time in nature, this makes it especially ideal. The springtime can become too warm too quickly, and showers are much more likely to occur without warning. While the fall can have its fair share of rain as well, you can count on plenty of days of good weather. This fact makes it easier to make plans to go out to fly a kite; when every day in a week looks good, it's far simpler to find a gap in your schedule to accommodate some time practising your tricks and manoeuvres. That also means it should be an easier task to find gaps in the schedules of other people, too.

  1. It's a fun way to take the family out for relaxation

If you have a family, flying a kite is one of the most fun activities you can engage in together. From teaching young children the basics of handling a kite to seeing them smile and laugh as they master the necessary skills, there's no shortage of joy in the experience. In the early autumn, school rarely ramps up to intense levels of work right away. Without too much homework yet, you can easily find the opportunity to take your kids out during the weekend for some kite flying. The good weather also contributes to the family friendliness of this activity. It requires relatively little equipment to fly a kite, and you won't need to make plans to bring tonnes of extras like water, sunscreen, and other items typical to summer excursions. You'll still want some of those things, of course, but it's not so hard to stay outside for longer periods of time in the autumn. That equals a more rewarding experience and more time to play with the kite.

  1. There are plenty of places to go fly kites

While not necessarily specific to the season, you'll find that with some creativity, it is not too difficult to find a place to fly your kite. In fact, you could find an abundance of ideal locations. Open fields are the best, with parks coming in as a close second. What you need most of all is a wide-open space. Stay far away from power lines and other potential hazards that could damage your kite or pose a risk to you. With the pleasant conditions of the season, you could even choose to range out further from home. Why not take the opportunity to explore the area around where you live for some ideal kite flying spots? Once you find one, hop out of your car, unspool your thread, and catch the next strong breeze. You could even follow a hiking trail into an area that might be fun for flying; without unbearable heat and humidity in the air, you can walk quite a distance while remaining comfortable.

  1. It's your last chance to enjoy the outdoors before winter

Why is it so important for you to take advantage of these good conditions? Because they'll be gone soon, of course! Even when there isn't much snow on the ground, you don't usually want to stand around in windy conditions in winter. Wind chill is a real problem, even if you're wearing warm clothes, and it can feel far colder than it is outside. As a result, you won't find many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors the same way you can during the autumn. Right now, you'll only need to dress with some respect to the weather ? perhaps a jacket is the heaviest thing you'll need to wear. That's not to mention that some areas, like some nature parks, may close entirely during the winter. As a result, you'll lose access to your preferred spots for flying kites. Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy these outdoor spaces while you can, before you have to begin the long wait for the spring thaw.

  1. The winds are more predictable than in springtime

Obviously, the wind is the key ingredient when it comes to enjoying your kite. During the spring, winds tend to gust more often, and in the summer, you'll often encounter days where there is no wind at all. In the autumn, however, a steady breeze is the norm more often than not. That is a key reason why this time of year is so ideal for slicing and diving your kite through the air. Not only is it easier to launch your kite, but it is also easier to fly it and to recover the kite as well. If you have your family along, then teaching young children becomes much less difficult in these kinds of conditions. Keep an eye on your local weather forecast when planning kiting excursions. Not only will it help you to avoid troublesome rain, but it will let you get a sneak peek at what meteorologists think the wind conditions will be. Plan accordingly and choose days with a mild wind. Remember, it shouldn't be too strong, or your kite could blow away!

  1. You won't have to compete for space

Far more people leave their homes to try flying kites in the spring than they do during the fall. The more people in a particular area flying kites, the more difficult it is to do so safely. It is all too easy for one's kite to stray too far to one direction, ending up suddenly entangled with another individual's kite. While that's the whole point of certain types of kites, you're probably not planning on kite battles in general. In fact, some places will prohibit that activity altogether. So, with fewer people around in the autumn, you don't have to worry about planning around the risk of other flyers. Instead, you can focus on having fun yourself, enjoying the increased latitude to try big tricks or otherwise "risky" manoeuvres. Plus, there's something to be said for the peacefulness inherent in flying a kite in a quiet space all by yourself.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to enjoy time in nature

Any one of these reasons on their own might be good enough to motivate you to get on your way out the door. Considering all the above, you shouldn't have any excuses for not indulging in the fun of flying a kite this fall. Whether you take the kids out along with you or just go to spend some time enjoying the wind and the weather by yourself, you'll be certain to encounter some of the most ideal conditions for kiting all year round. Break out your favourite from storage, or make a new one from scratch ? then think about inviting some friends along, too.