Since 2018 a completely new workout called ‘Animal Flow’ has been steadily growing in popularity. Animal Flow is like no workout that you have seen before, and it is tough. Watching the pros perform an Animal Flow routine is mesmerising and relaxing; but take their place and it is one hardcore workout that will certainly get your whole body moving Animal Flow beast posein new and different ways, stretching like never before and working every muscle. And, what is even better is that there is no costly equipment required.  

What is Animal Flow?

Often described as a mix between yoga, gymnastics and breakdancing it is already clear that Animal Flow is unique. The movements in an Animal Flow routine use bodyweight to help you strengthen your muscles and burn calories, we have looked at the benefit of bodyweight training in the past if you want to find out more.

Like yoga, in Animal Flow lessons you will learn a series of movements that get more difficult as you progress to higher ability levels. These movements are then combined to push your body to move in different ways as you smoothly change from one pose to another.

On the Animal Flow website, they describe the six different components. Each movement fits into one of the six components, and each component is designed to achieve specific results. During a workout you can combine elements from one or more components to target specific areas.

Six Animal Flow Components

  1. Wrist Mobilisations – The wrists are vital to the successful performance of Animal Flow movements, and this component helps to prepare the hands and wrists.
  2. Activations – Beast and Crab are Activation forms. They are designed to wake-up the body and form the basis of the rest of the components.
  3. Form Specific Stretches – Starting with a base animal position, the form specific stretches stretch the whole body and are designed to build flexibility and stability.
  4. Travelling Forms – This component interprets the different ways that animals move.
  5. Switches and Transitions – These fall into four categories – Underswitch, Side Kickthrough, Scorpion and Front Kickthrough – and make up the largest part of an Animal Flow workout routine.
  6. Flows – This is where different parts of the other components are combined to form a ‘flow’ movement. Combinations of movements are almost endless ensuring that Animal Flow will always hold new challenges for participants.

Who is Animal Flow Aimed At?

Animal Flow can be incorporated into the workout routine of almost anyone. Obviously if you have not exercised before start slowly and build-up to avoid injury, and if you have any existing health conditions consult your GP before you start.

All of the movements within an Animal Flow workout are designed to be adaptable, meaning that they can be done to different levels of ability. This basically means that anyone, that is medically fit enough to do so, could have a go. From kids to seniors Animal Flow could offer the perfect workout.

It has been particularly mentioned that people who undertake a lot of weightlifting and strength training can benefit hugely from incorporating Animal Flow into their weekly routine. Animal Flow can help build strength and train muscles in different ways, which can ultimately help to prevent injury when lifting weights in the gym.

Once you have got to grips with the basics of Animal Flow you may find that as well as a good workout it is also relaxing in the same way as yoga. Moving serenely through the different poses, concentrating on your movement and distribution of body weight will help to clear the mind and promote a sense of relaxation and calm.

How to Get Started with Animal Flow

If you like the sound of Animal Flow and want to give it a try it is relatively easy to get involved. Within the UK there are a few locations offering in-person classes predominately in London. However, Animal Flow is designed to not need large or expensive equipment. If you have a yoga mat, comfortable clothing, an Internet connection and suitable device for streaming you can give it a try.

A YouTube search brings up multiple workout videos that you can follow along to in your own home or garden for free to get you started. If you like these tasters and want to build on your skill the official Animal Flow website offers a subscription service to ongoing classes, and there is a free 7-day trial to get you started.

If you give Animal Flow a try look us up on social media and tell us how you got on. And if you want to invest in some new workout clothing for improved comfort and better movement when undertaking an Animal Flow workout routine then head over to our Sports Fitness store where we stock a great selection for kids, women and men.