1st November 2016.For a game so seemingly simple, darts defines the adage "easy to learn, difficult to master." Although throwing small, pointed objects at a board for points might not seem hard at first, it quickly reveals itself to be a game of both finesse and strategy. Whether it's scoring strategically to defeat your opponent or concentrating hard on nailing the bullseye, darts presents many different challenges. At the same time, it's often an excellent opportunity to relax and have fun with friends in a social atmosphere. Perhaps you keep a dart board at home, or maybe you're just interested in picking up the game. Either way, you won't find the best experience anywhere but in a darts club. Local clubs for dart players can be found in many kinds of establishments, although the local pub is usually a good place to begin your search. Aside from having a regular place to play the game, why join a club at all? Instead of just having friends around once every week or two for a game, you'll have access to a regular game with ease. That's far from the only reason, though. Let's glance at a few of the best reasons you should think about finding a local club for darts to join.

Why a darts club is worth your time

  • Improve your balance and skill with hand-eye coordination. When it comes to the physical benefits of playing darts, this is one of the best. You won't find a hard-core cardio workout here, but you will 5-reasons-to-join-a-local-darts-club-accuracybe able to refine some of the fine motor skills you have. Also, throwing darts is all about perfecting your form. This means stance, your throwing motion, and much more. The more you play darts as you will once you join a local club, the more you'll see these benefits appearing.

Winning a game of darts requires accurate placement during each throw. Each time you come up to the throwing line in a club game, you'll challenge yourself to improve your placement. With time and practice, you'll quickly develop a much better sense of where the dart will land based on how you hold and throw it forward. You just won't find the same benefits from a very irregular game.

  1. Reap the benefits of regular social interaction. When playing a casual game of darts at a house party or a small gathering, you may often find yourself enjoying the feeling of social engagement. Why not turn the game of darts into a regular avenue for engaging socially with others? Scientific research shows a big link between regular social activity and improved health across the board. Not only does playing darts with others give you a chance to connect with your fellow human beings, but it can also make you feel better. After all, humans are very social creatures by nature ? that's why we like to create groups and clubs in the first place!

Although joining a new group of people is often intimidating, especially when they may be more skilled at the game than you, it won't take long before you're a regular, too. Once you win a few rounds, it'll be like you were always a part of the club.

  1. Interact with new and interesting people. There's no doubt that you're likely to meet a diverse group of individuals while playing darts. Especially if you're meeting in a pub, you may find you get a good cross-section of the local colour. Whether you're looking to make new friends or you just enjoy meeting new people on a regular basis, joining a club offers you a direct ticket into a group of people you may never have met before at all! Of course, then you get to experience the fun of learning about your club peers through banter before and after each round of darts. You can expect to leave every meeting feeling satisfied that you've had a good time.
  1. Develop better concentration and overall mental focus. In addition to helping you sharpen your hand-eye coordination and balance, darts will also enable you to enjoy improved concentration. Let's face it ? many times, there are plenty of distractions going on all around a darts game. That's especially true if you're playing in a club that meets in a pub or other highly trafficked establishment. There can be a high level of noise and other distracting influences that can put you off your game if you aren't careful.

As you play in more club games, your focus on the game will deepen. Your mind learns to ignore the input it doesn't need, focusing only on nailing your throw precisely. As you refine this skill, you may even feel the benefits of your improved mental focus away from the game. We could all use the ability to concentrate a little in our daily lives!

  1. Clubs are an excellent activity for seniors. For older people, getting out of the house and getting involved in social activities isn't always as easy as it was when you were younger. While you probably won't be heading for the football pitch for a quick game anytime soon, darts is both an excellent low-impact activity and a way to be social. Not only will you experience all of the other benefits we've discussed, but you'll be able to mingle with younger individuals as well. Socialising with other generations in the spirit of playing a game together is perfect for fostering good feelings all around.

Not only will you get to compete with all kinds of other people, both young and old, but you may even find yourself in a mentoring role to a younger player. Perhaps instead you'll meet someone from your own generation to swap stories with; the possibilities are just waiting for you to explore them.

Step up to the line and throw a bullseye today!

From being an intergenerational way to have fun to having some real benefits for your mind and body, darts is much more than simply a fun game to play over a pint. A local darts club offers not just the chance to hone your skill with darts, but also a chance to feel like a part of a group ? and that's an important part of developing good overall wellness. Sometimes, exercising our minds is just as important as exercising our bodies. Of course, we should also always remember to take the time to enjoy ourselves, too. See if you can find a club to join in your area!