For many, cycling on the road is not just a way to improve physical fitness and general wellness, but it is also a fun activity they enjoy doing. In fact, millions of people use bicycles for transportation and exercise around the world every day. Perhaps you are one of them! You may be well used to cycling at this point if you do it as part of a regular fitness routine. However, it may no longer feel as exciting or even as engaging as it once was. Do you feel like regular cycling just isn't pushing you hard enough, or do you feel your interest in biking falling? Maintaining a solid fitness regime and keeping yourself healthy means staying interested in your activities. Sure, you could go to the gym and spin for hours as hard as you want, but that won't make you less bored. If you aren't interested in cycling, what's the point? It might be time to try something new. Have you ever heard of velodrome cycling? Also known as track cycling, this is a competitive, fast-paced, and indoor environment very different from what you've experienced on the road. At first, you might think: what's the difference? Why switch to another kind of cycling at all, and why travel to a velodrome in the first place? There are several excellent reasons to give this exciting sport a try. Before we examine five of those reasons, though, let's tackle the first and most important question: what is velodrome cycling?


What is velodrome cycling?


The defining feature of the velodrome is its curved track, made from high quality wood finished to a slick, smooth surface that enables cyclists to generate a lot of speed. The most common format features a banking track. There are two straight sections and two banking curves of 180 degrees. In the curve, a cyclist's momentum allows them to hug the curve and ride at an angle. This variation on cycling first appeared in the 19th century, and the sport grew into the widely competitive and attractive feature it is today. Now regularly featured in the Olympics and practised by many amateurs as well as professionals, it offers many exciting opportunities and advantages over basic road cycling. That doesn't mean giving up biking on the road, though ? in fact, it may even help you.


Why track cycling is worth your time and effort

  1. Improves Your Off-Track Cycling Form
  2. Intense Way to Work on Fitness
  3. Develop Skills for Cycle Races
  4. Set Goals and Track Progress
  5. Velodrome Cycling is Fun




Improving your off-track cycling form is easy.

You may not even be aware of it, but your road cycling form could be favoring certain muscle groups, meaning you aren't fully developing your legs. It also means you aren't generating as much power on the bike as you perhaps could. It's easy to lose sight of your pedalling form on the road because of where you focus your attention ? mostly on where you're going. In track cycling, successful performance depends on the most fluid pedalling motion possible. There are no gears or brakes or on a velodrome bike; instead, it's all about speed and position.As you begin to cycle more on the track, you'll quickly learn how to use all the muscles in your leg to pull the pedal along with your motion, allowing you to push harder over the long haul. When you get back out on the road again, you'll likely find that your rides are easier because of how much additional power you're generating.

It's a much more intense way to work on your fitness.

Remember how we just mentioned that velodrome bikes lack brakes and different gear ratios? That is going to have a vast impact on the way you exercise your body on the track. With speeds reaching up to nearly 80 kph in professional arenas, it's clear from the start that you'll have to push your body harder and longer to succeed. Are you bored with your road cycling workout? Then this is the perfect solution.

Cycling is already excellent aerobic exercise, but track cycling takes it to another level entirely. Think about the important things, like elevating your heart rate. Track cycling will allow you to keep your heart rate elevated for longer, enabling your body to burn calories for longer as well. Maintaining the fitness necessary to work hard in the velodrome is a task all on its own. In other words, it's ideal for individuals looking for a way to reinvigorate their love of cycling in a new setting.


Develop skills you can use in road racing or cycling competitions.

Take the previous two factors into account for a moment and think about the applications off the track. Not only will you be able to pedal with more power on the road, but your handling ability will improve as well. Pumping out as much power as possible when you hit the straights in the velodrome will also develop an ability to access short, explosive bursts. If you like to race competitively on the road, this can be invaluable. There are many points in a race at which the ability to go hard on a flat surface is useful.

Jumping back to the improved pedal control, what does that translate to on the road? Better endurance, for one. You won't be wasting so much energy trying to force the pedals through the motion; instead, you'll be in total control of your equipment. Your legs won't suffer so much fatigue, allowing you to store up that energy for a later push.

Use track cycling to set goals and track your progress.

An unfortunate truth about cycling on the road is that it can be rather difficult to find ways to set, track, and maintain progress towards goals. Improving your fitness and yourself is all about working towards goals you've set. It can be difficult at times to motivate yourself to bike another mile when you don't feel like it's doing much. With cycling in the velodrome, though, the situation is entirely different. Here, you have easy ways to measure your progress. From where you place in competitions (if you choose to enter) to trying to beat your own personal best time or top speed, there is plenty of room for improvement.

When you try a spin in the velodrome, remember this when it comes to setting bars you can clear. What stat motivates you the most? Make an effort to improve your results over time. The drive to be just a little bit faster than the next cyclist on the track can be a big motivator. That translates to superior fitness and a sense of satisfaction in your accomplishments.


Fitness gains aside, velodrome cycling is just good fun.

When riding your regular bicycle isn't exciting anymore, what better way to jazz it up than by removing the brakes and going even faster? Once you get over the initial culture shock of switching to a very different form of cycling, the fun begins. Not only will you enjoy getting to know your fellow cyclists in the velodrome, but pushing yourself here can be more rewarding because of the progress you see. Plus, riding hard through those banking turns can give you a real rush of adrenaline.

Besides improving your riding ability and your skills with controlling the bike, you can reinvigorate your sense of exercise adventure. Think of it as an opportunity to not just try something new, but possibly discover a new hobby. It'll certainly make going to the gym to work on strength and power even more worth it than it was before!


An exciting approach to your exercise


By now, it shouldn't be difficult to understand why so many people love track cycling. Not only is it exciting for spectators to watch, but it is also a demanding sport that pushes its participants to go harder every time they hit the track. You might decide to try it out for any of the reasons above. Perhaps you'll find you love the thrill of digging deep and pushing through a race. Maybe instead you'll like the gains you get back on the road, or you just enjoy the challenge of cycling on a sloped track. Whatever the reason, a visit to the velodrome nearest you could soon be in order. It won't take long before you've practised enough to master the course. Then it's all about asking yourself: how much faster can I go? The results may surprise you!