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  1. Top 10 Benefits of Swimming for Both Physical and Mental Health

    We all know that swimming is a great form of exercise, but why? It has long been reported, by governments and health experts around the globe, that we should exercise more. In the United Kingdom, adults are advised to aim for 150 minutes of a moderate intensity exercise or 75 minutes of high intensity exercise per week. Swimming takes more forms and can be a sedate gentle exercise or high intensity depending on the stroke and how hard you work. However, the benefit of swimming goes beyond fulfilling the exercise guidelines; regular sessions in the pool will have a positive impact on both physical and mental health.

    Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Swimming

    Whether you feel physical weak, unfit, exhausted or run-down or mentally unable to gather the motivation to go out and exercise; taking that first difficult step to get out there really is worth it. Exercise, of any form, is known to help alleviate many physical and mental health complaints

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  2. What Part Does Exercise Play in Achieving a Work-Life Balance?

    Modern life is often high-pressured; and more so than for previous generations. Today with an idea of ‘perfect’ being incessantly portrayed on social media young adults and working families come under a lot of pressure to conform. Pressure to achieve goals and progress your career, while being a devoted partner and gushing parent with high-achieving kids is taking its toll on modern families. Add to that the pressure to look good, exercise regularly and eat healthily many men and women feel as though they are failing at so called ‘adulting’! However, could exercise and healthy eating actually make it easier to succeed in other areas or your life, and improve your work-life balance?

    Life of a Working Parent in 2020

    Harrassed working woman w

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