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  1. Engaging Summer Activities for All Ages!

    summer activities water

    According to the National Child Measurement Programme as part of NHS Digital, over 1 in 5 children are overweight or obese when they start school. And by the time they go to high school the statistic goes up to 1 in three children who are overweight. Therefore it is really important to instill a fun exercise ethic in your child while they are still young to ensure that they do not end up as part of this shocking statistic.

    To combat the statistic there are a number of school and government led exercise related activities to help keep the kids moving. These activities are aimed at being fun and engaging to prevent your child from resorting to sitting at home on their phone or console. And with the summer holidays just around the corner, we wanted to put this blog post together to provide you with a vast list of engaging and fun activities for your little one to do over the summer to stay active. We have split these activiited into age ranges, however most children of all ages would enjoy taking part in each of these exercises with the family.

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  2. How Social Media Influences Our Attitudes Towards Health and Fitness

    social media health and fitnessIn recent years we have seen Social Media participation soar, which means that no matter how old you are, you are bound to have at least one social media account or at least know of them if you are to young to sign up. There are a number of platforms out there which gives people the opportunity to share their entire lives or snippets of their life with their followers and family. However this exposure can be great for some influencers but can also open yourself up to negative interaction with other users. Nowadays we are so engulfed by the world of social media, that checking and uploading to it regularly is second nature, so there is no doubt that we find ourselves heavily impacted by the images and videos we see online along with interacting with other users. 

    On the subject of the impact of social media on us all, we are going to focus on how the health and fitness communities online and body image accounts are affecting their users or altering their attitudes towards exercie and healthy eating. These platforms can be such a positive place to get involved, but it can also be a breeding ground for online bullies and trolls as well as influencers promoting harmful eating and fitness habits so it is important to stay vigilant when online.

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  3. New Tech for Making Commuting by Bike a Breeze

    cycling commuteWhether you live in a city or country environment, you may find it easier to commute to work using your bicycle. However, travelling in rush hour traffic across a long distance while still making sure you are able to carry all of your work essentials and clothing with you can prove to be a struggle. So if you are looking for a way to make your life easier when it comes to cycling to work, here are five pieces of tech which have been manufactured for a hassle free ride.

    1. Commuter Pants by Rhone
    2. Bike Helmet by Lumos
    3. Tern Vektron Electric Folding Bike
    4. Abus Bordo Lite 6050 Bike Lock
    5. Samsonite 2WM Backpack
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  4. How the Cycling Community is Promoting Women’s Participation

    cycling womens participationCycling is a fantastic way to keep fit, commute to work or even explore the world from a different viewpoint. Cycling doesn't require any expensive equipment, simply a bicycle and protective gear. This actitivity gives you a freedom you cannot get when relying on public transport or driving your car. Although this activity is very widely participated in due to its convenience and excellent health benefits, we often find that the exposure of men's racing and clothing is very different to those catered towards women. In recent years we have seen this change slightly to see more women's only and inclusive bicycle races and events as well as mainstream and boutique clothing companies creating gear for ladies. This added inclusion is constantly growing and is leading more and more women to take up the sport as a hobby or competitively rather than just for commuting.

    Therefore, within this article, we are going to see how this new movement is shaping the cycling community through the promotion of women's participation. So, if you want to find out how this much-loved activity is evolving or how you can get involved yourself, then keep on reading.

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