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  1. Benefits of Mindfulness Techniques and Running

    running and mindfulness meditateRunning is a very popular way to keep fit for all ages as it does not require any specialist equipment, only your body, sportswear and a good trusty pair of trainers. A run can be catered to you so if you fancy a shorter track, a more scenic route or a variation of terrains it really is up to you, and this freedom is also what makes it a popular fitness choice worldwide. There are a wide range of reasons why many people choose to pdon their running trainers and head outdoors, and the convenience is only one of them.

    Within this article we are going to explore the mindfulness aspect of running. Being mindful is a new trend for this year as we see mroe and more people take time out for themselves to take care of their mental health and become aware of thier wellbeing which is amazing. So if you are interested in finding out how you can become one with your thoughts and have a refreshing and enlighting run at the same time, then keep on reading. 

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  2. Eight Field Hockey Training Drills

    field hockey drills push pass

    Field hockey is most certainly a sport which is growing in popularity and participation year on year. We can see why the sport has captured the attention of many as the team make ups are very diverse for example there are games and clubs which are specifically aimed at adults, women, men and children to ensure that everyone can feel included when pursuing field hockey as a hobby.

    Along with this, another reason why field hockey is popular to practice is that there are only two main items of equipment which are the ball and the hockey stick. When you own these you are able to practice confidently at home in the garden to hone your skills prior to your training session or recreationally for fun with family and friends. There are a number of places in which you can practice once you have your own equipment such as your garden, school or a specialised sports training ground. Depending on how you want to progress with field hockey, there are a number of avenues when it comes to your training. Within this article we have listed and discussed eight popular field hockey training drills which will help you improve your stamina, control and hit when playing the game. Each of these activities are fun and useful for all skill levels.

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  3. Gravel Cycling and its Increase in Popularity

    Riding your bike is a fantastic past time for most families, but it can also be a great way to keep fit in your adulthood too. Whether you are commuting, training or leisurely cycling, this activity can be integrated into your daily routine effortlessly which makes it such a popular way to stay on top of your health. There are many different types of cycling other than the standard way you learnt when you were younger. One of these techniques for cycling is on a gravel terrain, which is what we are going to look into further within this article. But there are also other types of biking too such as track, road, off-road etc.

    gravel cycling scenery

    What is Gravel Cycling?

    Before we get into how to get involved with this popular cycling trend, we need to look into what it actually

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  4. Becoming a Personal Trainer – How and Why?

    Are you a great motivator? Do you love maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Are you a positive influence on others? Then a personal trainer could be the job you are looking for. This type of job is possibly one of the most rewarding ones out there. When training with your clients you are able to watch them grow and evolve through your assistance. Whether their goals are to lose weight, get fitter, run a marathon, take up the sport professionally, you too will receive an outstanding level of satisfaction as well as them when they reach their end goals. So, if personal training is something you would be interest in, then keep on reading.

    General Job Description of a PTbecoming a personal trainer gym

    Whether you are applying for a position or are exploring your options,

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