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  1. Understanding the Positions in American Football


    Captivating fans all over the USA and overseas, American Football is loved by many. However, if you are not familiar with the sport or you want to start watching or taking part, you may not know the responsibility of each player when it comes to picking your position.

    Therefore, we have put this article together to explore the defensive and offensive positions on the field. We are also going to acknowledge the most successful and famous NFL players of all time who you can use as idols or a reference when you are training.

    Defensive Positions

    For both of the sides of the pitch there are 11 players present during every key match; however this may differ for more recreational matches. Below is a list of the defensive positions you could choose from when starting out in the sport:

    • Tackles
    • Ends
    • Linebackers
    • Corner backers
    • Safety


    Players who are in the tackle position are also often known as defensive guard which is the opposition of the offensive placement. These key players are situated in the middle of the line of defence. The main role of the tackle is to stop the passer from the opposing side and intercept running plays which go through the middle of the scrimmage. There is one player in particular called the nose tackle who takes stance directly opposite the ball, however most commonly there are two tackles on the pitch with ends either side or a gap in the centre for the linebackers behind them.

    As mentioned above, the ends are situated both side of the tackles and are part of the front line of defence. The main role of these players is to attack the passer and prevent the opposition from running through their side of the scrimmage. When it comes to picking who goes what side of the tackles, it often is decided depending upon the blind side of the quarterback. If they are right handed the fastest end will be situated on the right side

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  2. Carnivore Zero Carb Diet VS Veganism – Which is Best?

    When it comes to fuelling our bodies, we all know the importance of finding the right balance of our food groups. But often new diets and crazes emerge which leads us to want to experiment more with our intake. And recently two have become increasingly popular and have divided a community of health conscious people. This is because these diets known as Carnivore and Vegan are polar opposites. Therefore within this blog post we are going to look into the basics of each of these diets from the food you can and can’t consume to the health benefits and risks to each of them. So if you are interested in learning more about the latest diets and lifestyles to sweep the nation then continue reading.

    What is the Carnivore Diet?carnivore V vegan carnivore

    The first of the two diets we are going to look into is the Carnivore. A Carnivore diet dates back to prehistoric times when the only foods we could eat were those we could hunt. Therefore for a Carnivore diet you would mainly consume meat such as beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish etc. The idea of this lifestyle choice is to only eat meat which means that you will cut out all vegetables and savoury options too at meal times. However, as these selections could be quite limiting, some choose to include additional ingredients produced by animals such as milk, butter and eggs.

    By choosing to cut out all of the carbohydrates and refined sugars from your diet, there are a few benefits to doing this. You will decrease your amount of dental cavities accumulated and lower your risk of developing hypertension, atherosclerosis and diabetes. And you may also find that you will be able to lose weight easier as you are not bloating from the consumptions of carbs. However, the downside to taking carbs out of the e

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  3. Pool Based Resistance Training – Is Underwater Weight Lifting Effective?

    If you want to try out a new way to train but don’t want to hold back on your love for swimming, than pool based resistance training could be right up your street. Within this article we are going to explore a new fitness trend called underwater weight lifting. Below we are going to explore what the training is, the benefits and risks of the activity along with how you can get involved. So if you want to find out more about under water weight lifting and what it can do for you, keep on reading!

    What is it?


    Underwater weight lifting is the ultimate resistance training routine. Combining the resistance experienced in the water, with the additional strain on your muscles from lifting weights, this workout will truly push you to your limits. You can start small with light weights partially submerged in the water, and the most experienced sportsmen can also lift much heavier weights deep under the water.

    This training regime took off recently when Speedo and Lifetime Fitness collaborated to create the Speedo Fit: Water Fitness Class program. Also known as WTRX Water Xtreme, this routine expertly mixes the strict regime of a boot camp with the technique of aqua aerobic classes. And what makes this a popular training regime is that it effortlessly includes high intensity weight control with low impact moves under the water.

    Benefits of Underwater Weight Lifting

    As we learn more about what underwater weight lifting is, we need to have a look at the positive effects it has on your body and mental health. The combination of resistance training and weight lifting is exceptional when it comes to reaping numerous amounts of benefits. Below are just a few of these effects which you could experience when performing this routine regularly.

      • Increased Core Strength
      • Improves Breathing Techniques
      • Enhanced Cardiovascular System
      • Great for Injury Recovery
      • Mental Boost and S
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  4. All You Need To Know About F45 Fitness Training

    The world of fitness is ever evolving which means that there are new forms of workout popping up all the time. And with this, it is often overwhelming when it comes to choosing which new activity to try. So, within this article we are going to take an in depth look into F45 Fitness Training. Throughout this post we will take a look at what the workouts actually consist of, who it is beneficial for and how to get involved. Therefore, if you are interested in learning more about this training regime then continue reading.

    What is F45 Fitness Training?

    If you are after a workout which is less than an hour but packs a punch, then F45 Fitness Training is something you should definitely take a look into. The whole premise of this form of training is to ensure that you get a top quality workout covered in just 45 minutes. There are over 27 different types of routines which you can choose from when practising this activity which means that you can switch it up effortlessly.

    Each session combines HIIT, circuit training and cardio into a cohesive and heart pumping routine. Some classes involve the use of apparatus, although it is possible to follow a routine along without the addition of these. And with the added bonus of a variety of regimes, you will never get bored of the same routine.

    There are a wide range of courses catering to a variety of fitness levels and focuses. Below we have broken the most popular classes into categories depending on what their fitness focus is, whether it be resistance and cardio or either or, take a look below and find one to suit your needs:

    • Circuits – Fire-storm, Hollywood
    • Athletica – Flamingo
    • Resistance – Romans, Panthers, Wingman, Quarterbacks, Angry Bird, Renegade, T10, All Star, Loyals, Pegasus, Miami Nights, Mkatz,
    • Functional – Panthers
    • Boxing – Brooklyn, Brixton
    • Pairs – 22 (Cardio), Wingman (Resistance), Templars (Cardio)
    • Runnin
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