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  1. Top 5 Passive Recovery Trends You Should Try

    Although keeping our fitness in check via regular exercise, it is also important for your health to ensure that you restore and recover correctly. There are two main ways in which you can do this, and they are Passive and Active recovery techniques. However, in this article we are going to focus mainly on the Passive trends which you can start practising right now. Therefore, if you want to find out more on how you can take your recovery regime to the next level, then keep on reading. Below are five examples of this type of recovery which we will explore further.

    • Cryotherapy
    • Infrared Saunas
    • Flotation Tank
    • Migun Massage
    • Sleep

    What is Passive Recovery?

    Before discovering whether these techniques are something which will benefit your routine, we must first explore what passive recovery actually is. After an intense workout it is crucial that your body has time to recover and repair itself before the next scheduled

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  2. Latest Yoga Trends You Should Try

    As we have explored before in articles, Yoga is an ever evolving fitness activity which means that there are always new techniques and classes popping up all over the place. Therefore, you are guaranteed to discover the best workout regime for you, as there is such a vast range of them available for you to try. Most gyms offer the classic form of Yoga, but some institutes provide a collection of alternative yoga classes which are worth hunting for.

    So within this article we are going to explore four new types of yoga which you can practice today:

    • Restorative Yoga
    • Chair Yoga
    • Death Metal Yoga
    • Yoga Wheel

    Simply research a local arena near you which hosts these classes and you can be feeling the unlimited amount of positive mental and physical effects of the movements in no time!


    Restorative Yoga

    This type of Yoga focuses mainly on restoring you muscle and mental strength which makes it perfect

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  3. What is LIIT and is it Beneficial?

    Interval training is one of the most popular forms of cardiovascular workouts and there are many reasons why. Interval training is where you pace yourself with bursts of low or high intensity activities. And throughout this article we are going to explore the lower intensity part of the scale which includes workouts such as swimming and running which can be done at your leisure. And as this rate of activity is much lower than that of the high intensity, you will find that you will more likely want to participate often. So have a read through this article to discover further reasons why you should take a look at LIIT when planning your new year’s workout regime.

    Lower Intensity Interval Training (LIIT)

    Before we explore the positive effects of LIIT training and how it compares to HIIT, we need to look into what the type of fitness actually is. LIIT stands for Lower Intensity Interval Training which means that you perform lesser intensive exercise over a certain period o

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  4. Is Streaming Cardio Workouts the Future of Fitness?

    Staying on top of your fitness regime is super important to ensure that your physical and mental health is in check. But when it comes to choosing a way to work out, you ideally need a routine which you can work into your schedule stress-free. Therefore, most people will find it more convenient to work out in the comfort of their own home, which makes streaming and DVDs a popular trend. And within this article we will explore the positive health benefits of streaming workouts at home compared to training at your local gym.

    Health Benefits of Cardiovascular Workouts

    Cardiovascular workouts are one of the easiest fitness routines to work into your day to day lives. And it also has a number of fantastic benefits to your health, both mentally and physically. Below we will explore the range of conditions which cardio can help reduce the symptoms of along with the physical benefits to your mind and body. Here are the positive effects of cardio training:

    • Lowers
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  5. Kick-start 2019 With A New Running Habit

    With 2018 coming to an end shortly, this is the time of year where people set themselves goals and achievements for the next year. And the most popular resolutions are fitness related; therefore within this blog post we are going to explore one way in which you can achieve a heightened fitness level. The most popular way to do this is through introducing running into your regime as this is one of the easiest workouts which can be integrated into your daily routine. So below we are going to explore ways in which you can get motivated, where to start and long term goals from running.

    How to Get Motivated for a Run

    One thing people struggle most with when it comes to starting a new routine, is the motivation factor of actively getting out there and doing it. Whether you are running outside or indoors at the gym, we have put together a list of superb ideas which will help give you that boost you need to get started:

    • Make a Playlist Full of Your Favourite Songs
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