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  1. 10 Fitness New Years Resolutions

    With the start of 2019 just around the corner, one of the most popular things to do is brainstorm goals for the next year. So, within this article we are going to focus on the top 10 fitness resolutions you can make this New Year. Therefore if you are looking for inspiration on some fitness and sports related goals, these will most definitely help you with your creativity. Below are the ten ideas which are explored further within the article:

    1. Run a Marathon or Fun Run
    2. 10K Steps a Day Challenge
    3. Sign up to a New Gym Class
    4. Discover New Cycle Routes
    5. Complete 30 Day Challenges
    6. Start a Jogging Group with Friends
    7. Enlist a PT to Help with Your Fitness Goals
    8. Attend Your Local Swimming Pool Regularly
    9. Increase Your Flexibility
    10. Plan Regular Family Walks

    un a Marathon or Fun Run

    A fantastic goal which you can set yourself for 2019 would be to aim towards taking part in a competitive run. This is a great way to improve your fitness through the intense training required before the event and it is also a gateway to a healthier lifestyle. Running is the perfect way to improve your health through its numerous amounts of benefits to your physical and mental state. And whether you want to go at your own pace in a fun run or strive for a top spot in a marathon or beat your personal best, this is an excellent goal for 2019.

    10K Steps a Day Challenge

    During 2018 the 10K steps a day challenge was very popular and deservedly so as it is a fantastic way to keep fit. And this is why it is a great resolution goal for the New Year. Aiming toward walking 10K steps everyday can seem quite daunting at first, but when you get into a routine of walking more, you will notice the steps accumulate much easier. To keep track of your steps you can purchase a tracker to wear on your wrists from brands such as Fit Bit and Apple, but you can also make

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  2. Mindfulness As Part Of A Healthy Lifestyle

    Everyone knows how important physical health is to your body, but taking care of your mental health is also super vital too. So when it comes to mental health, incorporating mindfulness into your everyday routine can be a fantastic way to reduce stress, anxiety and so much more. Therefore this has become a popular way of improving your mental state and over the years as it is so easy to take a few minutes out of your day to take part in this activity. This is because you are able to seek guidance from books or phone apps to assist you on your journey which we will explore throughout this article on the art of reflection. Within this article we also explore the various ways in which mindfulness can be beneficial to your health. So, to find out all you need to know about this latest trend be sure to read on.

    What is Mindfulness?

    So what is mindfulness you ask? Mindfulness is essentially a form of reflection which can be introduced to your everyday routine very easily. All it requires is you to be able to take some time out of your busy schedules to spend time on yourself and your emotional well-being. During this period of time you are able to look back of parts of our life which you are thankful for and which make you happy in order for you to acknowledge the little things in life. You are also able to become more familiar with your surroundings if you opt to try out meditation in this section of time you set aside for yourself.

    How is it Beneficial?

    By practising mindful methods into your lifestyle, you will definitely notice multiple positive effects on your mental health and well-being. Through meditation and reflection you will be able to experience an increased level of awareness of objects and the most significant people and moments in your life. This type of practice is suggested for a range of people as it has a number of benefits to your mental state. Below is a list of a few conditions which could benefit greatly from the

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  3. Tips for Cycling in the Winter

    Whether you are a casual rider or training for an upcoming event, cyclists need to take great care when on the road during the winter time. When the weather gets colder and the terrain becomes unpredictable, you will need to consider a number of factors before heading outside. However, if you are hopping on your bike during the colder seasons we have put together this handy article discussing must-know information before you go. Covering the gear needed to stay warm and visible to discussing the alternatives to outdoor training, have a read below.

    Is Winter Cycling a Good Idea?


    Cycling is a fantastic hobby to have and can give you a number of goals to achieve in the process and when training for an event you don’t want the colder seasons to put you off your plan. However, it is possible to train indoors on a cycling machine during those days where the temperature drops below freezing and the ground is covered in ice and snow.

    As avid cyclists are highly motivated to succeed, if you are considering taking your bike out over the winter months, you must certainly prepare and take proper precautions while you are out. Make sure you wear the correct clothing and amount of layers to ensure that your own body temperature can be sustained without overheating from too many layers or freezing from less.

    You would also need to take into account the terrain of where you want to cycle; if the paths are ice-free then you are good to go. However, if you are unsure of the weather and if it could suddenly change while you are outside, it is best to plan your route carefully. Sticking to shorter routes and those near to shops and cafés or your car are great for if you get caught out.

    Some more casual cyclists may decide to take a break over the winter to enjoy the festivities and other hobbies indoors, and this is absolutely fine too. After all, your body needs chance to recuperate from all of the intensive exercise over the su

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  4. Basketball Christmas Gift Ideas

    With less than a month now until the big day, finishing off your Christmas shopping is a must to ensure that you get the perfect gift. If your loved one is an avid basketball player or enjoys watching the game, we have put together this handy guide on present ideas to help you be creative with your gift choice. Here are the 12 different items which you can order today:

    1. Basketball and Hoop
    2. Performance and Compression Clothing
    3. Specially Designed Trainers
    4. Basketball Books
    5. Agility Ladder
    6. NBA Video Games
    7. Backpack
    8. Dribble Up Smart Basketball
    9. Team Jersey or Merchandise
    10. Ticket to a Basketball Game
    11. Basketball Return System
    12. Mini Trampoline for Dunk Training

    Basketball and Hoop

    For the players who are just starting out in the sport or don’t have direct access to anywhere to play, a basketball and a hoop will make an excellent gift. There are a variety of hoops which can be purchased depending on the requirements of the player. You can look into a more permanent fixture with a backing board or a free standing pole with the hoop.

    Performance and Compression Clothing

    Performance clothing such as a jersey or shorts would be a great addition to the player’s kit bag. As most sports persons are always after keeping up with new styles and technologies when it comes to their apparel, this gift will be greatly received. There are also items such as compression clothing and gear which athletes find really helpful while training. This type of gear keeps the muscles warm to prevent any injury when practising in a cooler climate.

    Specially Designed Trainersbasketball christmas gift ideas shoes

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