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  1. Christmas Gift Guide for Darts Players

    Preparing gifts for your loved ones can be tricky, especially when they don’t know what they want. So to aid you with the task of brainstorming what to get the dart player in your life for Christmas, we have put this article together covering a range of accessories and equipment. Whether you are after a novelty present or gear to assist them with training, you are guaranteed to find it below. Here is a brief breakdown of our top 7 darts gift ideas:

    1. Darts Set
    2. Quality Board
    3. Laser Dart Throwing Line
    4. Novelty Items
    5. Dart Travel Case
    6. Rubber Dart Board Surround
    7. Tickets to a Darts Championship

    gift guide darts set

    Darts Set

    Whether they are new to the sport or a seasoned professional, you can never go wrong with getting them some more darts. As this is the most essential part of equipment, you will find that they will be used more often and they can develop a favourite or lucky set. However, there are a vast range of sets available on Sports Fitness which can be purchased as part of a pack or as individual pieces. By ordering individual pieces they are able to build the perfect dart with the optimum quality shaft and flights. So why not take a look at our colourful range of dart flights today! You can also find a number of styles and patterns online for flights which can be personal to the player i.e. a favourite football team or a significant logo.

    Quality Board

    Another great idea for darts players is getting them a board of their own so that they can play and train at home. There is a wide range of these which can be purchased form lone dart boards to specialised ones which come on a backing board featuring a score board. If they primarily use steel tipped d

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  2. 10 Swimming Gift Ideas

    With Christmas just around the corner, you are probably wondering what on earth to get your loved ones. And if they are an avid swimmer whether they train competitively or enjoy the recreational side of the sport, then this article is for you! Here are 10 ideas of great gifts for swimmers, keep reading for specific examples and an explanation as to why they are fantastic choices.

    1. Dry robe or personalised towel
    2. Goggles and protective case
    3. Swimming fin and flotation accessories
    4. Multi-fitness tracker
    5. Dive sticks
    6. Underwater camera
    7. Athletics books
    8. Tickets to swim meets
    9. Specially designed toiletries
    10. Swimming bags


    Dry Robe or Personalised Towel

    Dry robes are specially adapted towels with hoods and sleeves to cover your entire body. And as they come in a range of sizes for all ages, this would make a superb gift for any swimmer. The fact that this robe is full coverage can come in handy when changing your swimsuit outdoors when there are no facilities available. How this robe works is that the material used to make the garment is like that of a towel, so therefore it allows moisture to be lifted away and absorbed easily. And with the addition of the hood, you are able to dry your hair and body in one go!

    There is also the option to personalise a towel for your loved one with an image or their name. This way you can make such an essential part of their swim gear feel extra special and unique to them. Also, if they were to attend a group outdoor swim or event, you can be sure that they will not misplace their towel or have it mixed up with anyone else’s.

    Goggles and Protective Case

    Goggles are always a must for swimmers, and this is what makes them such classic gifts. You can look at brands such as Speedo and Zoggs for high quality goggles for all ages. We also stock a fantastic variety over on our online s

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  3. Exercise on Prescription

    Everyone knows the importance of regular exercise when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and organs. And a number of illnesses can be helped by attending regular classes at your local gym or signing up to a fitness program catered for your needs. This is where doctors can intervene and suggest that you need to get a regular fitness regime to improve your health and prescribe you a specific form of exercise. So within this article we will take a look into the various ways you can be eligible for an exercise prescription and which countries are paving a way to a healthier community.


    How Beneficial Could Fitness Be?

    DepressionWhen you are suffering from an intensive illness, the last thing you think about is the gym, as your main focus is on getting better. However, there are a number of conditions which can benefit greatly from regular exercise, maybe even better than that of prescribed medication. Below are just a few of these which can be greatly improved through incorporating a fitness regime into your daily routine:

    • High blood pressure
    • Back pain
    • Diabetes
    • Cholesterol
    • Heart disease

    Depression is a very common mental illness and affects a lot of people who regularly take anti-depressants to combat the symptoms. However, it is believed that walking or jogging at least three times a week could be as effective as the pills prescribed by your GP.

    Your blood pressure is always something to consider before scheduling a workout off your own bat, and it is always recommended that you seek a professional’s opinion before doing so. However, in most cases for high blood pressure in particular, your doctor may be able to prescribe an exercise activity which can help you to bring the levels down. Research suggests that systolic blood pressure can be lowered by at least 4 to 9 mm Hg through regular exercise.

    Working out regularly and targeting your core m

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  4. Getting the Most out of the Diving Board at the Pool

    We all know the fantastic health benefits which swimming has for you both mentally and physically. But are you aware of the other number of activities you can take part in while at your local swimming pool? Diving is most certainly something you should look into to spruce up your workout routine. There are a number of ways in which you can reap positive health benefits from using the diving board. This is why we have put together this article in order to tell you all you need to know about this easily accessible sport.

    Health Benefits of Diving


    With diving there are a number of reasons why you should get involved with the sport. It has a great deal of benefits to your health and fitness as well as your emotional well-being. And as this activity can be carried out conveniently at the local pool, more and more people begin to give it a go. So listed below are the main ways in which you can benefit from joining in.

    • Enhanced upper body strength
    • Improves cardiovascular health
    • Greater flexibility and agility
    • Fantastic stress relief
    • Tones muscles
    • Better posture
    • Social interaction
    • Progression routes I.e. competitive diving

    Importance of Diving Lessons

    Although you are diving in a lifeguarded monitored public pool, the activity still poses a number of risks. These risks come into play when inexperienced divers attempt to jump off boards too high for them or second guess their dismount and end up straining muscles. When you are diving from a relatively high point, the impact on your body when you hit the water is more intense than that of a dive off the side. And this is what catches most newbies out as they aren’t prepared for the shock felt when entering the water at speed. During this period you may find it hard to breathe and inhale water which could prove to be rather serious if you are unable to come back up and r

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