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  1. Exploring Running Recovery Trends

    Running is such an easy and convenient way of keeping yourself fit. And people worldwide are grabbing their trainers and hitting the road in order to stay on top of their health. What makes running such a popular form of exercise is that it can be carried out solo or part of a group, and it can even be performed in the gym or outdoors depending on your preferences.

    As jogging is currently sweeping the nation at the moment, we thought we would put together this article discussing the most popular trends at present for recovering after this exercise. Whether you are preparing for a marathon or just taking a leisurely jog, you must cool down your muscles aptly to avoid any injury. It is known that allowing your body to recover after a run is as important as stretching before you go.

    How Allowing Your Body to Recover Affects You 



    By taking an allotted time out of your regular jogging routine in order for you to allow your body to recover, you will not only see an improvement in your stamina, but your overall health. To some athletes, taking a well-deserved break from your schedule seems like you are being lazy and not reaching your goals. However, running constantly without a set break to ensure that your body is fully recovered can be very harmful in the long term.

    What recovery does is, it enables your body to fully repair and restore any damaged tissue that may have occurred while you were running. Therefore if you do not give your body this chance to rest, you are most certainly putting yourself at a higher risk of acquiring a sports injury. During this time your body also is given the opportunity to replenish its energy resources which enables you to increase your stamina as you have an added boost after the recovery has taken place.

    Popular Recovery Trends

    There is such a wide range of recovery trends being used by runners at the moment which give them ample time to rest after running.

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  2. Precision Running Classes: The Latest Way to Tackle Treadmill Running

    Runners are nothing if notdedicated. All it takes is one look at the crowds that turn out to run a marathon to see that on display. Speak to one of those runners about the type of shoes they wear or the clothes they buy for racing, and chances are you'll get quite the long-winded answer. Exercise science has had a profound effect on running culture. While many, perhaps even you included, still run simply for fitness and only think about the science in relation tothe gear they buy, others have continued looking for ways to enhance training methods and produce more engaging workouts.

    In other areas of fitness, that has led to the creation of all kinds of different training classes and programs. Today, there is a new type of fitness class on the rise in several select locations that aims to bring science and structure to the running workout. Called precision running, it’s primarily foundin the high-end fitness clubs run by a company called Equinox, one of which can be foundin the heart of London. Precision running is all about reinventing the way people interact with the treadmill. Rather than simply focusing on turning the machine on and doing your miles, precision running aims to extract the most benefits possible from your time on the tread. What should you know about this exercise, and why is it worth someone's time and effort?

    The basics: precision running explained

    First, think about the way a treadmill works. These days, it's about more than just turning the machine on and running on a flat surface. Modern treadmills have a robust ability to emulate the increased effort of running on an incline outdoors. While it doesn't offer allthe same benefits as outdoor running, it’s a close approximation. Running with different incline settings can help you to develop your body and challenge your limits. For that reason, precision running focuses on building a w

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  3. Snorkelling: The Perfect Summer Activity for the Whole Family

    Picture a vacation on the seashore and think of some of the most common images associated with beach-side holidays. Most people will think of beach blankets, umbrellas, and swimming — and most often, when we picture those swimmers, we picture them with a snorkel mask! There's a good reason for that: many people go snorkellingevery year, andit’s an excellent, accessible activity that provides a unique way to interact with the environment. In tropical destinations and places with calmer waters that are easier to swim in, snorkellingis a major tourist attraction. As an activity open to practically everyone, it's popular for a reason.

    That means it's perfect for children and adults alike. With the right equipment, a little practice, and some pre-existing swimming knowledge, anyone can enjoy snorkellingand experiencethe underwater world in a more personal way than ever. When you can duck your head below the surface and watch the waters beneath you teeming with life, you can come away with a real sense of nature. So what should you or your family keep in mind if you're planning on diving in to the waters for a snorkellingadventure? Check out this overview of everything you need to know to stay safe and have a good time.

    How good do you need to be at swimming to snorkel?

    Thisquestion is often the first thing most people ask when they are first considering heading into the water, especially if they have children. While some snorkellingexperiences take place in locations with a highly structured environment, many others take place in areas of open water, though they still remainnear the seashore. Snorkellingsessions can last for some time, too, though there may be a boat or the nearby shoreline where you can take rest breaks. For that reason, it’s a good idea not to take especially young children snorkelling. All those who intend to strap on their fins and a mask should have a reasonable level

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  4. The History and Evolution of Bike Gears

    When you saddle up on your bike and head out for a daily ride for fitness or pleasure, how much time do you spend thinking about the gears between your feet? Unless there's a problem with them, your answer will likely be "not very much." For most road cyclists, shifting gears is second nature and a part of muscle memory, so it makes sense that it would be something one takes for granted. However, did you know that the convenience of modern derailleurs is a relatively recent invention? Bicycles themselves are not very old, with less than two centuries of history on the books, but reliable gears are an even more recent invention. 

    Consider it: the earliest bicycles, the penny farthings with which we're all familiar, had no gears at all, or even a bicycle chain to speak of; instead, it was all about a one-to-one ratio of pedal strokes to wheel rotations. Naturally, this maderiding incredibly difficult — and dangerous. That's why the first modern-looking bikes were called "safety bicycles." So how did the gear sets we know and love today come about, and how have they changed over time? Let's dive into the history of that now.

    The early history of gearingHistory and Evolution of Bike Gears rover safety bicycle 1885

    The history of bike gears starts with the history of bicycles driven by a chain from the rear wheel — the "safety bicycles" mentioned above. Crafted for the first time in about 1885, they used a design by a man named John Kemp Starley. These bikes were incredibly simple by today's standards. The first bicycle gears had first been developedroughly a decade prior, but it took the introduction of the rear chain drive to bring them more into the mainstream. Itallowed cyclists the abi

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  5. How Does Bone Health Impact Running?

    A timeless sport to take part in is jogging, and this is because it is so easy to do. You can opt to do it in your local gym or you can choose to go on a regular run around where you live. You are also able to join clubs in your local area where jogging is carried out as a group social activity. Running outside has so many benefits on your body and mental health which is why so many people love it.

    And as the weather is so nice outdoors this summer, we find more and more people experimenting with this form of exercise and falling in love with it. However, sometimes we don’t think about the effect this has on our bodies. Yes, it has a number of positive aspects, although there are quite a few things that can produce a negative effect. For example, if you have an ongoing medical condition it may not be ideal for you to take up this sport for your health.

    This is why we have put this article together to inform you of how regular jogging can affect your bones and their density. Previously we have discussed the benefits and drawbacks this sport has on your heart and overall health, but now it’s time to delve a little deeper into the make-up of our bodies, and yes that means the skeleton. So let’s take a look at what running does to your bones and the reasons it is advised against in certain circumstances.

    Regular Jogging Contributes to Healthier Bones

    Overtime our joints and bones become weaker, and an excellent way to reduce the effects of aging on our body is to take part in regular exercises such as running. However, with each step you take, no matter how intense you are running, pressure is put on your body which in most cases enables them to strengthen. But if done improper or against the advice of a doctor you could really be putting a strain on your body which could be causing even more damage. This is because the stress of the heavy movements of jogging at any speed can cause your bones to subsequently bend or weake

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  6. The Most Interesting Guinness World Records for Kite Flying

    When it comes to family-friendlyfun, flying a kite is simply one of the best and most accessible activities out there. Not only is it easy to get started while also incorporating an element of creativity, but it's simple to learn and easy to continue doing week after week. All one needs is an open space and a steady breeze! For those who choose to take things to a more advanced level, you can quickly find that flying a kite is more than just fun: it can be a huge physical challenge, too. Kites have captured the imagination for millions ofyears — so it should be no surprise they've inspired some people to take them to the extreme.

    The Guinness Book of World Records holds several stories about record-setting ventures using kites, from flying tonnes all at once to seeingjust how high a kite can go if you have the right equipment. Sometimes people undertake these efforts for charity, while on other occasions it's simply a personal quest to achieve something awesome. What are some of the records worth knowing? Here's a quick run-down of all the most notable and interesting Guinness Records relating to kite flying. 

    Flying high: reaching greater heights with kites

    Guinness World Records for Kite Flying Altitude

    When one first starts flying kites, it's often a race to see who can let their line out the farthest. With a strong breeze, your kite can disappear up into the sky, becoming a tiny speck—you justneed to be careful to keep holding on to the string! Since the first kites, achieving higher and higher altitudes have been one of the main ways people have broken new ground in this hobby. It should be no surprise, then, that Guinness records several records rel

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  7. New Mountain Bike Releases for 2018

    Mountain biking has forever been a popular way of exercising amongst all ages. And we are here today to give you a brief overview of the latest releases this year. Splitting the launches up into variating price ranges allows you to see the quality and specification you are aiming for, for your budget when it comes to purchasing the latest equipment.

    Under £1,000

    Giant Talon 1 £849

    New Mountain Bike Releases for 2018 Giant TalonThis mountain bike can be ordered straight from the manufacturer’s website for £849. From there you can choose your required size from their impressive range of shapes catering on a ratio of height to inside leg of the rider. It is very important to check these measurements before purchasing your bike to make sure you are getting the best one for you.

    On this bicycle, Giant has used a hardtail frame that has been fitted with a 100mm suspension fork. This feature enhances your control over the bike on a variety of terrains, making it the perfect choice for this budget friendly item.

    Teamed with this, the lightweight ALUXX aluminium frameset is manufactured for off-road use. This is reiterated in the 27.5 wheels that are able to maintain a spectacular combination of control and speed. Therefore, you are able to reach a higher level of speed while still remaining in control of the bike at all times.

    Cannondale Cujo 3 £699

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  8. Physical Exercise for the Disabled: Barriers and Benefits

    For a non-disabledindividual, "exercise" is something too often taken for granted. When you interact with the world in an unimpaired manner, it is easy to lose sight of the true value of some activities. Many of us know that exercise is "good for us" and that we should exercise more, but how many times have you heard someone complain "I don't want to go to the gym today"? For an individual who experiences a disability, exercise can range from being difficult to nearly impossible in some forms. Not only are there many barriers in place for disability-friendly exercise, but able-bodied fitness groups rarely think to turn their attention to fostering a better environment for others.

    However, exercise can be quite valuable for a person with disabilities on multiple levels. While there is still much work to be done regardingbreaking down some of the barriers in society to allow for broader opportunities for exercise, there are things you can do on your own, too. One only needs to look at the Paralympics to see that people with disabilities can achieve just as many incredible feats of athleticism as an able athlete. So, what's the real story when it comes to exercise for the disabled? Here's everything you need to know.

    The key benefits of exercise for the disabled

    Let's start with what everyone always wants to know about exercise: what's it good for and why should it be a part of your life? Disabled individuals may especially want to knowthe answer to this question. The good news: there are broad benefits, and in many cases, even a small but regular amount of exercise can help you see some of them.

    First up, and arguably some of the most important reasons to exercise: it's good for your heart, andit can help to strengthen your muscles. For some classes of disability, this chance to improve one's strength and cardiovascular health can have a substantial influence on qualityof life. Ultimately, all

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