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  1. The Relationship Between Running and Heart Health

    Most people believe that to maintain a healthy heart you need to jog or run regularly. However, there are some aspects of life that mean you are unable to do so, so does that mean you aren’t able to achieve a healthy heart? We will discuss the benefits of running on your heart as well as constraints that mean you are unable to partake in the sport.

    How Running Benefits the Body

    Running has multiple benefits to your body both physically and mentally. Just a few things that this activity can change your lifestyle are listed below:

    • Improves your health
    • Lowers blood pressure
    • Weight loss
    • Boosts mood
    • Relieves stress
    • Heightened self-esteem
    • Reduces symptoms 
    • Social aspects

    When running your body requires more nutrients and oxygen so your heart needs to work harder to replenish these nutrients. By making your heart work harder it makes it stronger, which in turn means that the capillaries and arteries too are strengthening. This change in the body lowers your blood pressure as well as preventing things such as heart attacks and strokes. 

    Aiding weight loss is another benefit of jogging frequently. As this activity is a form of cardio that is performed for a long period of time at a lower rate, it opens the aerobic energy pathway. This pathway uses stored fat as a source of energy which in turn will help you to lose weight when carried out regularly.

    Known as the ‘runners high’ the feeling you get during and after running enhances your mood and also helps to relieve stress. It is also believed to aid in the reduction of depression and anxiety symptoms. You can also find that your cognitive and creativity skills are enhanced which benefits runners of all ages mentally. 

    Runners also find that their self confidence is greatly increased when taking part in this cardio activity. This is mainly down to the healt

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  2. High VS Low Intensity Training – Health and Weight Loss

    Training regularly, no matter what the type of pace, is a superb way to make sure your body is well tuned. Important aspects of working out are highlighted below;

    • Improved heart health
    • Weight loss
    • Enhanced stamina
    • Refreshing and energizing
    • Keeps muscles strong

    However, when talking about cardio training, there are two main forms that act as a way to maintain a healthy weight as well as heart. These are usually combined together with a nutritious diet for optimum results; however some may prefer one over the other. In this article we are going to explore both of these aspects of cardio and discuss their positive effects on your overall well-being, and ultimately see if one is more effective than the other.

    High Intensity Workouts

    HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training which means that in a general make-up of a session it would consist of about 5 to 10 minutes of on and off intense exercise. By lowering the speed in between the elevated level of effort needed to complete the movements, you will find that you are burning about as much calories and fat as longer but lower cardio. Here are a few of the positives that this type of training has on your body.

    • Quick exercises at higher effort
    • Easy to work into day to day life
    • No equipment necessary
    • Ability to mix-up the movements you do
    • Improved VO2 max
    • Matches regular cardio’s EPOC
    • Perceived to be better for heart health

    Surveys suggest that most men and women enjoy HIIT training more than regular cardio activities as they are more convenient to carry out. With the freedom of being able to mix up your routine, you can choose what exercises and when you can fit them into your daily schedule. Only a few minutes a day are taken up by HIIT which makes it an excellent way to workout for those who are constantly on the go and s

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  3. Your Guide to Buying a Brand-New Mountain Bike

    In the saddle of a well-built mountain bike, the world can feel like it is yours to conquer. As you dominate trails, dodge roots, andravines, and push your body to its limits riding off the beaten path, the right bike ensures you not only always feel like you're in control, but that you also sense that your equipment is working with you, and not against you. From the right kind of tyresto the proper amount of "give" and flex in the frame, there are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a mountain bike. For those shopping on a budget, or especially if you're coming to look at what's on the market after some time away, that can be an intimidating task.

    Armed with the right knowledge and some sense of which brands out there are worth your trust, though, you can approach the task with a much better chance of coming away with the best bike for you. From matching models to your budget range to understanding some of the jargonyou'll hear tossed around both online and in bike stores, a quick primer is all you need to get started on the purchasing process. Here's what you should know when your goal is to go on off-road adventures.

    Know what type of mountain bike you want

    As you plan to buy a bike, keep in mind one simple fact: you'll need to consider every single component during your purchasing process.That means consideringthe quality of the brakes, the tyres, the gears, and even the fork in the frame Your Guide to Buying a Brand-New Mountain Bike Fat Bikeitself. In some cases, you'll need to swap tyresout to enjoy your bike fully, or you may need to upgrade the wheels themselves. Beyond choosing components, what type of mountain bike do you want?

    There are bikes meant for trails

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  4. The Runner's Bucket List: 7 Marathons, 7 Continents, 7 Days

    For some runners, running just onemarathon is a bucket list item that they spend weeks, months, or even years training to accomplish. For others, running one or more marathons a year is a normaloccurrence for them, perhaps with the occasional sojourn out of their local area to attend a bigger, more notable marathon. Hardcore runners may have a laundry list of accomplishments they hope to achieve in their amateur career, from reaching certain time milestones to participating in particular races. Some of those runners place on their bucket list what you might consider one of the ultimate achievements in sports: running seven different marathons, with each one taking place on a different continent. 

    Not only is this perhaps one of the most uniqueways to see the world,it is also one of the most physically challenging. Running a marathon at sea level in good weather is challenging enough. Now throw into the mix world travel, jet lag, and some very different conditions from what you know at home, and you have a recipe for a truechallenge. It gets even worse, though: the World Marathon Challenge isn't just about running sevenmarathons around the world but doing it all in onlyseven daysas well!

    In other words, you'll have to be ready to travel hard and run hard every day for a full week. You'll also have to paya hefty entry fee of €36,000 to secure your spot in the run. Whether you're seriously thinking of taking on this challenge someday or just daydreaming of ticking these sevenraces off your bucket list, here's where you would need to prepare to race.

    Day 1. The Antarctica Intercontinental Marathon — Novo Station, Antarctica

    While some might think it would make more sense to end this challenge at the literalend of the earth, the World Marathon Challenge, in fact, kicks off with this long trip southward to a Russian research station that lies just off the

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  5. The Most Impressive Guinness World Records in Darts

    It's no secret that darts players are incrediblypassionate about their game of choice. A visit to any of the professional, officially sanctioned darts matches will reveal that in an instant: the screaming and roaring crowd that instantly falls to silence when a player approaches the line comes right back to life when the throw lands true. Even your average casual pub match can become boisterous and excitable. The skill and precision necessary to be a good darts player, combined with the need for long-term consistency, means that this is a game where bragging rights are of the utmost importance. 

    It should come as no surprise, then, to learn that the Guinness Book of World Records contains dozens of darts-related records accumulated from over the years. Now players do not needto argue over who can achieve what — there's always the opportunity to put one's proverbial money where their mouth is by challenging a record. Some of the recordsin the book have stood for years and won't likely see a challenge any time soon; others find themselves actively contested by some of the best players in the world, plus the occasional hobbyist. Want to know more about what some of the world's finestdart players have accomplished? Here are the most interestingrecords in darts that you'll find.

    A game for the old and the young alike

    One of the best things about darts is its universal appeal. Whether you're young or old, a man or a woman, everyone can pick up a set of darts, square up to the line, and have fun playing this oldgame. For that reason, the Guinness Book maintains several records relating to players who were exceptional and notable based on their age. For example, consider the case of George Harness, a darts lover from the UK who set the record for the oldest player in competition back in 2016 at the age of 98. Harnesswas still playing at age 100, too, and surely has p

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  6. Training and Diet of a Professional Basketball Player

    Good physical conditioning is a must in any sport, but when it comes to basketball, it is absolutelythe key to success. All the practice at shooting threes and free throws in the world won't make a difference if you don't have the stamina, flexibility, and power to use on the court. To make the shots, you must get in position first, and that often means beating other well-trained players to the basket. In short, you'll need to have the right training regimen lined up if you want to be successful.

    Even if you aren't aiming to play competitively and you justwant to improve your physical fitness, the routines used by basketball professionals can help you to developyour abilities. The training you do in and out of the gym will be a majorpart of that. However, what you eat plays an important role too. Basketball players need a balanced diet that can support their bodies even during very strenuous, high energy activities. That doesn't mean loading up on junk calories, though. Between diet and exercise, the conditioning the pros go through is almost a full-time job in itself. Here's how you can work to replicate some of those efforts in your own life.

    Building a basic basketball workout plan

    When it comes to constructing your workout plan, you need to be ready to commit to weeks filled with exercise. Pros can afford to do little else besides focus on their diet and conditioning routine because that is literallytheir job; for those of Training and Diet of a Professional Basketball Player Leg Dayus who must work otherwise to make a living, it can be more difficult. We'll look at the broad strokes of what you need to work on to replicate a basketball player's routinebut keep in mindyo

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  7. Could You Become a Mermaid? Why Mermaid Training is Gaining Popularity

    Are regular swimming activities not cutting it for you anymore? If you find that you're feeling bored every time you get into the pool, it can be almost impossible to stick with any sort ofroutine you might have built up over time. That can, in turn, lead to inconsistencies in your fitness efforts. What if you could spend some time pursuing something in the water that could revitaliseyour interest in maintaining good health for swimming? Add one more question to the list: what if you could do that while taking on the role of a mermaid? It might sound like a fantasy story, but it's a reality you can access today.

    Mermaid training is a growing niche element in the world of fitness based onold-fashioned shows that were once performedfor tourists, especially in places such as Florida in the United States. Wearing a single swim fin designed to look like a mermaid's tail, professionals are renowned for their ability to perform complex moves underwater while holding their breath for a seemingly impossible amount of time. What's the secret? This pursuit combines elements of the sport known as freediving with graceful movements and some rigorous conditioning. If you're interested in learning more, here's what you should know.

    The basics behind mermaid training: learning to free-dive

    Being a mermaid isn't a sport or athletic activity in and of itself, but the training you would undertake to participate in this sort of activity has its roots in a very real pursuit called freediving. You've seen SCUBA divers, certainly, and you know they rely on air tanks to stay underwater for extended periods of time. Freedivers, on the other hand, rely on no external help for breathing and simply train their bodies until they can hold their breath for minutes at a time. This skill is what enables mermaid swimmers to stay underwater performing elegant routines for what seems to be an impossibly long time.

    If you engage

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