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  1. Choosing a Shuttlecock: Selecting the Most Important Item in Badminton

    29th March 2018.While badminton may not be the game that most people think about when they consider sports that have fast-paced action, that's precisely what a professional badminton match includes. Not only do the two players move with serious quickness around the court, but a smashed shuttlecock can reach speeds of almost 500 kilometres per hour! The mixture of gentle, lofting lobs and driving smashes means the pace of a badminton game can turn on a moment's notice. Because it is the central part of the game, good shuttlecocks are a vital element of a successful game. For the amateur or recreational player, though, knowing how to choose the right shuttlecock doesn't always come easily. Not only are there a wide variety of types out there on the market, but they come with all kinds of numerical ratings and different attributes. Some of them can even turn out to be quite expensive. As a result, it?s essential to understand what to look for when shopping for shuttlecocks. The birdie

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  2. Should Teenagers Join a Gym? The Pros and Cons Explained

    27th March 2018.Gyms are a fixture in places all around the world. Wherever people live, there will be a space for them to gather together in one communal area to share equipment and work on their fitness. From businessmen to teachers and stay-at-home mums and dads, just about every kind of person can be found at a gym at some point during the day. Is this environment good for everyone, though? More specifically, what about teenagers? Do younger people belong in a gym? It can be a tricky question to navigate, especially since gyms aren't typically the kind of place you might consider when you think of teen hangouts. That being said, for those teens who play sports or take an interest in their physical fitness, visiting a gym might offer plenty of benefits, especially if their school lacks the resources for the same kind of workout. Like many things, this is a balancing act, and it could be a better choice for some than others. Let's look at some of the specific pros and cons to consider

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  3. A Quick Guide to Choosing New Football Boots

    One of the best parts of playing football is the fact that you hardly need any equipment to get a game started. At its most basic, all you need is the ball and a decently large place to play; everything after that just serves to add consistency and simplicity to the game. If you're not just playing pick-up games in the park on the weekends, though, you'll need to pick up a few more pieces of gear to ensure you can compete on the same level as your peers. The boots you wear are an essential component to competition, affording you the ability to grip the turf better, enabling quick plays and improved agility. At first, you might think that choosing boots for your football games is as simple as buying regular trainers or shoes you might wear during an average day. In reality, though, there are a lot of factors at play when you want to secure boots that will help improve your performance. From matching them to your playing surface to choosing a design that enables you to play comfortably, you'll

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  4. Technology in the Pool - What Can the Apple Watch Do for Swimmers?

    Technology touches almost every part of our lives today in some way or another; even the cars we drive are often controlled internally by onboard computers. It should come as no surprise, then, that technology follows us into the world of exercise, too. Many are already familiar with fitness trackers, pedometers, FitBits. However, the one domain where these devices rarely went was the pool. Swimmers were often left to their own devices, focusing strictly on the lane ahead and making it to the wall. Now, with the advent of a wearable with as much of a health focus as the Apple Watch, that's all changing. In fact, the Apple Watch contains functionality designed specifically with swimmers in mind. From tracking the total amount of calories you burn in a workout session to counting your laps and split times automatically, it can do quite a lot. What are the potential advantages to this technology, then? How could you use one to improve your swimming performance, if at all? While buying any

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  5. Fashion versus Function When Choosing Running Clothes

    15th March 2018.Take a quick look at the crowd that shows up on race day for a fun run or a marathon, and you'll be sure to notice lots of diversity. It's not only that the group of people who show up to race is diverse, but what they're wearing will showcase many differences, too. Perhaps even your own running wardrobe has begun to look more like a fashion showcase than a drawer full of plain workout clothing. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look good while you run in fact, it can be important to your success but has all this effort to be fashionable begun to intrude on your ability to run well? Balancing function against fashion, alongside determining just how much you need to do that, can be tricky to figure out. The manufacturers of the most visually attractive workout clothes want you to believe that they're the best way to go; the technical brands all want to convince you of the same thing, only in their favour. Which is really the best option? Such as with many other

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  6. The Must-See Women's Cycling Tours of 2018

    The history of professional cycling has, for many years, been the history of men who became professional cyclists. Today, though, women have come to occupy just as prestigious a position in the sport, and many spectators gather to watch those at the top of their field as they compete. Though men's races such as the Tour de France continue to draw the biggest audiences, women's cycling continues to grow, recently enjoyed some of its biggest years yet. As the ladies work just as hard to tackle mountain stages, master their sprints, and achieve the glory of victory, their fans arrive from around the world to watch. With the whole of the 2018 professional cycling season still ahead, now is the perfect time to look at some of the biggest and most anticipated events of the year. Not all these are household names for people who aren't hardcore cycling fans, but for those who love the sport, they're all worth knowing ? and watching! From the USA to locations all around Europe, there's no shortage

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  7. Diet of a Professional Rugby Player: Learn how to eat like the pros

    Put on a professional rugby game and watch a whole match, and one thing should stand out above everything else: the sheer physicality of the players involved. While football requires endurance and American football requires strength and agility, rugby requires all these things in spades. Not only are the rugby players you see in professional leagues at the top of their game skill-wise, but they're also often close to their peak physical condition. Otherwise, there's no way they'd be able to take the hits they do and keep on scrambling for the ball play after play. It's a testament to their commitment to training for the game they love. How do they do it, though? It's not just a matter of packing in cardio. Beyond a tough and demanding exercise regimen, rugby players know they need to eat well, too. They burn tonnes of calories both practising and playing, and their bodies need plenty of nutrients to aid in the recovery process and prepare for the next round of intense activity. We can learn

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  8. A Guide to the Essential Kit for Field Hockey Goalies


    Field hockey is a game characterised by intense bursts of speed, the sudden development of explosive plays, and patient, careful, strategic teamwork. All these elements must come together to create a game that flows smoothly from start to end. While the strikers battle against the defenders over control of the ball and who will be able to go on the attack, there is another player of far greater importance to the final outcome: the goalie.

    Just as in football and ice hockey, the goalkeeper plays perhaps the most vital role on the team: ensuring the opposing team never has the opportunity to score a goal. That's easier said than done, but before you can take up your position in front of the net to guard it with vigilance, you'll need the right gear.

    As a special member of the team, the goalkeeper gets some different equipment, and your kit will necessarily have some variations away from those of your teammates. Are you planning to suit up and start trying

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  9. The 7 Best Water Parks in the United States

    1st March 2018.The US is a big place ? and that means there's plenty of room for a wide variety of fun and exciting attractions. With much of the country experiencing warm to scorching summers, and mild temperatures for much of the rest of the year, the presence of water parks is a common sight in many of the states. Though some are only open seasonally, others invite visitors to enjoy the rides and cool off in the water all year round. Whether you're planning a trip or you're just interested in finding out more about the biggest recreational attractions, how can you find out where the best destinations are? Rather than meticulously scouring the Internet and going state by state to try and figure out where you might want to visit someday, we've done all the hard work for you. With so many potential destinations, we've narrowed it down to the cream of the crop: the parks that pull out all the stops for a fun experience. Don't forget, though ? this list is just a starting point. There

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