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  1. A Quick Look at Building Your Running Playlist for 2018


    For runners, motivation is the linchpin for success. When you're heading into the fourth or fifth mile of the week's most strenuous run, the mental fatigue can far outweigh any physical exhaustion you might feel. It?s at this time when many runners throw in the towel, and it can be tough to push through this plateau to keep climbing towards better performance. How do you stay motivated when you reach that point? It can be hard, but adding music to your routine can make an amazing difference.

    There's a reason you see so many other runners on the trail with headphones or earbuds. Running in time to the music can make you more efficient while keeping you "in the zone." What should you listen to as we head into the new year and you press the "reset" button on your running goals? Luckily, we've come a long way from the days when we had to contend with having only a limited selection of music to listen to on our runs. With your smartphone and access to the Internet,

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  2. The Must-See Men's Cycling Tours of 2018

    Watching athletes perform at the peak of their ability on competition with another is an activity that simply never gets old. It is why the Olympics enjoy an enduring popularity, and it is why many of the world's most popular sporting events have been running for decades or even more than a century. In bicycling, the same is true ? and the most prestigious events worldwide are all the many cycling tours and races that go on throughout the year. Gruelling tests of endurance, these races can be as short as one day long or as long as a multi-stage, multi-week race that pushes the physical limits of its participants. 2018 has another full calendar of events that will take place throughout the year, and some of these are absolute must-see events for any cycling enthusiast. We all know about some of these, such as the Tour de France, but what about the others that you should know? For those who enjoy following the world of men?s cycling, there is a respectable slate of tours to consider this

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  3. Can You Exercise Hard and Live a Healthy Vegan Lifestyle at the Same Time?

    More people take the time to think about and remain conscious of their health and lifestyle choices today than ever before. With the wealth of products and services out there aimed at helping people get fit and stay that way, it's easy to see why there's such a keen interest in living better. For some, that means more than just cutting down on junk food and visiting the gym more often ? it means a drastic change in the way they approach their diet. For vegans, who choose to consume no animal products whatsoever, nutrition is a unique challenge.

    Balancing one's diet without access to meat, dairy, and other products takes more work, but it is perfectly possible to live a wholesome life with a completely vegan diet. What about exercising hard, though? We know that working out burns tonnes of calories, and we also know that the body needs access to all kinds of nutrients to grow and develop. That's why supplements such as protein and whey powders are popular, especially amongst those

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  4. Throwing a Safe and Fun Pool Party for Your Child's Birthday

    15th February 2018.A child's birthday is a special occasion worth a little extra effort, not just because it's an occasion for the parents to celebrate, but also because every birthday is an opportunity to create happy memories that will last for a lifetime. When you have a birthday coming up on the calendar, and it's time to start putting your mind to party planning, what ideas spring up first? If you have access to a pool, whether at home or in a local community space, throwing an aquatic party could be an excellent idea. For active kids, there are few things as fun as donning their swimsuits and spending an afternoon splashing about before enjoying fun treats and goodies. Pool parties require a bit more planning than your average get-together, though ? so it's a smart idea to think ahead well before your child's birthday arrives. From food and activities to special safety considerations, there's a lot to tackle, but it's easy when you break it up into more manageable chunks. What

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  5. How Age Affects Your Running Ability — And How to Adjust

    Show up at a marathon or a major running event and look at the people gathering at the starting line. What's the defining characteristic of the group in front of you? "Diversity" is probably the best answer. Runners young and old alike show up to events like these. However, the fastest runners and the winners of these events are rarely older individuals. Why is that? Is it just because they aren't putting in as much time in training as the younger participants? That's not likely so ? it takes a lot of work to be able to run a marathon no matter your age.

    Instead, it's more of a fact of life: as we get older, our ability to run faster begins to degrade. Running abilities develop and change considerably over our lifetimes, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. What it does mean, though, is that we need to be mindful of these changes and adjust our routines and fitness efforts as necessary. An individual who goes running regularly in their 50s will have different considerations to

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  6. Winter Mountain Biking Skills: What Should you be Working on this Season?

    8th February 2018. Mountain biking is more than just riding a bicycle over rough terrain ? it's a pursuit that engages your entire body. The sheer physicality of riding a mountain bike ties directly into the mental aspect as your eyes scan the path ahead for obstacles and your mind tries to work out the best place to ride. Sometimes you need to make decisions in a split-second, and other times you have the breathing room to re-adjust yourself in the saddle and figure out where to go next. That's just when the weather is good. What about when winter arrives and settles in with a snowy, icy blanket? Winter riding provides an opportunity to hone unique skills that you won't get a chance to practice at other times in the year. Rather than shying away from the added challenges of winter mountain biking, you should run towards embracing the potential for some big spills. From improving your track selection to bettering your balance and even seeing some fitness gains, there's a lot on the

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  7. Getting Started with Darts: Basics for Beginners

    Watching professional darts players is great fun, not only are there huge, excitable crowds in the venue, but the players are also highly skilled and competing for big prizes. Overall, it's a game that combines concentration, skill in hand-eye coordination, and even strategy for a very enjoyable time. Why remain just a mere spectator, though? Everyone must start somewhere, and you could find that playing darts is rewarding, fun, and might even bring you some brand-new friends.

    When you're a total beginner, though, figuring out how to get your darts all the way to the board at all is a challenge in its own right. Don't be discouraged, though: throwing a dart can be tricky, and getting it to land in the right spot that you want is even trickier. All it takes is time, practice, and an understanding of the right way to do things.

    There's no substitute for standing around with the darts in your hand, but it can help to familiarise yourself with the technique and the action of

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  8. Developing Useful Basketball Skill Drills for Kids

    The basics of basketball are easy to learn, but mastering the strategies and skills necessary to play effectively takes plenty of practice. This is part of what makes it such an engaging and exciting sport for young people. Not only does it encourage plenty of physical activity, but it also promotes social development through the team aspect of the sport. There are only so many opportunities to play in organised games, though, and pick-up rounds don't always provide a good chance for structured practice.

    So, whether you're in charge of a group of youths playing basketball or you have a child interested in the sport, it's essential to find other ways to fit in useful practice. Having a large stable of drills to run is the key to success in basketball. Not only can drills teach kids the right movements they need to play well on the court, but they can also function as a conduit to physical fitness gains. Sticking to the same two or three drills every week is a recipe for boredom,

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