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  1. Gym Bag Essentials: What Should You Pack for Your Next Workout?

    Take a look in your gym bag ? what's in it right now? If you don't put very much thought into what goes into your bag before every workout, chances are the answer is "not much." Perhaps it contains the clothes from your last workout and maybe your headphones, but is the rest just a bunch of empty space? Your bag has tonnes of pockets and storage spaces for a reason, and it can be a valuable asset in your efforts to improve your fitness. Rather than merely being an item you use to carry your spare clothes around, start to think of it as your workout toolbox.

    Your gym bag should be your number one resource for anything you might need during your workout. Why is it to so important to pack your bag with the essentials? You'll find that it allows you to stay more focused on your workout. When you're in the middle of a series of tough reps, you should zero in on your form and your breathing. When you need to think about where to get a drink of water or to find a snack, though, you're

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  2. Choosing a Wetsuit – What to Look For

    22nd January 2018. Swimming outdoors is a unique activity because it provides so many more challenges for the athlete. Indoor pools are highly controlled environments, with the conditions created to be just right for competitive swimming. Outside, the weather doesn't always cooperate, the water can be smooth or choppy, and the water temperature fluctuates considerably as well. If you have plans to start practising your swimming in a lake or the ocean ? especially if you intend to train for a triathlon ? it's critical that you properly prepare before taking a plunge. In water that's below between 25 to 27 degrees Celsius, donning a wetsuit can keep you warm while also providing you with important benefits. When you swim in cold water, it can feel difficult to go through the motions to move forward. The cold can make your muscles feel like they've already contracted as much as they can. With a wetsuit, a thin layer of water remains trapped between the garment and your body. Natural

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  3. Parkrun: What Is It and Why Is It Worth Your Attention?

    If there is one thing that is true about runners, it's that they're intelligent about their exercise. For those who don't run, it's easy for the activity to seem gruelling, demanding, and the opposite of fun. Runners know it is a very difficult and challenging sport, and that there will always be times when their daily run tests their desire to push forward. As a result, runners are always on the lookout for new and fun ways to make their exercise engaging. When participating is a pleasure, it's much easier to stay active and involved. If you've been looking for something new to change up the way you approach your running, why not think about something like the parkrun phenomenon?

    From marathons to holiday races and even endurance challenges, there's no shortage of organised ways to take part in running. What if instead of a corporation staging marathons or formal local clubs putting on events, you could participate in something done entirely by volunteers? What if it was just like

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  4. The Essential Kit for Winter Mountain Biking

    Winter is the least favourite time of year for many cyclists except for those who prefer taking their pursuits to the extreme. Road cyclists bundle up in as many layers as possible, strapping in for long-haul rides in the cold to keep their endurance up for the spring. No one wants to come out of the winter feeling like an out of shape mess ? but when the weather gets so cold, and snow might even end up on the ground, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get out the door. That's especially so for mountain bikers, who must deal with even more challenging terrain while staying exposed to the elements.

    So, if you prefer to go off-road even when it might be icy out, what should you keep in mind? What does the essential kit and gear list look like for the average mountain biker? The good news is that the rules here aren't much different than they would be for road cyclists. In other words, if you already have your winter wardrobe squared away from previous years, it's probably

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  5. The Top Fitness Trends to Watch For in 2018

    With the new year already in full swing, tonnes of people will be looking at their waistlines, thinking about their muscle mass, and saying: "Maybe I should do something about this." While not all resolution-makers will make it through to the end of the year, many others will stick with their plans. Others may not get serious about their health until later in the year, but one thing is for sure: 2018 will bring about new fads, new popular trends, and more new ways for us to exercise than ever.

    In years past, we've seen the rise of scientific fitness, the explosion of dance-based classes, and the resurgence of more traditional exercises such as running and cycling. While not every trend is worth keeping around, they offer us a valuable way to try new things ? and that's very important when it comes to staying engaged with your exercise. Otherwise, it's too easy to succumb to boredom and fall out of your routine. Some trends have staying power, too, such as dance fitness; once people

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  6. The Importance of Cross Training: Why Every Runner Should Add Swimming into Their Schedule

    The only way to get better at running is to run more. That seems like a simple enough rule, right? It makes sense, too ? just like with any other sport or activity, practice is the only thing that really makes a difference. Is that always the case? In fact, it's not always so black and white. Improving at one sport may require you to spend time practising in another pursuit. This concept, called cross-training, is very important. In fact, every runner should consider adding cross-training elements into their regimen. Otherwise, you're not only missing out on an opportunity to improve, but you're losing out on many other benefits as well. Swimming is among the best sports for runners to engage in for cross-training. In fact, it's worth just about every runner's time to take a hard look at swimming and perhaps even spend some time in the pool. When you start splitting your energy between these two pursuits, you will be able to see gains you might not have unlocked otherwise. So why is it

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  7. Don't Run Out of Fuel: Energising Your Body Pre and Post-Run

    11th January 2018.As an intensive cardio activity, running can burn tonnes of calories. For those trying to lose weight, that makes it an excellent exercise. For those who run for fun or as practice for competitions such as marathons, it sometimes means a struggle to stay on top of your daily energy needs. Running can take a lot out of you no matter your fitness level, though, and that's why eating correctly is so important. Without the right nutrition, you'll find yourself fatigued, weary all the time, and unable to perform at your peak ability when you run. No one enjoys that feeling of running out of steam far earlier into the day's run than you'd like. What's the solution? There is no one magic diet for runners to follow. Everyone's bodies are a little bit different, and nutritional needs can vary from person to person. However, we all feel the strain from burning off so much energy with every run. With that in mind, there are some strategies and certain types of foods that can

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  8. How to Choose the Right Saddle for Your Bicycle

    8th January 2018.When you first started to learn how to ride a bike, what was the most frustrating thing to deal with besides trying to balance? If you're like most people, the answer is something very basic: trying to sit comfortably! The bike saddle is not often a seat built strictly for comfort; its design incorporates a specific utility. That's not much of a problem when you only ride occasionally or strictly do so for fun. When you choose to start riding your bike for fitness or competition, though, the number of hours spent in the saddle climbs dramatically. That can often result in soreness, pain, and an unpleasant cycling experience. So how do you choose the right type of saddle, and how do you avoid problems once you've picked one? It's all about knowing what to look for and understanding how to match a saddle to the riding style you prefer. Mountain bikers will need a different saddle from road bikers, and those who compete heavily will need something else altogether. There

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  9. The Absolutely Essential Items for Any American Football Kit

    4th January 2017.Aside from its unique rules of play and the huge level of physicality involved, there is one thing that separates American football immediately from almost any other sport ? the visual element. It's hard to deny that the look of an American football player is an iconic one. From the smooth, rounded helmet and the imposing facemasks to the distinctive shape of their protective shoulder pads, the amount of protective gear makes every player look visually impressive. Whether you or a child you know is interested in playing this sport, pulling together the right kit is essential. Without the proper protection, you shouldn't even think about setting foot on the gridiron! What should you have on your shopping list when you head to the athletic store, though? At first glance, it's not always easy to tell just how many different components make up the American football kit. Once you start breaking it down, it quickly becomes apparent that there are many elements to every

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