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  1. Tips & Tricks for Staying Motivated for Fitness in the New Year

    30th December 2017.With the end of the year on the horizon and the beginning of a fresh calendar almost here, many people begin to make plans for their New Year celebrations. Others turn their minds to the typical "New Year's resolutions" ? solemn determinations to make changes or do things differently next year. We're all familiar with the stereotype of the person who makes fitness resolutions and can't keep them. Maybe we've even been that person before. It's discouraging to want to make a change while feeling like you haven't been able to live up to your promises in the past. It doesn't have to be that way. First, though, it's important to accept that sticking to a New Year's resolution will be difficult no matter what. The start of the new year is more symbolic than anything, you'll be just as busy on January 1st as you were on December 31st. There's no magic button to push; you'll need to come up with some willpower to help make any other strategies you use more effective. However,

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  2. A Quick Guide to the Many Weight Classes in Boxing

    29th December 2017.The noble sport of boxing has a long and storied history, with its origins stretching back in time many years. Over time after its inception as a sanctioned sport, many parts of the pursuit have changed. Fighting bare-knuckled faded away with the introduction of gloves, rounds became more standardised, and scoring became a more integral part of the competition. While some of these rules have changed, the basic concept ? two men climbing into the ring to square off in a fair fight ? has remained the same. Alongside this, the concept of the weight class has also remained surprisingly consistent over the years. The "fair" part of a "fair fight" in boxing doesn't just boil down to an attentive referee watching for illegal blows. It's also about ensuring that the two boxers in the ring are on the same general physical level as one another. It?s for this reason why the weight class is so important. It allows for an easy way to match boxers together in competition without

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  3. Helpful Hints for Good Skin and Haircare for Swimmers

    27th December 2017.For a swimmer, the pool is like a second home ? especially if you swim competitively. Even if you only dip into the pool a few times a week to do your exercise, though, you'll still spend a lot of time in the water compared to someone who only swims recreationally. While that affords you plenty of time to work on your physique and build up your endurance so you can swim longer and harder, it also takes a toll on your body in other ways. We aren't talking about sore muscles or cramping legs, either. Have you ever stopped to think about the effects the water in the pool itself is having on you? Swimming in freshwater is one thing, and the water of the ocean is clearly much different than at your local pool. Neither type of water features chlorine in the same levels as you'll find in public pools, though. On the one hand, it's a positive and necessary feature. The chlorine attacks and kills bacteria, keeping the water safe and clean for swimming. The trade-off is

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  4. Foot Care for Runners: Tips and Tricks to Ensure Your Feet are Run Ready

    22nd December 2017. A runner's most important asset isn't their footwear or the technical fabrics that make up their running gear ? it's something far more fundamental than that. It's simply your feet! Keeping your feet in good shape and free from injury is very important for ensuring you can always get your daily miles in and compete in the races for which you've registered. That's often easier said than done, however, and sore, aching feet are a common complaint for runners everywhere. Whether you're brand new to the sport or a long-time veteran, there will always be times when all you can think about is the ache in your feet. What can you do about this problem? Just like you pay close attention to your nutrition, your form, and the running gear you use, your feet are one more area where you need to make some special considerations. From choosing the right footwear and comfy socks to pain-relieving

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  5. What Tyres Should Your Bicycle Use? The Pros and Cons of Tubeless Tyres

    21st December 2017. Every cyclist knows that there's no end to the amount of time you can spend customising your ride. From new brakes and high-performance gearsets to stronger chains and more, there's a vast amount of flexibility for tweaking your bike to ride exactly the way you want. Sometimes, it's all about aesthetics or personal preference. Other times, what's at stake is a real difference in performance or even safety. One area where you may have some questions: the tyres. We don't often think much about the tyres on our bikes, except when we're getting a flat in the middle of a ride or we lose traction on a wet surface. However, there is plenty of variety available in this area, too. In fact, there is one big question facing more cyclists every year as technology improves: to go tubeless, or not to go tubeless? The traditional bicycle tyre has an inner tube that helps it to keep its shape and work well on your frame. A tubeless tyre, on the other hand, sits flush against

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  6. Understanding Proper Lane Sharing Etiquette in Busy Public Pools

    lane-sharing-etiquette-public-poolConsistency is the key that unlocks the door to improvement when it comes to your fitness, especially when you're trying to develop better skills in a certain sport. When that sport is swimming, that means spending a lot of time in the pool. When you don't have access to a pool of your own at home, though, you must rely on publicly available spaces to fit in all your swimming for the week. Most of the time, that probably isn't an issue ? plus, you don't have to worry about the maintenance on the pool! Sometimes, though, the public nature of your swimming spot can cause trouble. What happens if you show up for your daily swim only to find that there is a crowd?

    This scenario isn't too unlikely, especially if you live in a busy area with few options for public swimming. When you arrive and see that swimmers occupy every lane in the pool already, does that mean you should just pack it in for the day and skip the swim? Of course not! Those swimming lanes are wide, after all, and they can fit more than one swimmer comfortably. However, beware of jumping straight in and trying to proceed with your workout as usual. You won't make friends that way because there is important etiquette surrounding lane splitting. When you must share, it's important to know how to do so safely, courteously, and without frustration. Look at this quick and easy guide to observing proper etiquette in a busy pool.

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  7. Christmas Gift Options for Runners: Quick Guide

    14th December 2017.If you aren't a runner, it can sometimes be hard to understand the appeal. Look at just about any marathon runner as they cross the finish line ? they look totally spent, completely beaten, and with no energy left! Yet they'll have big grins on their faces as they take that last stride. Obviously, there must be something about it to love. If there are runners in your life, whether in your family or your circle of friends, then you understand the level of passion and dedication they can have for their sport. When the holidays approach and Christmas appears on the calendar, you'll probably want to give them a gift that relates to their favourite activity. Unlike with many other sports or outdoor activities, though, it's not always immediately apparent what type of gifts would be ideal for runners. They don't wear many fancy clothes, seldom bring lots of equipment to their runs, and don't have a wealth of merchandise featuring famous figures. So, what should you choose

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  8. Christmas Gifts for Cyclists: Picking the Perfect Item for a Bike Lover

    11th December 2017.Cycling isn't just a quick and handy way to travel and exercise ? for many; it's a way of life! From those who cycle to work in the morning to the gearheads who tinker all weekend for extra speed, the people who love bicycles are undoubtedly passionate. When the holidays creep up on the calendar and Christmas approaches, though, it can be difficult to know just what to purchase for them. You might want to support their hobby, but it seems as though they already own everything important. New bicycles are expensive, too, so surprising them with a brand-new cycle is usually out of the question. However, there are all kinds of fun and creative gift ideas you can explore for your cyclist friend. Many of them fall well within the budget ranges of most people, too, so you can stack up the presents without tearing down your budget for the season. Every cyclist is a little different, though ? do you know a mountain biker? A racer? A weekend warrior who just likes to ride

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  9. Try These Helpful Ideas When You Need a Christmas Gift for the Avid Football Player in Your Life

    7th December 2017.For many people, the Christmas season is among the most cherished times of the year. Not only is it the perfect time to gather together with your loved ones to celebrate the holiday, but of course, the gift giving is a fun part of the traditions, too! Rather than focus on what you might receive from friends and family, though, it's time to start thinking ahead as to what you'll wrap up and place underneath the tree for the special individuals in your life. For some, the shopping will be easy. Your young nephew gets the latest and greatest video games, and you might gift your mother a new set of kitchen knives ? but what about the sports lovers in your life? If you have a football fanatic in the family, it's hard to miss. Not only will they probably have sports clothing that announces their club allegiance, but they might make it down to the pitch multiple times a week for games with friends. Perhaps they even play in a sanctioned league. Instead of opting for a

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  10. The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for the Gym Fanatic in Your Life

    5th December 2017.Developing and maintaining physical fitness is no easy feat it takes willpower, determination, and a positive attitude to be able to see your plans through to fruition. For some people, that manifests in a passion for a particular sport, such as cycling or swimming. For others, it's running. For some special individuals, though, the gym is their second home. With access to all kinds of exercise equipment, it's both their primary means of exercise and a way of supplementing activities in actual sports. Do you know a self-professed gym rat? With Christmas coming right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about the gifts you want to give. What would be most suitable for someone in your life who loves the gym? At first, shopping for such an individual might seem harder than it is in reality. When they practice in a sport all the time, it's relatively easy to pick out gifts that align with that interest. When the interest is just "the gym," though, it can feel

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