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  1. A Guide to Choosing Swimwear for Men

    29th June 2017.When most men think of swimwear, the standard pair of swim trunks we all see at the beach is what comes first to mind. However, is that really the extent of what men can choose from for swimwear? Far from it; in fact, there are a variety of types suitable for a similar range of situations. The material that these swimsuits are made of differs too, and that matters more than you might think. Whether you plan to swim solo for fitness, compete in a race, or you're just going on holiday, you should know your options. What should you look for when shopping? The answer will depend largely on what you intend to do in the water, and where you are planning to swim. The pool is a much different environment than a lake or the ocean, and competitive swimming demands much more than a dip in a hotel pool. It might even be wise to purchase more than one swimsuit to allow you to maintain a sporty wardrobe for any occasion. With that said, let's begin by looking at the different types

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  2. 8 Excellent Summer Holiday Activities for the Kids

    26th June 2017.When school lets out for the holidays, no one is more excited than your children. It's an opportunity to spend time away from educational responsibilities, to relax, and to have fun. Every parent wants to ensure their kids don't spend the holidays cooped up indoors the whole time, however. With the allure of video games and electronic devices stronger than ever, it's important to encourage physical activity. The summer should be a time for fun, but that doesn't have to mean sitting indoors and avoiding the hot weather. That's where you come back into the picture: your goal should be to create plenty of opportunities for active fun and exercise. The key is in the way you present the activity. Taking your kids for a run is a hard sell; organising a game with some of their friends is something to excite any child. With that in mind, what are some of the best activities you can engage in with your kids over their holiday? There's no shortage of variety available ? and

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  3. A Simple Guide to Choosing a Field Hockey Stick

    22nd June 2017. For children and adults alike, field hockey is a fun, exciting, and physically demanding sport. As a game with small periods of inactivity punctuated by rapid bursts, it's not unlike football or even its cousin, ice hockey, in some respects. However, field hockey is a unique pastime, and it brings with it many similarly unique challenges. Whether you enjoy playing the game yourself or you have a child who wants to practice the sport, you'll always need to start with the basics: equipment. The good news is that unless you intend to play the goalie, there isn't much special gear you need. You will need a stick, though ? and that's the most important part. A professional field hockey player can feel as though the stick is merely an extension of their body. Anyone who has watched a practised drag flick or a goal scored with finesse knows that good stick control is essential. With the wrong stick, you can feel awkward or even unable to control the ball. So, what should
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  4. Hiking Is A Great Summer Activity for the Whole Family

    19th June 2017. Summer is the perfect time to gather the family together for fun and activities together. Whether you go on holiday or stay at home, there are endless opportunities to engage with your kids in exciting ways. With school out, they will probably have tons of energy to burn. So why not plan for an enjoyable physical activity? Not only will everyone get to enjoy fresh air and the outdoors, but you'll appreciate knowing the activity has positive health benefits, too. So, what activities are ideal for the whole family? Consider hiking. At first glance, a family hike might seem like a strange idea ? but think about it on a deeper level. Not only is it an opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors, but it can be quite a demanding exercise, too. What if you don't want to put your family through their paces? That's fine too ? hiking can be as strenuous or as easy-going as you like. That flexibility, combined with the fact that opportunities are everywhere, is what
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  5. How to Adapt Your Running Schedule for the Summer Months

    15th June 2017. As far as seasons go, spring is one of the best ones for running. Unfortunately, it doesn't last forever. When the spring starts to turn into the summer, runners need to take note. With hotter temperatures, the changing conditions demand a change in your habits, too. Summer is also the time when we most often go on holiday ? so how will you stick to your usual running habits when you go away from home? It's not all about challenges, though; the summer brings some good news for runners, too. Tired of going on your daily run in the dark, or not having enough daylight at the end of the day? The lengthening days of summer will help with that. How should you prepare your body to face the challenges of summer running? From acclimatising to planning around potential disruptions to your schedule, there are many things you can try. You'll also want to take the time to learn about the heat index and how to work around the weather. Grab your

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  6. Top Tips for Keeping Your Bike Clean and in Good Shape

    12th June 2017.Treat your bicycle with love, and it will carry you as far as you ever want to travel. This advice is something every cyclist knows, whether you ride for fun or fitness. Every cyclist also knows the frustration that accompanies a sudden mechanical failure: a broken chain, a flat tyre, or worse. You may even carry a repair kit with you on every ride already, just to be on the safe side. The fact is, regular maintenance can reduce the number of breakdowns you experience. A part of that maintenance is cleaning. The environment you ride through can have a damaging effect on your bike. By mitigating the most common effects of wear and tear, only the problems most difficult to avoid will crop up in the future. If you only know how to change a chain, the idea of doing, even more, maintenance could seem daunting. Don't worry, with the right tools and the right approach; you can tackle all the regular care your bike needs. Below, we'll go over what you need to start and how

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  7. How to Choose Swimwear for Kids

    8th June 2017. Swimming is a fun activity beloved by children all over the world. Whether splashing in the ocean or a small pool behind the home, it's an excellent way to beat the heat while burning plenty of energy. For kids, that type of engaging physical activity is critical for their development both now and into the future. It's often not hard to interest a child in swimming, but parents have considerations beyond their child's level of interest. There is the matter of their skill in the water, of course. Beyond that, though, is something a little more basic: their swimwear. For adults, swimwear is often an aesthetic or highly functional choice. Kids don't need a highly-engineered bodysuit designed for fast performance in the water. They need comfortable, safe, and functional swimwear that works in a variety of situations. Many children will have the opportunity to swim at school, for example; choosing swimwear for such an occasion will be very different than purchasing some

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  8. The Weekend Warrior Lifestyle: Can You Stay Healthy If You Only Work Out on Weekends?

    5th June 2017.Do you spend every day of the work week in a rush, waiting for the chance to relax in the evenings? That is the reality for a growing number of people around the world today. Unfortunately, this lifestyle is not very conducive to exercising every day. It's often a matter of cutting an important item out of your schedule or compressing the whole day into an even bigger rush. As a result, a trend has emerged where individuals look to cram in all their weekly exercise on the weekends. Known as "weekend warriors," there's no shortage of them in gyms, on bikes, and in the pools every weekend. Is this a good lifestyle to lead, though? In other words, can you spend five days of the week being relatively inactive and still see benefits or better health from exercising on the weekend? The answer is more complicated than you might think. In this article, we'll take a general look at being a "weekend warrior" and discuss the evidence for and against this lifestyle. Of course,

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  9. The 5 Best Running Apps and Why You Should Use Them

    1st June 2017. Technology is an incredible asset when it comes to improving one's athletic abilities. Advancements have led to safer exercise methods, more effective gym equipment, and even digital ways to track your exercise. With the ubiquity of smartphones, almost everyone has millions of "apps" at their fingertips every day. Have you ever stopped to think about the potential value hiding inside of all the fitness apps out there? From apps filled with yoga poses to guided workout efforts, you can transform your phone into your very own personal trainer. For runners especially, these apps can provide tremendous benefits, whether you're just starting out or you're already a veteran. Wait a minute, though. How will you have time to pull out your phone during a run and constantly check it to use an app? The good news is that you won't need to do that: instead, these apps often rely on interaction before and after your daily runs. Others encourage you to keep going even when you
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