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  1. Running for Fitness: Starting with the Basics

    27th April 2017. When you think of the word exercise, what activities come to mind immediately? For many people, the answer will likely be jogging. Running is the stereotypical activity we can easily imagine anyone doing. With the growing popularity of fun runs and marathon races, running continues to grow in public visibility. Have you ever considered running for fitness? Many people think of running as something they "hate" ? but it doesn't have to be that way. Though it can be tough to acclimatise at the beginning of a running regimen, many come to love the challenges it offers and the benefits they gain. With that said, where should you begin if you want to tackle this sport for yourself? How many times a week should you go out running? How far should you go during each session? These are the types of questions everyone has when they first start. There are other decisions to make, too. To be successful in your efforts, you'll need to figure out the answers for yourself. However,

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  2. Should You Upgrade Your Old Mountain Bike, or Replace It Altogether?

    24th April 2017. For adrenaline junkies and fitness lovers alike, nothing presents quite the same challenge as mountain biking. Whether you're travelling off-road or tackling seriously rough terrain to challenge your body, the bike you ride determines a great deal about the experience you have. Everything from the pedals to the saddle can have an impact on your riding experience. Over time, you may come to feel that your current mountain bicycle isn't doing the job well enough anymore. It might be because you've improved your skills, or because you want to change up the type of terrain you ride. Either way, you're now faced with a question many bike owners struggle with every year: should I buy a new mountain bike, or try upgrading the one I have now?

    With no end to the industry for aftermarket bicycle parts, upgrading is a feasible option for many individuals. After all, there are readily available parts, and you may even know how to install them yourself. Upgrading also

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  3. Tips and Tricks to Train Like an American Football Player

    20th April 2017.If you've ever watched a game of American football, there is one thing you may have noticed right away: the players are unlike others from many different sports. They must excel in a variety of physical categories all at once: size, speed, agility, power, and strength all come into play. That level of physical fitness is what allows them to perform such incredible feats of athleticism on the playing field. Naturally, that kind of development doesn't come easily; instead, it is the result of nearly constant training and conditioning. A football player's body is a fine-tuned machine ? it needs to be, or else the whole team could suffer. Are you curious about the way football players train? While you may not be able to replicate a conditioning programme exactly, that doesn't mean you can't approximate the process. If you want to develop a workout that focuses on improving your all-around fitness and allows you to become stronger, replicating an American football workout

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  4. Training Like a Pro Boxer: Hints and Tips

    17th April 2017.The bell rings, and suddenly two fighters are circling each other, their feet dancing back and forth as they look for an opening to make the first strike. When a gloved punch finally connects with its target, the crowd roars to life. There's no doubt that boxing is one of the most exciting sports. As you watch, do you ever wonder what type of routine boxers use to develop their incredible physiques? It's natural to be curious ? after all, it must take an incredibly rigorous workout on a regular basis to achieve those results. Well, why not explore the world of boxing training for yourself? You don't need to train for a fight, but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the way boxers exercise. When you want to develop strength, agility, and boost muscle mass, this is one of the better workouts to approach. Keep in mind that this is a fitness plan with a high-intensity level. Though you can tailor it to your needs, you will see the best gains if you work hard

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  5. The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Personal Trainer at the Gym

    13th April 2017.When going to the gym to work out, have you ever experienced a struggle surrounding the motivation to even show up in the first place? When you arrive, do you feel you don't understand what you should do to improve your fitness? These are things everyone experiences, but it could potentially drive you to fall out of a fitness routine altogether. That's not good ? so it's understandable if you're considering hiring a personal trainer at your local gym. They may advertise quite heavily, making claims about how improving your focus and just how much a trainer can help you hone your body. If you took the adverts at their word, it would be just like working with an expensive, experienced independent personal trainer. Is that really true? If you intend to pay for someone's services, you should know whether it will help. While it might seem like a good idea on the surface, it might not be ? but it could also be just what you need. As with everything, there are some pros

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  6. Improving Your Swimming Strokes: Front Crawl Edition

    10th April 2017.In swimming, a properly executed front crawl ? also known as the freestyle stroke ? is smooth, elegant, and one of the fastest strokes in the pool. Unlike the breaststroke, which requires comparatively slow movements, the front crawl is a slick sequence of arm and leg movements that propels the user across the pool. As easy as it is to learn, though, it takes some serious practice to build up speed ? and to fight off the exhaustion that sets in from such a rapid pace. How can you swim the front crawl more effectively to improve your speed in the water? As simple as it looks, there are many elements to a successful freestyle stroke. To improve your ability, you'll want to focus on each element individually before harmonising those efforts together. We'll look at what you need to practice to start seeing gains and improvements in this article. From how to kick your legs to exercises that can help strengthen the muscles used in the stroke, you'll have plenty to add to

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  7. The 5 Must-Have Items for Every Runner's Kit

    6th April 2017.One of the best aspects of running as a sport is the very low barrier to entry: all you need to begin is a good pair of running shoes, after all. From there, it's just a matter of you, the road ahead, and how long you can push through stride after stride. However, while shoes are the only item necessary for running, there's plenty of other gear that can make your efforts easier, safer, and more comfortable. In fact, every runner should think carefully about their "kit" and what items they choose to include. While everyone's choices will be a little different, there are ultimately at least five essential items that every runner should consider including in their kit. From clothing specifically suited for running to even perhaps a gadget or two, you can enhance and improve your running experience with relative ease. However, it is also important to balance gear with your actual focus on running. Sometimes, with technology, it becomes all too easy to succumb to the distractions

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  8. Should You Upgrade Your Road Bike?

    3rd April 2017.As both an exercise and an activity, road cycling offers its participants an enormous amount of diversity in experience. From different types of terrain, like punishing uphills and undulating roadways, to the many sights and sounds of the world around you, there's lots to love. How long have you been using the same bicycle, though? If you're starting to notice performance problems, it's time to face an important question for every cyclist: should you upgrade your current bike, or just buy a brand new one? One of the fun things about a road bike is the ability to customise it not just in appearance but in function as well. You can change practically every major operating component on the bike in a variety of ways to yield different results. If your bike isn't producing the performance you need any more; changing parts can be a viable option. However, in some cases, it can turn quite expensive based on what you want from the cycle. When that happens, it's worth considering

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