Monthly Archives: January 2017

  1. Tweaking Your Breathing Techniques for a Better Front Crawl

    5th January 2017. Perhaps one of the most fun and invigorating parts of swimming for fitness or sport is the sheer variety of ways in which you can approach the exercise. There are many kinds of styles you can use for swimming, and every type of stroke brings with it different challenges. Many swimming strokes are the very definition of "easy to learn, but hard to master"! The difficulty arises not just from keeping your body aligned in the correct form, but also from the need to breathe. Anyone who's been swimming for some time can tell you that managing your breath is a major part of being a successful swimmer. If you're a freestyle fanatic and the front crawl is your preferred stroke, breath control becomes even more important. Whether you're trying to improve your skills enough to compete in races or you just enjoy putting yourself to the test, it's worth considering how to breathe more efficiently. Today, we're going to cover several
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  2. New Year, New You: How to Create a Workout Schedule You'll Follow

    2nd January 2017.  The beginning of a brand new year is here, and you know what that means ? everyone is starting to think about their resolutions into action. How often are they just some things you say half-heartedly while enjoying the New Year's Eve festivities, though? We've all either heard the stories or directly experienced what it's like to make fitness-based resolutions only to lose interest in them after just a few months, weeks or even days. How can you break out of this pattern rather than succumbing to it for yet another year? It takes thoughtful planning and real dedication, but it's doable. Making a choice to improve your fitness is seldom an overnight "Eureka!" moment. So if you know you want to make some exercise resolutions this year, now is the best time to start figuring out your game plan. Simply "winging it" and trying to play your physical progress by ear will result in the same failed resolutions with which you're

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