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  1. Tips for Improving Your Cycling Speed

    29th December 2016. What's the most fun part of riding a bike? Ask anyone, even a child who loves their bike, and the answer is likely going to be something similar to "going fast." Pedalling hard and picking up a lot of speed not only feels great, but it's also an accomplishment of which you can be proud. After all, it was your body that generated all that speed! As you grow older, speed becomes about more than just having fun on a bike. Do you like to cycle for fun, tips-for-improving-your-cycling-speed-funfitness, and competition? Many people do; it can be a tough training schedule, but it's often worthwhile based on the results. Not only is focusing on cycling this way exciting, but it's immensely good for your body. At a certain point, though, "pedal harder" simply doesn't net you the

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  2. Hints and Tips for Running in the Winter

    26th December 2016. Being a runner means enjoying a challenge. It means knowing that you have a long and gruelling run ahead of you, but lacing up your running shoes anyway. Running is all about pushing your limits to see how much further, faster, and longer you can keep going. You aren't just working against the physical tips-for-running-in-the-winter-snowlimits of your body, though. You're also up against a host of other challenges, up to and including the elements! It's true: the weather has a huge impact on runners. Have you ever heard someone discuss what a big impact temperature can have on race times? There's a reason why most runners have a preference when it comes to the weather. However, the world does keep on turning ? so we can't enjoy our favourite weather all year-round. Once the

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  3. The Pros and Cons of Cycling Shoes

    22nd December 2016. If someone asked you to name the equipment you need to use cycling for fitness, the answers you'd receive from most people would probably be relatively basic. Items such as a bicycle (obviously), a helmet, and perhaps some light or reflective clothing to remain visible would be the most likely choices for a mention. What about shoes, though? For most people who cycle casually or as a form of cardio exercise, regular pros-and-cons-of-cycling-shoes-stylesathletic shoes are more than sufficient for the job. That's because you'll often be using regular flat pedals, the ones that came on your bike. However, the reality is that shoes can make a difference in your cycling experience. If you've ever looked at the shoes worn by professional racing cyclists, you've probably noticed

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  4. Which Gym Machines Are the Best for a Cardio Workout?

    19th December 2016. Walk into practically any gym for the first time, and what is it that immediately strikes you? For most people, it's the sheer variety of exercise machines lining the walls and crowding the floor. If you show up at a peak time, it's quite a sight to see so many people working out intensely. Aside from some of the more obvious machines, though, like the treadmill, it's not always easy to tell how to use each machine efficiently. When you are trying to structure your workout appropriately, knowing how to use exercise machines correctly can be a huge benefit. The first step is asking yourself what you want to get from using the equipment. If your answer is "a solid cardio workout," then you're in luck! There are plenty of machines that can help you with cardio. While it might seem like many machines are just for strength trainers, that's not actually true. When you want to develop cardiovascular endurance and increase your overall stamina, heading to the gym is a

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  5. The Pros and Cons of Joining a Swimming Club

    15th December 2016. For those who love swimming, there's nothing quite like the solitude you can achieve in the pool. Diving beneath the surface is like entering a whole different world. There are always those lucky mornings when you get to the pool before it's too busy as well ? those perfect, quiet workouts where you can focus on improving your abilities. Whether you've been swimming for fitness, pleasure, or both, though, you might wonder if there isn't something more you could be doing. Have you ever seen a local swim club meeting to practice or compete with another club? Perhaps you've wondered about what it would be like to join them. An organised swim club can be quite a different experience from swimming on your own. Whether you're a young swimmer already interested in athletics or just someone who likes the pool, there are reasons to join. It's certainly worth considering if you want to get serious about improving your fitness through swimming. However, swim clubs aren't
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  6. Badminton The Perfect Choice for a Winter Workout

    12th December 2016. The winter poses one of the biggest hurdles for any individual focused on their fitness. During the rest of the year, sticking to your exercise regimen isn't too difficult. If you have the motivation to get outside and badminton-the-perfect-choice-for-a-winter-workout-snowwork out, you'll usually stay on top of improving your fitness. Rain can sometimes threaten to keep you indoors, but often, it's just an extra challenge to overcome. Once the winter arrives, though, that's not always possible. The temperatures can quickly plunge well below the freezing point. If you live in an area that's no stranger to heavy snow in the winter, going out for your usual exercise might even be impossible. Whether you want to beat the cold or an outdoor workout is out of the question, you'll need

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  7. 6 Reasons To Encourage Girls to Play Football

    8th December 2016.Any parent knows that children are full of light, love, laughter, and a whole lot of one other thing, too: energy. When you see your daughter running around, playing outdoors and having a great time, it's natural to think about other possible outlets for her. While young boys frequently find encouragement to go into athletics, girls don't often receive the same treatment. Why not? There are a whole bunch of benefits to getting involved in sports, and not just as a way to vent extra energy. If your daughter loves to run, perhaps you've introduced her to football. Would it be a good idea to consider encouraging her to join a team? Yes! As long as you focus on the important word there: encourage. Joining any sports activity should always ultimately be up to your child ? let them choose to participate in the activities they enjoy. Perhaps your daughter already expresses interest in trying to play football; maybe she picked it up from going to see a match with her parents!

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  8. Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Hybrids — Finding the Perfect Bike

    5th December 2016. For combining fun and fitness, few activities offer as many rewards as cycling does. When you ride a bike, the world becomes your oyster. Rather than being stuck inside a gym on a spin machine watching TV, you're able to enjoy the great outdoors. From taking in Mother Nature's beautiful displays to exploring what your city has to offer, there's plenty to see while you improve your cardiovascular fitness.

    If your only experience with riding bikes is from your youth, though, the cycling world of today can be a bit intimidating at first glance. There are all kinds of different bikes to choose from now. Unfortunately, there's also no easy way to tell just from looking which is the best fit for you. The three most common types of bikes are road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bicycles. You may also see some cycles marketed as "lifestyle" or "cruiser" bikes. These are meant primarily for very slow speed transport; therefore, they aren't suitable for daily exercise.

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  9. Weight Training Basics for Gym Beginners

    1st December 2016. Taking good care of our bodies requires a substantial investment of time and effort. While it seems easy to stay in good shape when we're very young, as we age we must make more of an effort to exercise. Physical fitness is a significant component in living a healthy life and reducing the chance of disease. There's no one exercise that covers all the bases, either. In reality, different kinds of exercise work together to supplement each other's effects. If you've already started working on your cardio needs, maybe you're thinking it's time to consider the weight room. While it's easy to feel intimidated when you're just beginning with weights, getting started isn't difficult at all. Everyone can benefit from strength training. In fact, it's an essential part of a balanced workout. Training with weights can do everything from protecting bone health to aiding you in improving

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