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  1. Basketball The Ideal Team Sport for a Healthier Lifestyle

    Basketball The Ideal Team Sport USA

    If the strength of the health and fitness sector is anything to go by, many of us want to improve our health and overall level of fitness. With all of the positive health benefits that modern medicine associates with regular exercise ? not the least of which is a longer life ? it's natural to want to become more active. Unfortunately, as we all know, that's much easier said than done.

    Motivating yourself to make a change in our often sedentary lifestyles can be a real challenge. How many New Year's resolutions have slipped into the past unfulfilled? Instead of struggling to stick to regular exercise on its own, what if you motivated yourself with the "fun and games" that are sports? As a main component of your exercise, sports, and especially team sports, can have huge benefits.

    Of all your options, basketball is the ideal choice. From its humble beginnings to its now globe-spanning popularity, it remains at its core an extremely athletic, active, and demanding sport. Not only is it the best team sport to play when you want to improve your lifestyle, but it has plenty of fitness benefits all on its own. It may even inspire you to other forms of exercise. Read on as we go over the roots of basketball, its many health benefits, and why team sports are so excellent for helping boost your level of physical fitness.

    Where did basketball originate?

    Understanding where basketball came from can help to spark your interest in picking up the sport. After all, its beginnings lie in the pursuit of a man who wanted to make it easier for individuals to exercise with Basketball

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  2. How to Train Like a Professional Badminton Player

    There's a lot to be said about the exciting nature of the sport of tennis. With its enormous popularity around the world, many tune in to watch matches on TV. However, there is another sport that ? while smaller than tennis ? is much more exciting: badminton. In the game of badminton, the feathered shuttlecock provides a much more unstable and unpredictable projectile in flight than a tennis ball. The amount of strokes and moves required to control a shuttlecock and score points fully is staggering. Mastering the game takes not only excellent hand-eye coordination but good physical fitness, too.

    Pro badminton players need exceptional arm strength for smashing shots as well as quick and nimble legs to dart around the court. Speed and power are of the essence in this game. Whether your interest lies in developing your game further or you only want to train like the pros, there are plenty of ways you can exercise the muscles badminton uses. From strength training to developing your agility, you can do it all. Below, we'll go over some the ways you can develop workout routines that allow you to exercise and train like a pro badminton player does. Next time you hit the court, you can dominate your opponents with quick reflexes!


    Developing the muscles you need for power


    A major part of what makes badminton such an appealing sport is the simple fact that it works out so many major muscle groups. From the muscles in your shoulders, all the way down to your calves, a strenuous game on the court is going to leave much of your body feeling tired. Developing strength in these muscles is necessary if you want to be successful. Professional players target their workouts to develop specific muscle groups, such as the ones responsible for giving you the "oomph" necessary to deliver a smashing

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  3. Ten Thousand Steps: The Facts, The Fiction, and the Reality

     In today's world of high calorie dense processed foods and less than ideal eating habits, we're always trying to find ways to beat back the fat. Our constant search for the means to lose weight and stay fit is what sustains a very expansive fitness industry around the world. From supplements to electronic and high-tech pedometers, there are many products and fads out there -- all claiming to have the best way to burn off all those calories we consume every day.

    Unfortunately, we don't always do our homework as we should. This can lead to confusion and uncertainty about what actually works and what does not. Lately, there has been a popular thought spreading that taking 10,000 steps a day is an excellent way to work towards better fitness. Using this goal as a target, they say; you can become more active and eventually healthier. While being more active is great, walking isn't exactly strenuous aerobic exercise. Will 10,000 steps a day really be all you need to work towards better fitness? In today's article, we'll take a closer look at this fitness trend. We'll be breaking down the facts about 10,000 daily steps, dispelling the fiction that's built up around it, and face the reality of creating an effective fitness regimen. First, does walking really contribute to better wellness? Don't throw that pedometer away just yet!


    The facts about walking and fitness



    While most fitness professionals would tell you that the best way to burn fat and lose weight is vigorous and regular exercise, not everyone is able to do that. Whether because you need to build up your stamina in order to "work out" or because other circumstances restrict your abilities, walking can still offer plenty of benefits. We'll look more in depth at just how much walking you'll need to do to see some benefits, but for now, let's focus on what those benefits are.

    If you put your time and energy into going out and walking,

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  4. Is There a Difference Between Exercise Bikes and Real Cycling?

    From the invention of cycling to its popularization across the world, people have always enjoyed the simple pleasure of riding a bike. It was a natural step to transform that pleasure into something greater: the pursuit of physical fitness. There's no denying that riding a bike can be a challenging and very rewarding way to exercise. Millions of people all over the world tackle the challenge of maintaining or developing their physical fitness by using bicycles. Whether you're just trying to shed a few pounds, or you're training hard for a race, you're likely to be asking yourself one major question: what's the best way to cycle? How can I maximize the gains I get from the energy I spend? Two major choices confront you: will you tackle real terrain with the wind in your face outdoors, or will you power through the kilometers on an indoor exercise bike? At first, it's not easily apparent which of these two methods is the superior one, if at all. What are the significant differences between, and the particular advantages to cycling indoors and out? We'll take a closer look at what makes each one of these forms different and unique, and try to answer those questions. First, let's break down the facts about cycling outside.


    The advantages of choosing to cycle outdoors

    Difference Between Exercise Bikes and Real Cycling Outdoors

    Cycling outside also means more and varied challenges than you'll see on a stationary bike. Changes in the terrain, such as hills or gradual slopes, provide resistance for your muscles to work against. No one likes cycling uphill, but there's no denying that it's an incredible workout. The joy of coasting down the other side is pretty excellent, too!

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  5. Pound the Pavement or Hit the Treadmill? The Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Running

    Of all the sports and forms of exercise that exist in the world, few are purer than running. What's more natural than using the power of your body to propel yourself as fast or as far as your legs can carry you? From the incredible speed of short distance runners to the undying endurance of the marathon fan, people run for all kinds of reasons. You may choose to run because you like to push yourself as hard as possible, or you may do it just for basic fitness.

    Either way, you know what it's like to search for any edge you can find. How can you shave those next few seconds off your time? What's the best way to train and boost your endurance? Fancy running shoes and training regimens aside, it can come down to one simple question. Is it better for you to run outside, or will a treadmill be the better option? Ask friends who run and you're likely to get different and firmly held opinions every time. What's the science behind this question, though?

    Understanding the benefits and drawbacks to each kind of running can help you to make the right decision for yourself. When your fitness and comfort are at stake, doing some homework on different running surfaces is a smart idea. Let's now take a closer look and try to understand the differences between treadmills and outdoor running. We'll begin with treadmills.


    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Treadmill Running



    Running on a treadmill has some immediate advantages that make it appealing to many people right away. First and foremost is the fact that you will not have to cope with weather at all. No matter whether it's pouring rain or snowing heavily, you'll still be able to fit in your run.

    Beating the summer heat and running indoors can help you to avoid heat exhaustion when the mercury climbs to unsafe levels. At the same time, though, there's something to be said for running outdoors in the heat. It can be easier to elevate your heart

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  6. The Role of Saunas and Steam Rooms in Your Exercise Routine


    At the end of a long and tough workout, you might feel exhausted, but you're also probably feeling accomplished. After all, it means that you got through the day's fitness goals successfully. Of course, when you wake up the next morning and all of your muscles are aching and sore, you might not feel quite so accomplished. While stretching before and after your workout can help to prevent some soreness; it isn't the cure-all it might seem to be. Instead, there are other ways you can not only combat muscle soreness, but you can also relax and gain other pre and post-workout benefits. Have you ever thought about spending some time in a sauna or steam room? Some gyms incorporate steam rooms for the use of their members, so you may already have access to one.

    While steam rooms are moist, saunas are a dry heat; despite this difference, the benefits to both are roughly the same. When should you visit the sauna, and when should you avoid it? How can it help you feel better after a workout or aid you before one? While heating yourself up might not immediately seem like what you want to do either before or after exercise, it's actually beneficial. Take a closer look at the benefits as well as the ways you can use these rooms as a part of your fitness regimen.


    The Difference Between Saunas and Steam Rooms


    Saunas and Steam Rooms in Your Exercise Routine empty steam

    Though we've already mentioned it, understanding the differences between saunas and steam rooms is essential. Your gym facilities may have one or both types, but it's important to remember that you can't spend the same amount of time in both. Neither should you use both rooms in one session;

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  7. Cycling a Fun and Rewarding Fitness Activity for Women

    From the spread of bicycles through the 19th century to their boom in popularity in the early 1900s, people have been coming up with new and inventive ways to give them purpose and have fun. From sightseeing to long distance bicycle racing to just basic transportation, bicycles play a significant number of roles in cultures around the globe. Of course, bicycles are also an excellent tool for personal fitness as well. Anyone who's ridden some distance on a bike can tell you what a cardio and leg workout it is! However, for a variety of reasons, many women do not turn to cycling in the same numbers as men. Statistics about bike usage in the USA, for example, frequently show that far fewer women go biking than men. Why not, though? In fact, there are plenty of excellent reasons for women to ride, and tons of fun to be had, too.

    Using a bike as part of your fitness routine can not only make it easier to burn calories and shed pounds, but it's a fun way to get out of the house or avoid being stuck inside the gym. Involving friends and turning it into a social activity make it even more appealing. Here we'll look at why women should strongly consider taking up cycling. We will also hopefully provide a few ideas to make you reconsider strapping on your helmet and putting your feet to the pedals!


    How does cycling help improve a woman's fitness?



    Before we think about some ways you can make cycling more fun, why not consider some of the facts? The reality is that cycling is excellent for anyone's health, man or woman. If you are looking for a way to try and keep weight gains at bay, cycling is a great way to accomplish that.

    Best of all,

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  8. Have a Blast: Burn Calories by Flying a Kite

    4th August 2016. We all know that to lose weight, we need to burn more energy than we consume. We also all know that that means focusing on fitness. We have to exercise to offset the calories we consume. Unfortunately, most traditional exercises aren't always the most fun for those who aren't already athletically focused. If you don't feel like lifting weights, and you don't enjoy running, how are you going to get the process of physical fitness started? Luckily, there are plenty of other fun activities you can use as a gateway to working towards greater physical fitness. Believe it or not, but flying a kite actually offers various benefits as an exercise activity. You can burn more calories spending an afternoon flying kites than you might expect! From trekking to a good spot to fly your kite to the way that it works out your core muscles, it's an excellent reason to get out of doors more often and explore the world. You might even be able to interest your friends in joining you. Plus, kites offer a neat venue for personal expression, too ? you can really put your personal touch on a kite. Let everyone know that your kite says "I work out my way!"


    What you'll need to get the most out of flying kites


    Before you can get started with exploring all of the potential fitness benefits flying kites can bring, you're going to need the right gear for the job. If you are just getting started, look for a place where you can purchase a beginner's kite kit. Many online websites offer such kits for sale. Toy stores and department stores will often have kites as well. These kits include a simple, reasonably sized kite which is easy to Burn Calories by Flying a Kite Outdoorscontrol, as well as the spool with the controlling string. Included

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  9. Staying Safe and Having Fun with Summertime Open Water Swimming

    When the summertime settles in for a few long months of hot weather, it's only natural for practically everyone to want to go for a swim. Spending time in the cooling water is fun, relaxing, and an excellent way to escape from the heat. Of course, swimming is good for you, too; after all, it might even be a part of your regular fitness routine already. Spending all your time swimming in the pool can be a little boring, though, and it's not always the biggest challenge. With so many other bodies of water out there to explore, why not try out open water swimming? Whether you take a plunge into the ocean or a drive down to your favorite lake, it's a very different experience.

    Open water swimming is both fun and popular, and it's usually not difficult to find a place to go, especially if you live near the coast. More than just going for a dip, though, swimming in open water provides a different set of challenges to your body than a pool does. Whether you're trying to work on your fitness or just get out of the house, this activity is worth your attention. However, it is important to remember that you are out in nature and away from the safe, controlled environment of a pool. You can have tons of fun, but you'll still need to take some reasonable precautions. Below, we'll break down how you can prepare and be safe for your swim, as well as some ways to enjoy yourself along the way.


    Preparing for your open water swim



    Before you can head out and dive right into your nearest body of water, it's important to understand some of the preparations you'll need to make. These are separate from safety measures you'll use in the water (more on those in a bit), but they are just as important overall. First, make an investment in some good quality waterproof sunscreen.

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