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  1. On the World Stage: Boxing at the Olympics

    The ring of the bell, the roar of the crowd, and the raw thrill that comes from watching two individuals face off in combat ? the thrill of boxing is undeniable! All over the world, this classic combat sport remains very popular, whether it's local boxing clubs or big pay-per-view heavyweight title bouts. Not only is boxing a sport that thrills many, but it is also a sport of prestige. For practically all of the modern incarnations of the Summer Olympics, boxing has held a place of high regard.

    Medals awarded in this event denote one of the pinnacles of achievement in the sport. For more than a century of Olympic boxing, it accumulated quite a storied history and more than a few major contenders, including the late great Muhammad Ali, then called Cassius Clay. When it comes to putting one's skills and honor on the line for their country, doing it in an Olympic boxing ring is simply an unparalleled experience. It's no wonder that we remain captivated by the stories of these gloved

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  2. The Pros and Cons of Running with Kids

    Pros and Cons of Running with Kids Activity

    For many people, when it comes to exercise, the most difficult thing to do is establish a regular schedule. Blocking out the time for your fitness is a challenge and it's an even bigger one when you have children to look after as well. That is why so many people turn to running; not only is it excellent cardiovascular exercise, but it's also easy to establish a running routine. Whether you run very early in the mornings or in the cooler air of the evening is up to you. What matters is that you're spending time on your health! What about your kids, though? Have you ever thought about involving them on your run? Depending on their age, it can be worth considering. Involving your children in your fitness routine is a big shift, though, and for many parents, the idea might be a little scary.

    What could you get out of such a significant change in your activity? As a matter of fact, there are some excellent benefits to bringing your kids along on the run. That doesn't mean there aren't

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  3. 5 Tips for Better Muscle Growth On a Vegetarian Diet

    Developing your physical fitness is a great way to work on improving your overall wellness, but exercise alone is often not enough to lose weight or improve your athletic ability. You must consume the right kind of diet as well. What you choose to fuel your body with is just as important as how you decide to use that fuel. Whether it's swimming, running, lifting weights, or playing sports, you need to have the right nutritional foundation from which to build. When you've chosen to lead a vegetarian lifestyle, selecting the diet for your fitness routine is even more important. Balancing critical nutrients isn't always easy, but it can have a noticeable effect on the way you perform while exercising.

    If your current goal is to develop and build muscle with your workouts, you'll have to alter your vegetarian diet to include the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that will assist muscle growth the most. Unfortunately, there aren't helpful labels at the grocery store to tell you which

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  4. Tips for Developing Your Strength on the American Football Field

    When it comes to all the various sports from around the world, few have the same exciting impact as American football. The gridiron is a place where many go to test their strength, agility, and skill at moving the ball down the field. Not everyone can be the quarterback, though, and there are many positions on an American football team which play a crucial support role. From blockers on the offensive line to defensive tackles scrambling to force a fumble, there's a role for every kind of athlete to play. When you're primarily interested in being down on the line of scrimmage, though, you're going to need more than just speed and agility: you're going to need strength, too. Otherwise, how else are you going to hold back hundreds of pounds of determined defenders when you're trying to protect against the pass rush? Developing and sticking to a strength training regimen specifically

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  5. Aquatic Fitness Isn't Only Swimming Lengths

    Aquatic Fitness Isn't Only Swimming Lengths Water Jogging

    When it's hot outside and sometimes even when it isn't, there's nothing like a refreshing dip in the pool to relax you. However, even just swimming and splashing about for a while can leave your muscles feeling tired and your body exhausted. That's because swimming is an excellent physical activity; that's why you might already incorporate it into your fitness routine. If you don't, though, is it because you think the only thing there is to aquatic fitness is swimming back and forth in the pool? Many people who swim for fitness believe that, too. Of course, there's a reason that most people feel that way about swimming as exercise.

    Swimming laps is an excellent way to work out your core muscles, plus your arms and legs, all at once. Fitness experts recommend swimming because of what good exercise it is, but that's not the only way to get fit in the pool. Whether you're bored with your current routine, or you're looking for a fun and exciting way to work out in the water, you don't

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  6. Two Wheels, Your Kids, and You: Cycling Safely With Your Children

    Pumping the pedals of your bike with the wind in your hair, soaring over the pavement with the world passing you by ? that's an amazing feeling! Millions of people the world over love riding their bikes and many use them as a primary method of transportation. Cycling is not just good fun, it's good exercise, too. It follows then that once you have children of your own, you will want to expose them to the joys of seeing the world from on top of a bicycle. Before you rush out to buy their first bike and a set of training wheels, though, there are a few things you should consider.

    Safety should be your primary consideration when you want to introduce your children to cycling. There are many reasons for children to

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  7. Tips and Tricks for Training Like an Olympic Runner

    One of the best parts about running as a sport is the constant drive to push yourself harder, longer, and farther than ever before. Even those who start out running "as exercise" or "just for fun" soon get sucked into the competitive urge every runner feels. Whether it's getting home a little faster from your run or entering a marathon, you always want to try to do a bit better. Shaving a few seconds off your time might not sound like much when you start. After a while, though, you'll understand just how much hard work those seconds represent!

    So how can you push yourself to train harder for better results? Well, consider training like the most elite runners in the world: Olympians. Olympic athletes post incredible times and break world records every four years. It never stops being amazing! Just because they're competing on the world level doesn't mean they don't have to practice hard, though. Training like an Olympian may not earn you a medal, but it can help you improve. From

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  8. Dance Your Way to Better Health!

    Developing and sticking to an exercise regime sounds easy in theory, but in practice, it's often not so simple. For some people, working out is an enjoyable, cathartic experience; for others, it simply leaves them feeling drained and unable to look forward to the next session. There is a good reason why so many people fail to stick to their lofty New Year's resolutions ? it takes dedication to keep going back to exercise activities you don't enjoy. Wouldn't it be nicer if there was a more enjoyable, engaging way to get your exercise? Well, take a moment to consider the value of incorporating dance into your routine. Dancing is not only fun; it is a ubiquitous feature of cultures the world over. For thousands of years, we have used dance for ceremonial, expressive, and artistic purposes. If you've ever danced much, though, you know it's not as easy as it looks. In fact, dancing can turn out to be a real workout. You can dance all the way to a healthier life if you're dedicated. Today there

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