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  1. Thinking of Taking up Running? 10 Tips to Get You Started

    If you are looking for a way to get in shape, then there is no better activity than running to get you there. A solo activity that's easy to make time for even in a busy schedule, running trumps other sports in terms of sheer convenience and accessibility. It can also be a lot of fun, providing you with opportunities to test yourself based on pace, distance, terrain, and more. Before you head out the door for your first run, though, keep the 10 tips below in mind to ensure the most fulfilling experience possible.

    1. Invest in a good pair of running shoes
    2. Also invest in other gear
    3. Get in the habit
    4. Find a few new routes
    5. Run with friends or family members
    6. Listen to music
    7. Start small and build up
    8. Mix up your training
    9. Set goals for yourself
    10. Remember to stretch


    Invest in a good pair of running shoes

    The first tip that any runner will give you is almost always going to have something to do with running shoes. Essentially, you don't want to run in just any pair of sneakers or worn out athletic shoes you have lying around the house. Instead, you should start shopping for a pair of shoes that were actually designed with running in mind?and just as importantly, a pair of shoes that fit your feet perfectly and offer ample arch support.

    Also invest in other gear

    You won't need a lot of specialized gear to be a runner, beyond the shoes. With that said, it's still a good idea to pick up a pick up a few running shirts and a few pairs of running shorts. Having the right gear will make running more comfortable and help you avoid chafing or blisters.

    Get in the habit

    You're never really going to be a runner if you only go once or twice a week or if you only decide to head out when the weather is

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  2. Swimming for Health: A Great Exercise for Older Adults

    For older adults, the danger of falling and breaking a bone (or suffering some other kind of injury) is a risk that has to be addressed. Falls often lead to a loss of independence or mobility, which can, in turn, lead to quick health declines in other areas. As a result, many seniors will ease up on physical activity as they continue to age, cutting activities like biking, running, jogging, and eventually even going for walks out of their daily schedules. In such scenarios, swimming is a great activity for seniors to get involved with. By swimming, older adults can stay physically active?keeping themselves fit, strong, and energetic?without the risk of falls or the injuries they cause. Here are five more reasons that swimming for health is the best exercise for older adults:

    1. Improved Heart Health
    2. Less Joint Pain
    3. Better Bone Density
    4. Enhanced Flexibility
    5. Superior Balance
    6. A Healthy Mind

    Improved Heart Health

    Any form of exercise the gets the blood moving and the heart pumping can help to prevent heart disease. As an aerobic sport, swimming provides those benefits without the consequences that some other forms of aerobic exercise can have for the body. In addition, swimming is a great way to burn calories and lose weight, which can help to eliminate a lot of the strain that is being put on the heart and blood vessels in the first place.

    Less Joint Pain

    Running, walking, tennis, and other aerobic sports offer heart health benefits, as mentioned above. However, all of these activities put a certain amount of strain on the joints?particularly

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  3. Choosing the Ideal Exercise Clothing for a Gym Workout

    Planning to exercise more frequently or to make more regular trips to the gym are among the most common of all New Year's resolutions. If you want to be more consistent with your workout plan in 2016, and want to make good on your resolutions, putting together a wardrobe of the right clothes is a good way to start. What you wear to the gym won't just affect how you look while exercising, but also how you feel during the workout and after it. Keep these tips in mind to pick out exercise clothing that is going to make your gym trips less of a chore and more of a pleasure.

    Choose sweat-wicking fabrics

    Your workout shirts, shorts, pants, sports bras?and, frankly, any exercise clothes you purchase?should be made of sweat-wicking fabrics. If you are shopping online, this "wicking" feature will be a top selling point in the product description. If shopping in stores, you will probably find the information on the tag. Either way, always look for "wick" or "wicking" in the product descriptions. Essentially, "sweat-wicking" means that the fabric is breathable and will work to pull sweat away from your skin as you exercise. This feature helps sweat evaporate more quickly, which has two huge benefits: first, the faster your sweat evaporates, the cooler your body will remain; second, by helping sweat evaporate, moisture-wicking exercise clothes stay drier and more comfortable. By contrast, cotton will soak up your sweat and stay soaked. (Note that sweat-wicking fabrics are normally synthetic materials like polyester.)

    Build a whole wardrobe

    Don't just buy one workout shirt, one pair of running shorts, and one pair of workout pants or leggings and expect that to be good. If you are planning on making the gym a daily ritual?and don't want to do laundry every night?then having at least three or four shirts and a few pairs of shorts/pants/leggings will help you avoid reusing exercise clothes repeatedly as they build up sweat and odors.

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  4. Cycle Safely - 5 Tips for Beginners and Pros Alike

    Whether you're a veteran road biker or someone who is just now picking up cycling as a day-to-day exercise, every cyclist is the same when it comes to safety. As a result, while recommendations for gear, routes, races, or diets can vary depending on experience and a number of other factors, these five safety tips are things that every cyclist should have in his or her back pocket.

    1. Invest in a good bike helmet
    2. Bike defensively
    3. Don't listen to music when cycling in traffic
    4. Make yourself visible
    5. Obey the rules of the road


    Invest in a good bike helmet

    In a lot of ways, the helmet is as important a piece of equipment for cyclists as the bicycle itself. You should never, under any circumstances, go for a ride without your helmet. While helmets can be inconvenient at times?particularly if you are using your bicycle to reach a destination, rather than just riding for leisure or exercise? They turn cycling from a recklessly dangerous activity into a safe and conscientious one. Do take note bike helmets are not a one-size-fits-all type of product. Your helmet should fit snugly and not move around when you turn or shake your head. If your helmet does not have this kind of snug fit, replace it immediately.

    Bike defensively

    Drivers-in-training are always told to "drive defensively" out on the road, which essentially means staying aware of other drivers and potential hazards and always having a plan for avoiding an accident. The same principle applies to cycling. You need to keep an eye out for drivers making turns without signals, drivers running stop signs, or drivers rolling through red lights. Don't assume that drivers are going to stop for you?even when the rules of the

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