New to darts? Intermediate player? Veteran tungsten thrower? This article will help inform you on the best decisions to take when choosing dart shafts and flights. So, if you're new to the game or simply tweaking your long-established setup then read on. We will help make sure that you understand how important the choice of shafts and flights is to your throw and the results you achieve.

choosing dart flight and shaft Harrows Bomber 85% Tungsten Darts

Choosing Flights

When choosing darts flights it is important to learn how the size and shape affects the actual flight of the dart. Smaller flights cause less drag meaning the darts move through the air more quickly. Larger flights have the opposite effect causing more drag and slowing the dart down. It is advisable to use larger flights if your throw is gentler or if you throw with a lob. The larger flights help to stabilise the dart and improve the angle of entry into the dartboard by keeping the rear end of the dart at a slightly higher angle. It is also recommended that larger flights are used with heavier darts as this will help to keep the dart in the air for longer with a lighter throw.

Also, if you opt for long stems then the larger flight is the one to choose. Darts with long stems have a tendency to fish-tail in the air so a larger flight will help to stabilise the dart and correct this problem. If your throw is hard and you use small darts and stems then you will most likely achieve better results by also using small and slim flights. If for example you use a short-barrelled dart such as the Harrows Bomber 85%

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