1. Christmas Gift Guide for Swimmers

    With only two weeks until Christmas, our gift guide posts conclude with this article about present ideas for Swimmers. Although the equipment and clothing needed for swimming may appear to be minimal, there are a number of accessories, gadgets and novelty items which are guaranteed to make your loved one smile this festive season. So, if you are struggling for last minute gift ideas for the avid swimmer in your life, then here is our handy gift guide to help inspire you!

    Novelty Gifts for Swimmers

    Novelty present ideas are the go-to choice for those with a lower spending budget as they can be sourced online or in the high street. Due to their high availability on the market, finding a novelty gift aimed at swimmers will be very straight forward. For that extra touch you could also look into the personalisation route of your gift to add a unique and customised feel. Here are just a few ideas on types of novelty gifts you can find for your loved one:

    • Personalised
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  2. Christmas Gift Guide for Cyclists

    Is your loved one an avid cyclist? Whether they use their bike to commute to work, compete in races or enjoy taking it off-road on hair raising tracks, then this article will help you decide on the perfect gift for them for Christmas. It may appear that they have everything they need for their cycling adventures, therefore we have created this gift guide to provide you with inspiration to find the ideal gift for them. Covering a range of budgets and categories, read below to find our list of amazing cycling gift ideas.

    Novelty Cycling Gifts

    For lower budget gift ideas, you could look at purchasing your loved one a novelty item which is guaranteed to make them smile. There are a wide range of novelty items which you could pick up from any store online or in the shop, which makes it such a versatile choice and a go-to gift idea. Here are just a few examples of types of novelty items you could get the cyclist in your life:

    • Personalised
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  3. A Christmas Gift Guide for Rugby Players

    christmas gift guide rugby

    The Christmas countdown is on, so to help you with the stressful festive shopping period, we have put together this handy set of gift guides to help inspire you. This week’s gift guide is catered for rugby players and supporters. Within this article we are going to look at a range of present ideas in a number of price budgets to ensure that you can find the perfect gift for your loved one with ease.

    Novelty Rugby Gifts

    One of the most budget friendly present ideas which are guaranteed to make your loved ones smile are the novelty items. These come in a variety of price ranges and cover just about every type of accessory and essential you could think of. They are also a great way for them to find likeminded individuals when they are using their novelty gifts throughout the year. Here are just a few types o

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  4. A Christmas Gift Guide for Fitness Fanatics

    Christmas Gift Guide FitnessWith five weeks to go until Christmas, shopping for loved ones can prove to be a hassle when it comes to finding inspiration. As we know gift buying over the festive season can be stressful, we have put this article together as a brainstorm to help you find the perfect gift for that special someone. Do you have a fitness fanatic in your life which seems to have everything? Then this blog post will help you find inspiration to find that special gift for your family and friends.

    Novelty Gifts for Fitness Lovers

    The first category of gifts we are going to look at is novelty present ideas for fitness fanatics. Novelty gifts are a great way to add a personal flare to everyday essentials while making your family and friends smile when they open the gift. Novelty presents also make for great conversation starters

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  5. A Christmas Gift Guide for Runners

    christmas gift guide runnersWith Christmas only a few weeks away, this is the time of year where you would start frantically thinking of gift ideas for family and friends. You may think that a loved one who is an avid runner has everything they need, but there are actually a wide range of gifts you could purchase for them. So instead of purchasing a pair of socks and hoping for the best, here is our handy gift guide for runners.

    ‘Runner’ Novelty Gifts

    Novelty gifts are those which are guaranteed to make your loved one smile and when used, could be a great conversation starter for them. Here we have listed a few types of novelty items you could look into ordering for the runner in your life today:

    • Keyring
    • Slogan Clothing
    • Slogan Mug
    • Personalised Finishers Poster
    • Personalised Shoe Tag
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  6. Top Tips for Cold Weather Running

    cold weather runningRunning is a great way to keep fit without having to invest in a gym membership and can be carried out whenever is convenient for you, which is why it is such a popular exercise. Although going for a run seems super inviting in the spring and summer months, it may seem less appealing in the autumn and winter as the temperature drops and the terrain changes and becomes unpredictable.

    If you wish to keep at your running routine all year round, then this article is for you. Within this post we are going to discuss a few handy tips and tricks to help you get through the winter and keep up with your running routine safely. So, if you want to find out more about how you can adapt things such as your clothing and routes to accommodate for the cold weather, then keep on reading.


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  7. Competitive Swimming – A Guide for Parents

    Swimming is a fantastic way to keep fit and is a great activity for children to enjoy. Swimming has a number of physical and mental benefits so is fantastic for your child’s development. But while learning to swim is a vital skill, the sport also has a variety of avenues that your child can pursue if they wish.

    Within this article we are going to explore one of the most popular routes for swimmers which is Competitive Swimming. This blog post is your handy guide to everything about this sport and how you can help your child through the competitions. Covering topics such as the basics of the competition and training schedules, to the financial and supportive aspects of the sport, we have got it covered. So, if you want to find out more about what Competitive Swimming entails, then keep on reading.

    competitive swimming

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  8. Cycling Technology 2019

    cycling technology 2019Whether you cycle casually or competitively the market for new and innovative biking tech is forever changing to make your ride as safe and well-planned as ever. Throughout 2019 we have already seen a number of brands launch new cycling tech which would benefit you in a variety of aspects during your ride. Therefore, we have put this cohesive article together to discuss the standout technology gadgets which you can purchase today. So, if you want to see how the market for biking accessories and tech has evolved this year, then keep on reading.

    Bike Mounted Safety Gear

    While you are out cycling in the dark it is vital that you are visible to other road users which is why visibility gadgets such as a bike light are a must. But in recent years these have been adapted

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  9. The Importance of Keeping Fit for Football

    Whether you play soccer professionally or casually, you would need to ensure that you take the relevant precautions to make sure that you avoid injury during the game. To ensure that this doesn’t happen it is vital that you train and warm-up your body correctly while also allowing ample time for recovery, and also wearing suitable protection while playing. So if you are new to playing the sport or are constantly coming across issues when out on the pitch, then we have put this article together to discuss the various ways in which you can make sure that your fitness is in top health for your next soccer game.

    Training is Key

    When playing any sport, you would need to ensure that you get in a decent amount of training before competing. And as soccer requires a lot of mental and physical agility and strength, you would need to be preparing in advance to overcome the challenges on the pitch. Not only will training sessions help improve your control of the ball, t

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  10. Synchronised Swimming – What is it and How to Get Involved

    With the next summer Olympics scheduled to take place less than a year away, we thought that we would explore one of their lesser known sports. Now known as Artistic Swimming in the Olympic world, Synchronised Swimming has been part of the Summer Olympic games since 1984. And as one of the most visually pleasing, technical and coordinated areas of Swimming competitions, we are going to explore Synchro Swimming further within this article. Therefore, if you want to find out more about this artistic sport and how to get involved, then keep on reading.

    synchronised swimmingWhat is Synchronised Swimming?

    Synchronised Swimming is an artistic approach to swimming in which you can choose to compete in solo, duet and team events. For a solo competition a single swimmer would take to the pool and

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